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Dear friends! We are sorry to inform you that we have to change the monthly Events Calendar on the website. The coronavirus pandemic has led to border shutdowns, travel restrictions, cancellation or postponement of public events. People are willing to refrain from trips and entertainments to protect themselves and their families.

Belarus is taking all the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the infection. The country has not imposed strict travel restrictions. However, Belarus calls on EVERY PERSON to be extremely careful, follow the WHO and doctors’ recommendations, observe personal hygiene rules, and, most importantly, take care of each other. If you have returned from the worst-hit regions and countries, you should seek medical attention in case of the slightest deterioration in your health and, of course, isolate yourselves as soon as possible, in order not to spread any infection, not only COVID-19.

In view of this situation, large public events are canceled or postponed. Please, check out the information in advance. Organizers promise that tickets for all postponed events will remain valid. Please, remember to stay healthy!

Minsk tops CIS list of cities for virtual tours

Tadeusz Kosciuszko as an Artist

4 February marked the 275th anniversary of the birth of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, the national hero of Belarus, Poland and the United States. On this day, the Memorial Manor Museum in Merechevshchina in the town of Kossovo, the hometown of the outstanding military and political figure, rolled out a unique exhibition-project showing the creative side of the famous general. The exhibition features 16 reproductions of Kosciuszko's works made in different periods of his life. Among them is his first paintings - mostly copies of the works by other artists he made while studying at the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in France, and replicas of the paintings from a later period. Despite the fact that Tadeusz Kosciuszko connected his life with the military, he continued to paint after the uprising of 1794. In America he gained fame as a portraitist.

When: 4 February – 31 December 
Where: Tadeusz Kosciuszko Memorial Manor Museum
108 Kosciuszko Street, Kossovo, Ivanovo District, Brest Oblast

Artist and City project in Minsk

The 10th season of the Artist and City project has opened in Minsk, this time in Komsomolskaya Street. Its mission is to introduce Minsk residents and guests of the capital to the best representatives of contemporary Belarusian art. This time the open-air exhibition highlights the art of the famous landscape artist Leonid Shchemelev. The people’s artist passed away in January 2021, but his works will live. Many museums, including the National Art and Regional Local History, have his paintings. Guests of the Minsk open-air gallery will get acquainted with the stories behind the landscapes and paintings dedicated to the author's hometown with the help of an audio guide.
When: from 28 May

“Around the World in 100 Minutes” at Belarusian State Circus

An exciting program “Around the World in 100 Minutes” will kick off the 2021 autumn season at the Belarusian State Circus. Without leaving the city of Minsk, visitors will embark on a journey around the world full of adventures, new impressions, interesting encounters with colorful characters and other events. The show will feature American cowboys, Canadian pumas, camels, lamas and ponies, masterful gymnasts and tumblers.

When: 18 September – 5 December
Where: Belarusian State Circus, 32 Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk

2nd National Gastrofest ‘Countries of the World’

A cozy atmosphere and gastronomic pleasure are back again for the 2021 National Gastrofest in dozens of restaurants and cafes in Minsk and oblast centers across the country. Gastrofest as always offers special menus and deals. The theme of the 2nd edition of Gastrofest is Countries of the World because, as the organizers say, people missed traveling during the pandemic. The best dishes from around the world, unusual food products, unique serving and other things will help you enjoy your time and dream about future trips. Of course, coronavirus safety protocols are in place.

When: 18 November – 5 December
Where: Minsk and oblast centers of Belarus

Nikas Safronov’s exhibition "Changing the reality" in Vitebsk

Nikas Safronov, one of Russia’s most famous painters, will have a solo exhibition in Vitebsk, the city of Marc Chagall. "Changing the reality" is a new concept that blends classic works on canvas with multimedia projections. With the help of the latest technologies, the exposition becomes more voluminous, mobile and takes you on a journey to the world of the artist. Viewers will immerse into the continuous whirlpool of paintings, thoughts and images of Nikas Safronov, and will see his works outside the usual painting framework. The exhibition presents about 40 paintings and graphic works from the late 1990s to 2019. Particular attention will be drawn to the works made in the Dream Vision style created by Nikas Safronov that involves the use of imagination, intuition, subconscious and unconscious feelings.

When: 30 October–19 December
Where: Vitebsk Regional History Museum, 36 Lenin Street,  Vitebsk

Exhibition of Nicholas Roerich’s reproductions in Bobruisk

The outstanding Russian artist, set designer, philosopher-mystic, writer, traveler, archaeologist, Orientalist, public figure Nicholas Roerich went down in history as a man of amazing abilities and talents, comparable to the titans of the Renaissance . His creative heritage includes more than 7,000 paintings scattered around the world. They reflect the special vision of the master, who was convinced of the unity of man and nature. Roerich's works are filled with philosophical thoughts, symbolic images. They often reference to ancient legends, fairy tales, folk legends ... The Holy Russia project displays the reproductions (about 40 of them on display in Bobruisk), photo and video materials about the life of the artist, provided by the Roerich Museum in Novosibirsk.

When: 1 November – 15 December
Where: Bobruisk District Museum of Local History, 16 Selezneva Street, Sychkovo village, Bobruisk District

‘Concept’ triennial in Minsk

The first triennial "Concept" in Minsk will bring together about 200 contemporary Belarusian authors. The festival will draw both already established professional artists and also students, fledgling artists who have passed the expert selection. Works represent the concepts embodying the experiments with form, plasticity, color, light, and playing with meanings and content. The exhibition features not only individual works, but projects in different genres and techniques of fine and decorative arts. Among them is the Luminarium art project by Grodno artist Aleksandr Baldakov dedicated to the optical qualities of light and its artistic transformations, "Dependence" in the style of trash art by Vitebsk artist resident Valentina Lyakhovich.

The main location is the Palace of Art in Minsk. Other locations:

19 November - Designatum exhibition project in the Mikhail Savitsky art gallery;
25 November – Movement exhibition at the National Library of Belarus;
1 December – "Alyaksandr Salauyou. As it is” in the Shchemelev art gallery;
8 December - Tex-experience exhibition of experimental textile in the Vysokaye mesta art lounge .

When: 19 November – 16 December
Where: Palace of Art, 3 Kozlova Street, Minsk

Tula Samovar. From History To Modernity exhibition in Gomel

Dozens of samovars - important attributes of many generations of households - will be on display at an exclusive exhibition in the Vashchenko Art Gallery in Gomel. These metal containers to heat and boil water first appeared in Tula that was later dubbed as Russia’s ‘samovar capital’. All exhibits are from the collection of Andrei Saikov, a native of Bobruisk who has been collecting and making samovars for many years. According to him, his admiration for samovars prompted him to start restoring these art objects and even to open his own samovar production. By the way, samovars are the kind of art objects that can help you understand artistic features of various historical periods and creative styles of craftsmen.

When: 25 November 2021 – 30 January 2022
Where: Vashchenko Art Gallery, 4 Karpovicha Street, Gomel

Opening concert of International Piano Competition Minsk 2021

The International Piano Competition Minsk 2021 will start on the first day of winter and will bring together the best solo musicians aged 16 to 30 from various countries. The auditions will be held in three stages and will include two qualifying rounds and a final round where contestants will perform with a symphony orchestra in the Great Hall of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. The music competition will open with a concert of the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Belarus under the baton of People's Artist of Belarus Alexander Anisimov, with People's Artist of Belarus Igor Olovnikov as a piano soloist. The program of the evening will include Rejoicing on the Occasion by Vyacheslav Kuznetsov, Suite No. 3 Variations and Polonaise by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Rhapsody in Blues by George Gershwin.

When: 1 December
Where: Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, 50 Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk

Dmitry Metlitsky: DM-Orchestra & Feeria show ballet

Belarusian composer, musician, founder of DM-Orchestra Dmitry Metlitsky is known for excellent arrangements, and his 7-year-old team has made a claim to fame by virtuoso performance of melodies from various times. They have released several albums, including  Blizzard, Autumn, Whisper Stars, Island, The Fire of Love, in which classical pieces are harmoniously combined with instrumental music in the of New Age (Neoclassicism) style. “I am happy to bring you a concert where the magic of sound and dance and a fairy tale story will immerse you into the world of love and passion...” Dmitry Metlitsky says inviting the audience to his joint concert with the Feeria dance show ballet. The powerful energy of music - and hits from Vivaldi to Metallica - will be enhanced by a flamboyant, passionate Viennese-style dance.

When: 1 December
Where: Minsk Concert Hall, 5 Oktyabrskaya Street, Minsk

Ivan Sollertinsky International Music Festival in Vitebsk

The Ivan Sollertinsky International Music Festival in Vitebsk is one of the few events that combines world classics with traditional melodies and pieces by Belarusian musicians of the 16th-20th centuries. A concert of teachers and students of Sollertinsky Vitebsk Music College will be the opening act for the 32nd edition of the festival. The festival will kick off on 5 December and will feature winner of the 15th edition of the International Tchaikovsky Competition, laureate of international competitions Denis Masleyev (piano) from Russia. The festival will continue with a concert of the State Chamber Orchestra of Belarus under the baton of Honored Artist of Russia Evgeny Bushkov on 10 December, with Belarusian pianist Andrei Ivanov as the soloist. The final chord will be the performance of the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Belarus under the baton of Alexander Anisimov on 17 December. The soloists are Yulia Stefanovich (violin) and Roman Firstov (oboe).

When: 3-17 December
Where: Vitebsk Oblast Philharmonics, 69 Lenina Street, Vitebsk

Kvatro band in Minsk: Russian Winter

The atmosphere of Christmas miracles will be created in Minsk by famous Russian band Kvatro, comprising four soloists: Anton Boglevsky (tenor), Anton Sergeyev (tenor), Leonid Ovrutsky (baritone) and Danila Karzanov (bass). “Golden Voices” of Russia have already performed in Minsk. This time they are bringing their album Russian Winter, which includes the most famous Christmas and New Year's songs. The deluxe version, recorded in 2018, includes video versions of the best compositions and new songs: Opyat Metel (Another Blizzard), Siniy Iney (Blue Frost), A Sneg Idyot (It Continues Snowing), V Lesu Rodilas Yolochka (A New Year’s Tree Was Born in the Forest), Zimnaya Lyubov (Winter Love), Tvoi Sledy (Your Traces) and others.

When: 4 December
Where: Belarusian State Philharmonics, 50 Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk

Maxim Fadeev in Minsk

For many years he has produced other performers. 25 years later, at the peak of his career, composer, author and performer Maxim Fadeev is back on stage. At the age of 38 he partially lost his hearing and could not return to the audience for a long time. His return became possible thanks to a special apparatus, which enables him to feel vibrations, with light indicators setting the right tempo. For the second time the singer will perform in the 15,000-seat Minsk Arena (the first time he performed in Minsk was in October 2019). In Minsk, Max Fadeev has also made a short documentary film “I can't hear you” about the backstage of his creative life, studio work and a long return to the stage as a performer.

When: 4 December
Where: Minsk Arena, 111 Pobeditelei Avenue, Minsk

Sergey Bezrukov in Confessions of a Hooligan play in Minsk

Truly people's artist Sergey Bezrukov became a well-known actor after starring in the TV series Brigada. Later he produced many talented and diverse characters, including the TV series Uchastok, The Master and Margarita, Yesenin, films Chinese Servitude, Azazel, Pushkin’s Last Duel, Vysotsky. Thank You for Being Alive. Sergey Bezrukov has performed on the Belarusian stage many times, including with his colleagues from the Gubernskiy Theater, which he heads. This time he will play Sergey Yesenin: Confessions of a Hooligan, a play celebrating a poet-hooligan and a mystery man, whose early passing left a sense of uncertainty. The actor admits that “Russia in general loves people who walk on the edge”, because “they are very ambiguous, tender, sensual, and sometimes cruel in nature, but the main thing about them is their honesty to themselves”.

When: 4 December
Where: Palace of the Republic, 1 Oktyabrskaya Square, Minsk

A concert by Emir Kusturica and Goran Bregovic in Minsk

Balkan rock music will be performed in Minsk once again: Emir Kusturica and Goran Bregovic will perform while accompanied by the Presidential Orchestra conducted by Vitaly Kulbakov. This delightful duet won hearts of the audience of the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk 2018 once. The Serbian movie director, winner of two Palme d'Or awards at the Cannes Film Festival, Emir Kusturica made the film On the Milky Way in Belarus in 2017. He also participated in the Moscow international film festival Listapad in 2019. His musical activities with the No Smoking Orchestra include 12 albums. The composer Goran Bregovic is a symbol of the folk motives of the Balkans combined with traditional and instrumental gypsy music. He is the author of the score for Kusturica's films Time of the Gypsies, Dreams of Arizona, and Underground.

When: 9 December
Where: 1 Oktyabrskaya Square, Palace of the Republic, Minsk


Tattoos date back to the 18th century when the English traveler James Cook defined them as a way to decorate and identify the human body. From the primitive technique of drawing on the body with permanent paint, tattoos have become a separate art form. The tattoo festival, which will last for two months, will bring together masters, representatives of tattoo parlors and studios, models as well as sponsors and patrons in Minsk. The program includes exhibitions of graphics, sculpture, painting and photography, introduction to Belarusian stars of the tattoo industry and workshops by eminent masters as well as art fusion, body art and a fair of equipment and consumables, original clothing and accessories.

When: 10 December – 14 February
Where: 3 Kozlova Street, Art Palace, Minsk

Minsk International Christmas Opera Forum 2021

A festive atmosphere reigns at the Bolshoi Theater in anticipation of Catholic Christmas: the best artists from around the world perform on the country's main opera stage every year. The forum will open with the premiere of Camille Saint-Saens' opera Samson and Delilah directed by Oksana Volkova on December 14 and 15. The part of Samson will be played by the Helikon-Opera soloist, a guest artist of the Mariinsky Theater, Mikhailovsky Theater and Bolshoi Theater of Russia, tenor Ivan Gyngazov. The forum will continue on December 17 with a solo concert by the prima of the Mariinsky Theater, a native of Minsk, Yekaterina Semenchuk. The role of Valentine will be performed by the famous baritone Vladislav Sulimsky from the Mariinsky Theater in Charles Gounod's opera Faust on December 18. Taking part in the gala concert on December 22 will be Yekaterina Semenchuk, Magerram Guseinov, Vladislav Sulimsky as well as artists of the Moscow Bolshoi Theater Venera Gimadiyeva (soprano) and Goderdzi Dzhanelidze (bass).

When: 14–22 December
Where: 1 Parizhskoi Kommuny Square, the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater, Minsk

Ani Lorak in Minsk: THE BEST

The popular singer, a Eurovision 2008 silver winner, People's Artist of Ukraine Ani Lorak returns to Minsk with a new program THE BEST. Today her calling card is not only a strong voice that spans 4.5 octaves. Karolina (this is the real name of the singer) is one of the most titled pop singers in the CIS and is in the top 100 sexiest women in the world according to the For Him magazine. In 2020 the singer released two videos for songs from the new album For a Dream, and also presented the singles Your Beloved and We Suffer and Love. The composition Undressed was presented in 2021. The Minsk show will feature both new songs and favorite hits - Take Paradise, Slowly, Light Your Heart, New Ex...

When: 16 December
Where: 1 Oktyabrskaya Square, Palace of the Republic, Minsk

King Stakh’s Wild Hunt premiere in Bolshoi Theater

The Bolshoi Theater will kick off its 89th season with a premiere of the opera based on the novel by outstanding Belarusian writer Vladimir Korotkevich. The national classic was first staged in 1989, with Vladimir Soltan and music director Yaroslav Voshchak working on the production. In 1990 the creative tandem and the main actors Natalia Kostenko, Viktor Skoobogatov and Vladimir Eknadiosov received the State Award of the BSSR. The new production is directed by Anna Motornaya. Ancient castles, clocks symbolizing flowing time, chess as a keynote of the eternal game, colors and images of the Slutsk belts, decorations referring to the icons of the 15th-16th centuries - all these have became symbols filled with a special meaning important for understanding the message of the production.

When: 21 December
Where: National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater, 1 Parizhskaya Kommuna Square, Minsk

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