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Water Parks in Belarus

Water parks is on the list of the most popular places of active recreation for Belarusians. Extreme rides, “mountain rivers” and wave pools, relaxing spa and thermal cures, water games  with professional animators for children… Belarusian water parks have something to offer to every taste.

If you want to have a “beach” party, experience the exciting aquatic adventures or simply relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a water park is a truly excellent choice. Many water parks in Belarus have hotels or operate at health resorts offering comfortable rooms, recreation and additional services.

Lebyazhy Water Park

The largest water park in Belarus, the fifth largest in Europe, Lebyazhy is in the top 25 aqua parks in Europe. It is located in an ecologically clean district of Minsk near the unique biological reserve Lebyazhy on the shore of the Drozdy water reservoir.

Address: 120 Pobeditelei Prospekt
Working hours: Monday-Friday 11:00 - 23:00
                          Saturday-Sunday 09:00 - 23:00
Territory: five-level complex, 32,135 square meters
Number of waterslides:

  • indoor zone – 7 slides
  • outdoor zone – 4 slides
  • swimming pool "lazy river"
  • surfing simulator "Flowrider"
  • "Rain Grotto" attraction 

Children’s zone

  • 2 children's water zones (indoor and outdoor)
  • entertainment center KaZki – over 40 gaming attractions, including a mechanical musical theater and a 3D maze
  • space entertainment center Dark Ride (virtual reality rides and slot machines)


  • various spa programs
  • hydrotherapy
  • thalassotherapy
  • stone therapy
  • all types of massage
  • dry floating
  • face and body cosmetology
  • halotherapy and relaxation room
  • water-thermal baths (Russian steam bath, Finnish sauna, Turkish Hamam, Laconium, tepidarium, caldarium)


  • gym
  • 2 fitness parlors
  • martial arts parlor
  • aqua-aerobics
  • workout zone

Catering outlets: 3 cafes, 4 bars
Accommodation: Aqua-Minsk is a 2-star hotel on the shore of the Drozdy water reservoir. Accommodation is available in the hotel and 2-storey guest houses (bungalows type). The hotel offers free visits to the aqua zone of the water entertainment park and a gym during the whole time of stay.
Additional services:

  • wakebordring, SUP surfing
  • catamaran rental
  • rental of bicycles, skates, electro-skates
  • trips on a motorized boat, yacht
  • trampoline jumping

Dreamland Water Park

Dreamland is a true “tropical island” of the Belarusian capital: located in downtown Minsk, it gives a feeling of “full immersion” into the atmosphere of a seaside town. Several swimming pools, waterslides, fancy bungalows, and exotic palms attract guests in hot days. There is enough room for over 2,000 deckchairs, which is why Dreamland is among the largest outdoor water parks in Europe. The unfortunate thing is that Dreamland is closed for the cold season.

Address: 80 Orlovskaya Street
Working hours (summer season!): Monday- Sunday 10:00 - 21:00
Territory: outdoor zone (9 hectares)
Number of waterslides: four slides, swimming pool "lazy river", children’s swimming pool

  • CrossFit zone with special equipment
  • regular master classes in yoga, Pilates, aerobics
  • different kinds of training at weekends

Catering outlets: cafes and fast food restaurants in the water park
Additional services: Dreamland regularly hosts various festivals and city holidays

Freestyle Water Park

Freestyle is a unique center for Belarus and for many other countries. It includes water park slides and attractions, a thermal complex, and most importantly, a one-of-a-kind high-technology indoor freestyle training center. The water park provides the best conditions for training and competitions in high diving and synchronized swimming. The visitors can enjoy water park attractions and spa therapy, and also watch professionals train. Another popular attraction is a hydraulic catapult.

Address: 4a Surganova Street
Working hours: Monday- Friday 11:00 - 22:00
                          Saturday-Sunday 9:00 – 22:00
Number of waterslides: six slides, "lazy river"
Children’s zone: children’s play area with two swimming pools

  • thermal complex (“snow room”, tepidarium, steam bath, thermal bath, Russian and Finnish sauna, Hamam)
  • floating center
  • spa programs and cures


  • gym
  • fitness room
  • water aerobics

Catering outlets: cafes, 2 bars at the bathing and thermal complex, a mini cafe at children’s play area, a bar in the pool billiards and bowling zone
Additional services: 

  • pool billiards
  • bowling room

Water Park at Belarus Hotel

The sport and recreation center in The Belarus Hotel includes a swimming pool, a Finnish sauna and a gym. The interior of the swimming pool is decorated with the mosaic designed by Belarusian artist Aleksandr Kishchenko. The water park is located in Minsk downtown.

Address: 15 Storozhovskaya, Minsk
Working hours: Mondays 14.00-23.00
                         Tuesdays to Sundays – 07.00-23.00
Territory: Belarus Hotel, ground floor
Children’s zone: children’s swimming pool

  • spa and massage in a beauty parlor
  • sauna
  • hot tub
  • bubble massage
  • cedar barrel

Sport facilities: a gym
Catering outlets: a restaurant with a viewing point (73 meters), two cafes
Accommodation: 484 rooms, including standard rooms and suites
Additional services: 

  • beauty parlor
  • bike hire
  • viewing point

Molodechno Waterpark

The Ice Palace in Molodechno offers a wide variety of health-improving and recreation services, with its water park enjoying the highest popularity with locals and guests of the city.

Address: 102 V.Gostinets Street, Molodechno, Minsk Oblast
Working hours: Monday-Friday –15.00-21.00
                          Saturday-Sunday 12.00-21.00
Number of waterslides: 3 waterslides, a swimming pool
Children’s zone: a separate playground for children

  • sauna, Turkish bath
  • hot tub
  • massage

Sport facilities:

  •  gym
  • fitness parlor
  • table tennis hall
  • football pitch
  • basketball court
  • volleyball court
  • tennis court
  • skating rink

Catering outlets: cafe, two bars
Additional services: 

  • pool billiards
  • bowling

Aquacenter in Grodno

The Grodno-based aqua park Aquacenter offers over 30 kinds of sport, recreation, and entertainment services to its visitors. It is one of the first aqua parks in Belarus. Today the center offers three swimming pools, including Grodno Oblast’s longest one, with different water temperatures, springboards, and waterslides, cascades, geysers, jet tubs, an artificial river, and hydromassage streams.

Address: 82 Gorkogo Street, Grodno
Working hours: Monday-Saturday 7:00-22:00
                         Sunday 10:00-22:00
Number of waterslides: 3
Children’s zone: a swimming pool for children

  • spa programs
  • Turkish sauna, Finnish sauna, and Russian sauna with compact swimming pools
  • massage
  • hydromassage
  • power shower

Sport facilities: fitness hall and sport hall
Catering outlets: cafe, bar

Ozerny aqua park

You can mix and match treatment and leisure in the aqua park located in the Ozerny sanatorium. Its swimming pools use an innovative technology for purifying water with natural salts. Apart from that, patrons are invited to have some rest in the spa zone, study the local eco-trails, and enjoy various recreational services.

Address: The Ozery agrotown, Grodno District
Working hours: Monday-Friday 15:30-22:00
                         Saturday-Sunday 11:30-22:00
Territory: the aqua park is located in the physical training and recreation complex of the Ozerny sanatorium
Number of waterslides: 3

  • rain shower
  • snow room
  • infrared sauna
  • Russian, Finnish, and Turkish saunas

Sport facilities: fitness hall and sport hall
Catering outlets: bar, cafe
Accommodation: one-, two- and three-bedroom semiluxe and luxe suites in the Ozerny sanatorium
Additional services: 

  • billiard
  • bowling
  • two tennis courts
  • basketball court
  • roller ski track
  • healthy trails

Kobrin aqua park

The recreation center with water and mud therapy services in the city of Kobrin offers multiple-day recreation and treatment programs and captivating weekend tours to visitors. The recreation facility is conveniently located in the center of Kobrin next to the city’s park.

Address: 15 Gastello Street, Kobrin, Brest Oblast
Working hours: Monday-Friday 16:00-22:00
                         Saturday-Sunday 10:00-22:00
Number of waterslides: 4
Children’s zone: a swimming pool for children and a playroom for kids

  • nine spa programs
  • Russian baths, Finnish sauna, and Turkish sauna
  • manual and underwater massage
  • tanning salon
  • no-contact hydromassage
  • whirlpool baths, galvanic baths, gas-bubble baths
  • mud treatment
  • power shower
  • speleochamber
  • circular shower


  • gyms
  • aerobics
  • water-aerobics
  • a volleyball court

Catering outlets: cafeteria
Accommodation: Belarus Hotel
Additional services:
Visitors of the water park can also play billards and video games. There is a roller ski track and a stadium with bicycle and race tracks, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, and a field hockey pitch round the corner. Guests of the town can also visit the Aleksandr Suvorov Military History Museum.

Pruzhany Water Park

The water palace in Pruzhany is a popular recreation place for the residents and guests of the town. It has a comfortable swimming pool, waterslides, artificial waterfalls and attractions.

Address: 19 Zavodskaya Street, Pruzhany, Brest Oblast
Working hours: Monday 14:00 - 22:00
                          Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 - 22:00
Number of waterslides: 2 slides, “Mountain River” attraction
Children’s zone: swimming pool with waterslides for children, a waterfall and the Valley of Geysers

  • sauna
  • hot tub
  • vibrational massage

Sport: gyms, pool billiards
Catering outlets: cafe
Additional services:
There is an ice palace nearby. The town is famous for the unique architectural heritage of the 19th century. The most spectacular tourist attractions are the Pruzhany Palace, the Cathedral of the Ascension of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Aleksandr Nevsky Church, the central square with a shopping arcade, including the 19th century marketplace. The Sapieha Palace, also known as the Belarusian Versailles, is located in the neighboring village of Ruzhany.

Zhlobin Water Park

The Olympic Reserve Center of Zhlobin, which is also the main sports arena of the town, is a comfortable training facility for ice hockey players, swimmers and rowers. Besides, it is a popular recreation zone for the residents and guests of Zhlobin. The complex comprises an ice palace, a swimming pool and a water park. The center offers extreme waterslides, water attractions, hot tubs and hydromassage zones, relaxing spa programs.

Address: 3/1 Karl Marx Street, Zhlobin, Gomel Oblast
Working hours: Wednesday-Friday: 11:00-21:00
                          Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-21:00
                          Monday, Tuesday: day off
Territory: the water park is based at the Olympic Reserve Center of Zhlobin
Number of waterslides: 1 slide, the attraction “Mountain River”

  • a spa zone
  • hot tub, hydromassage
  • Russian, Finnish, and Turkish saunas
  • tanning salon
  • massage

Children’s zone: a swimming pool for children with waterslides and a geyser, a playroom for kids
Sport: gyms
Catering outlets: 2 cafes
Accommodation: a hotel complex with standard, semiluxe and luxe suites
Additional services: 

  • roller ski track
  • billards
  • bowling
  • rental of bicycles
  • catamaran rental


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