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Disabled travellers in Belarus

An overview of what to expect and how to get around as a disabled traveller in Belarus

Getting around Belarus as a disabled traveller

If you are visiting Belarus and use a wheelchair, you will find that access to public transport and some facilities is restricted.

The more recently built Minsk metro stations have been built with disabled access, but the older ones may be less well equipped. So before you set out on any journey, it’s advisable to check with your Belarus hotel on what facilities might be available where you’re going.

Some trains, especially international lines passing through Belarus, do have disabled facilities on board.

Your travel agent should be able to give you more information about:

  • hotels with the best accommodation and facilities for disabled travellers
  • train services which provide disabled travel assistance
  • buses that are equipped to take wheelchairs (if there are no suitable buses, a special taxi can be ordered)
  • restaurants or cafés within the city that can best accommodate disabled travellers
  • museums, cinemas and theatres within the city that can best accommodate disabled travellers
  • facilities are best for holding business meetings to accommodate disabled travellers

Facilities in smaller towns may be more restricted but Minsk and other larger cities can provide better facilities for disabled travelers.

General information for disabled travelers in Belarus

As a rule, Belarus hotels and the tourism industry in general are not widely experienced in dealing with people with specific needs. That said, they will do all they can to assist.

Minsk National Airport can provide traveler assistance to get disabled passengers boarded on their plane.

Not all Belarus hotels have disabled facilities so it is vital that you check before booking.

An increasing number of public buildings such as museums, theatres, banks and shopping centers do cater for disabled people, especially new buildings such as the National Library in Minsk.

Belarus offers a number of Sanatorium services with facilities for disabled travelers.  Including the following:

  • “Pridneprovsky” – Gomel region, 20 rooms
  • “Lesnie ozera” – Vetebsk region, 8 rooms
  • “Unost” – 25km from Minsk, 10 rooms
  • “Priozerni” – Napoch area, 25 rooms
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