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Adventure sports in Belarus

Holidays in Belarus offer many great opportunities to take part in outdoor pursuits: hunting, fishing and skiing are just some of the adventure sports you can try.

What kind of adventure sports are on offer in Belarus?

Belarus sports are by no means limited to the Olympic medal charts.

The country is one of the last undiscovered destinations in Europe and the Belarus landscape and climate make it ideal for a number of outdoor pursuits including:

  • hunting
  • fishing
  • skiing
  • hiking

Hunting in Belarus

With natural vegetation including forests, swamps and farmland covering 70% of the land in Belarus, the region is an ideal destination for hunting fans.

Organised tours are becoming increasingly popular. All hunting is done in the wild – there are no special farms or forests.

Hunting includes:

  • deer
  • wild boar
  • wolves
  • bison
  • partridge
  • grouse
  • quail
  • hare

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Fishing in Belarus

There are many lakes in Belarus, but the main fishing territory is in the Vitebsk region in the north of the country.

There are more than 2800 lakes and numerous rivers in the region. The Braslav Lakes National Park is a popular fishing destination and boasts over 10 species of fish, including:

  • eel
  • pike
  • catfish
  • perch
  • roach

A non-conventional Bard Music & Fishing Festival is held in Belarus every year (Bykhov District, Mogilev Oblast). The event brings together lovers of bard music, fishing and outdoor activities from all around the world. 

Skiing in Belarus

Although the highest point in Belarus is only 345m above sea level, mountain skiing is becoming increasingly popular.

Belarus prides on its modern alpine skiing facilities located amid picturesque valleys. They have everything you need for doing outdoor sports, including tracks for professionals and beginners, and excellent infrastructure.

Hiking in Belarus

The beautiful Belarus landscape with its numerous lakes, rivers and forests is always popular with Belarus trekkers.

Foreign enthusiasts are also beginning to discover Belarus’ potential with hiking and rambling groups looking to the country for new routes and challenges.

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