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Belarus Ski Resorts

Alpine skiing in BelarusAlpine skiing is getting increasingly popular in Belarus. There are no mountains in the country, but there are high hills and steep ravines that are perfectly suited for alpine skiing and snowboarding.

Belarus boasts mild and snowy winters, no risks of avalanches, well-equipped tracks, comfortable hotels, restaurants and ski rentals.

Silichi Ski ResortBelarus prides on its modern alpine skiing facilities located amid picturesque valleys. They have everything you need for doing outdoor sports, including tracks for professionals and beginners, and excellent infrastructure. Belarus is your first choice if you want to get the best value of your money.

Alpine skiing facilities are available in Minsk and Minsk Oblast, Gomel Oblast and Vitebsk Oblast.

Silichi Ski Resort

Silichi Ski ResortThe Silichi ski resort opened in 2005. It is located in Logoisk District, 32km from Minsk. Silichi is among the most popular recreation centers in Belarus and the CIS. It boasts well-developed infrastructure and is open all the year round.

The Silichi ski resort offers:


  • four tracks (620-900m long, elevation difference is up to 100m)
  • four-seat ski-lifts
  • tracks for children and beginners
  • tracks for skiing, sledging, snow tubing and for snowmobiles
  • extreme park (springboards, half-pipe, snow park)
  • training center (skiing training)
  • skating rink, a gym
  • ski rentals
  • hotel for 104 guests
  • guest houses
  • restaurants and cafes
  • baths and spa
  • children’s town
  • medical block

Silichi in summer In summer Silichi offers:

            • open tennis courts, facilities for playing football, basketball, streetball and volleyball
            • sports equipment rentals (rollers, roller skis, bikes, ping pong, badminton)
            • paintball grounds with stylized belvederes and field kitchen  
            • carting center (two open tracks, 400m and 50m long)

Logoisk sport and recreation complex

Logoisk sport and recreation complexThe mountain ski sport and recreation complex Logoisk is open all the year round and meets the strictest European standards.

It is only 30km away from Minsk.

For sports enthusiasts Logoisk offers:


  • five lighted tracks with the total length of 3,679m and the elevation difference of 82m
  • four-seat cable tramway and a T-bar lift
  • training slope (11m high, 120m long)
  • snow-tubing, roller ski track
  • equipment rentals
  • tubing amusement ride Veselaya Vatrushka (merry custard pie)
  • hotel and guest cottages
  • restaurant, bar
  • bathhouse, sauna, pergolas
  • fitness center, billiards, tennis courts
  • paintball and volleyball grounds, rope ground, beach, futsal ground

Solnechnaya Dolina mountain ski center

Solnechnaya Dolina mountain ski centerThe location of the resort is one of its key peculiarities. Solnechnaya Dolina (Sunny Valley) is located within the city limits of Minsk on the bank of a water reservoir. In winter one can do mountain skiing and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and skating here. In summer one can do boating, catamaran riding, cycling, quad bike riding, and roller skating.

In winter the mountain ski center Solnechnaya Dolina offers:

  • main track (215m long, elevation difference is 40m) and training slope (125m long, elevation difference is 30m) for mountain skiing and snowboarding
  • T-bar lifts
  • snow park for extreme ride lovers (knife box, picnic table, straight box, wall ride)
  • snow-tubing
  • ski tracks
  • snowboard park (interactive simulator of mountain slope)
  • restaurant and cafe

Mozyr Ski Center

Mozyr Ski CenterThe ski center is situated in the city which landscape varies from hills to lowland near the Pripyat River.

Elevation difference is 25-30m.

The Mozyr ski center offers:


  • mountain skiing and snowboarding track (300m long, 35m high)
  • T-bar lifts
  • training and tubing slopes
  • ski equipment and motor boat rentals
  • mountain skiing classes
  • snowmobile, four-wheeler, jet ski
  • skating rink
  • toboggan rides
  • football pitch
  • tennis courts
  • cafe

Raubichi Training Centre

Raubichi National Winter Olympic Training Centre located 20km away from Minsk is considered one of the best biathlon and freestyle skiing centers in the world. Raubichi has good alpine skiing facilities.

Alpine skiing tours to Belarus

Alpine skiing tours to BelarusIn the winter season that lasts from December to March-April the Belarusian ski resorts Silichi and Logoisk offer various tours for sports enthusiasts, weekend tours, days-long and family tours. The centers offer tracks of different complexity, equipment rentals and skiing lessons.

Recreation is not limited to downhill skiing. Visitors are invited to enjoy recuperation and beauty programs and do the sightseeing.


Alpine skiing prices are relatively low in Belarus.

A one-day stay in Silichi (with accommodation, three meals, equipment rent and T-bar lift tickets), ranges from $55 to $138 depending on the room type.

Gear rentals are open seven days a week.

Prices charged by Belarusian alpine skiing resorts are as follows:

Downhill gear (skis, boots and poles), snowboarding gear (snowboards and boots) can be rented for $4-5 per hour to $9-11 per 12 hours.

Private lessons with instructors cost from $14 per hour, group lessons cost about $8-12 per hour.

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