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Souvenir and toy factories

During your travels in Belarus you will surely buy souvenirs to remind you about the places you liked or to gift to your friends and loved ones. But watching craftsmen at work and trying to make something yourself can be even more interesting. Apart from workshops of self-employed craftsmen, ethnographic complexes and museums in various cities and towns of Belarus you can visit major enterprises, which create mass-market products and rare exclusive ones.

Slutsk Belts

Centuries ago belts from Slutsk – made of silk, golden, and silver threads, which are woven into inimitable patterns – were a fashion accessory, a symbol of wealth, and a fine work of art. Later on they became a rarity, which could be seen only in a handful of museums and private collections in several countries. Thanks to the revival of unique crafting traditions Slutsk belts are now available as an exclusive souvenir from Belarus, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You can see how modern belts and copies of the old belts as well as decorative souvenirs inspired by the ancient belts are crafted at one of the largest artistic craftwork enterprises in Belarus – the Slutsk belts factory. The factory is located in the town of Slutsk, which was famed for its weaving traditions in the past. During the tour of the enterprise visitors are made familiar with secrets of handicraft. They are offered a close look at how the belts are made using a special loom and are invited to see the country’s only museum of history of Slutsk belts.

Address: 8 Bogdanovicha Street, Slutsk

Belkhudozhkeramika in Radoshkovichi

The history of the factory located in the artisan town of Radoshkovichi began in 1940 before World War Two. Since the very first days the enterprise has been focusing on making clay dinnerware. Clay is a traditional material, which Belarusians have loved since times immemorial. It is no accident that many popular Belarusian cuisine dishes are cooked in ceramic pots, which can keep heat in a peculiar manner. The Belkhudozhkeramika enterprise is one of the largest potteries in Belarus. It makes dinnerware, vases, flower pots, original lamps, pictures made of clay, and all kinds of souvenirs with Belarusian color schemes. Naturally, the main processes are automated yet a lot of operations are still performed by hand. During the tour guests can see craftsmen at work, can see how clay becomes something useful, beautiful, and original… And certainly they can try and make a souvenir of their own.

Address: 12 Sovetskaya Street, Radoshkovichi, Molodechno District, Minsk Oblast

Neman Glassworks

The famous brand of the town of Berezovka, Lida District – Neman Glassworks – is Belarus’ oldest glass industry enterprise. Its traditions of manufacturing regular glass and crystal glass were established back in the 19th century. The small shop run by the local landowner Lensky, which made beer bottles, was acquired in 1883 by Yulius Stolle and Vilgelm Krevsky. It became a famous brand offering all kinds of glass products from posh dinner sets and exquisite adornments to mundane household items and glass souvenirs. Tourists from various countries visit the town of Belarusian glassblowers these days. During the tour visitors can see from what and how the craftsmen blow glass. They can visit the company’s museum where ancient and most beautiful articles are collected such as proprietary smoky glass with Neman threads, noble crystal glass, and multiple exhibitions, which have been lauded at prestigious international expos.

Address: 8 Korzyuka Street, Berezovka, Lida District, Grodno Oblast

Polesie Toys

One of the most recognizable children brands in Belarus – Polesie Toys – was founded in the town of Kobrin in the late 1990s. It began making toys using one hand-powered machine tool. At present the company makes over 2,400 product titles, shipping toys to over 60 countries across the globe. A tour of the enterprise can offer you several hours of childhood memories. Guests can see all the production stages from the concept, a graphical design, and a 3D model to the huge lineup of vehicles, construction kits, educational kits, and gaming systems. You can even take a ride in an electrical off-road vehicle, provided you weigh under 70kg. By the way, Polesie Toys Company makes only educational and positive toys. On the first weekend in June it organizes a large festival of games and toys in honor of the International Children’s Day.

Address: 141 Sovetskaya Street, Kobrin, Brest Oblast

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