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Emergencies in Belarus

Important information about what to do and who to contact in an emergency in Belarus

If you are a victim of crime in Belarus...

Crime levels are relatively low in Belarus. But if you do become the victim of a robbery, assault or other crime, you should report it to the police.

If you are staying in a Belarus hotel, report the crime to the hotel staff and they will help you notify the police.

If you are injured and taken to hospital, you should try to make contact with your Embassy or local Consular Department as soon as possible.

If you fall ill in Belarus...

If you are taken ill during your visit, contact your Embassy or local Consular Department if you can.

All travellers to Belarus need travel insurance to enter the country. 

Make sure you have a comprehensive insurance policy so that you can get treatment outside of Belarus if necessary.

There are private clinics in Minsk which accept cash payments.

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If you are arrested in Belarus…

It’s advisable to stay clear of civil unrest and anti-government protests.

If you are arrested in Belarus, for whatever reason, do not resist arrest. At the earliest opportunity, ask to contact your Embassy or local Consular Department, who will assist you.

Be aware that drivers are not allowed to take any alcohol. Penalties for drug-related offences in Belarus are also severe.

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Capital crimes such as murder can result in the death penalty.

The threat of terrorism in Belarus

Terrorism is a threat throughout the world and you should remain alert wherever you travel. There are no specific terrorist threats against Belarus.

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