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Travel visas for Belarus

Most foreign travelers need a visa to come to Belarus. Belarus issues transit, short-term and long-term visas depending on the purpose of the visit and length of stay and also single-entry, double- and multiple-entry visas.

Citizens of a number of states can come to Belarus without a visa if it is stipulated by international treaties.

In addition to that, Belarus offers several visa-free travel programs with varying duration and terms of stay. Thus, travelers who would normally need a visa to come to Belarus, can visit the country under a simplified procedure. Travelers may opt for one of them:

  • to 30 days 
    No visas are required provided travelers cross the Belarusian border via Minsk National Airport
  • to 15 days
    No visas are required to visit visa-free tourist zone (including the country's large cities of Grodno and Brest) provided travelers have a special document issued by a certified travel agency in their home country.

Learn more about visa-free travel options and the list of countries whose citizens may use this option

COVID-19: Belarus Travel Advice

UPDATE! 29 October 2020.  Belarusian ground border closed to travelers coming from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine

UPDATE! 31 October 2020. Belarus temporarily closes border amid COVID-19

Belarus government and the Healthcare Ministry endorsed certain measures to prevent the import and spread of the coronavirus infection. In this regard, please be ready for increased attention and control and keep in mind that you will have to self-isolate if you arrive from the countries where COVID-19 cases were reported. The complete list of such countries is available on the official website of the Healthcare Ministry.

UPDATE! 11 June 2020. The Belarusian Healthcare Ministry has updated the list of countries where COVID-19 infection cases are being registered. Taking into account the evolving epidemic situation and the measures being taken, the list no longer includes Austria, Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Czechia, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, and China. People coming from these countries do not have to stay in self-isolation for 14 days upon arrival in Belarus.

UPDATE! 25 June 2020. Being guided by the adopted criteria, the Healthcare Ministry has updated the list of countries that still register new cases of the novel coronavirus. As of 25 June, another 14 countries were struck off the list: Australia, Egypt, Israel, Georgia, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, the USA, Turkey, and Japan.

UPDATE! 9 July 2020. Another 12 countries have been removed from the list. These include Algeria, Andorra, Vietnam, Cyprus, Cuba, Lebanon, Mauritius, Malaysia, New Zealand, San Marino, Thailand, Tunisia.

UPDATE! 15 July 2020. Russia has been removed from the list of countries that still register new cases of the novel coronavirus. “People coming from Russia are not required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in Belarus,” the press service of the Belarusian Healthcare Ministry said.

UPDATE! 4 August 2020. Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Tanzania, Fiji and Sri Lanka were removed from the list.

UPDATE! 10 September 2020. Uzbekistan was excluded from the list. Spain, Montenegro, Israel, Andorra and Malta were added to the list again.

UPDATE! On 21 October the list included 28 countries excluded from it earlier. These are France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Moldova, United States, Lebanon, Netherlands, Iceland, Czech Republic, UK, Romania, North Macedonia, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Tunisia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Malta, Bulgaria and Canada. People coming from the above-mentioned countries are required to self-isolate for 10 days upon the arrival in Belarus. 

UPDATE! 3 November 2020. The list has been expanded by Albania, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, San Marino, Monaco, and Latvia.

UPDATE! As from 3 December 2020, the list includes eight new countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Greece, Georgia, Serbia, Turkey, and Estonia.

UPDATE! On 4 March 2021, four countries will be removed from this list: Azerbaijan, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan and Morocco. Three countries that were previously removed from the list will be put on the list again. These are Finland, Cuba and Malaysia.

UPDATE! Three countries were removed from the list on 5 April 2021. These are Israel, Portugal and the Dominican Republic. Norway re-entered the list.

UPDATE! Nine states will be removed from the red list on 16 June 2021. These are North Macedonia, San Marino, Monaco, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Moldova and Serbia.

According to Council of Ministers’ Resolution No.705 of 7 December 2020, starting from 21 December 2020 foreigners over six years old arriving in Belarus must have an original or a copy of a medical document either in hard copy or an electronic form, confirming a negative COVID-19 test result. The PCR test must be done no later than three days before the border crossing date (this period includes the date of border crossing). The requirement does not apply to citizens with temporary or permanent residency permits.

Foreign nationals and Belarusian citizens arriving from the countries included by the Healthcare Ministry of Belarus in the list of COVID-19 high-risk countries are required to self-isolate for 10 days from the date of arrival. They cannot cross the state border of the Republic of Belarus until the expiration of the self-isolation period.

At the same time, the self-isolation requirement does not extend to foreign nationals returning home in transit via Belarus. Exemptions are also made for people who need to travel a lot for work.

More details are available here:

Belarus’ government outlines measures to curb coronavirus

Belarus sets self-isolation rules

People entering Belarus should self-isolate for 10 days

UPDATE! 13 October 2020. Self-isolation period reduced to ten days in Belarus

Belarus’ Healthcare explains 10-day self-isolation rules

UPDATE! 15 July 2021. Belarus reduces self-isolation period to seven days

No self-isolation for vaccinated arrivals in Belarus

Who need the Belarusian visa

Most foreign visitors need a visa to come to Belarus. However, some of them are entitled to visa-free travel options.

In accordance with the international treaties of the Republic of Belarus, no visas are required for citizens of:

  • Argentina (for stays up to 90 days)
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Brazil (for stays up to 90 days)
  • China (for stays up to 30 days in each period of 90 days), Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China  (for stays up to 30 days during one trip), Macao Special Administrative Region (for stays up to 30 days in each period of 90 days)
  • Cuba (for stays of up to 30 days)
  • Ecuador (for stays up to 30 days)
  • Georgia
  • Israel (for stays up to 90 days in each period of 180 days)
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Macedonia (provided they have a private invitation or a tourist voucher)
  • Moldova
  • Mongolia (for stays up to 90 days)
  • Montenegro (for stays up to 30 days)
  • Qatar (for stays up to 30 days)
  • Russia
  • Serbia (for stays up to 30 days)
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkey (for stays up to 30 days)
  • United Arab Emirates (for stays up to 90 days in each period of 180 days)
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan
  • Venezuela (for stays up to 90 days)

Investors and other people included in the lists compiled by the administration of the Industrial Park Great Stone can stay in Belarus for 180 days without visas. Besides, Ordinance No. 8 "Concerning the development of the digital economy" has introduced the ability to enter Belarus without visas for foreigners employed by the resident companies of the Hi-Tech Park and the founders of the resident companies of the Hi-Tech Park.

There are also some exceptions for diplomatic passport holders from a number of states.

Аll other foreigners need visas to travel to Belarus.

What kind of visa do you need?

The most commonly used visa is the short-term visa (C). These visas are valid for up to 90 days and are suitable for:

  • business travellers
  • students
  • private travellers on family business

Short-term visas can be single-entry, double-entry or multiple-entry visas.

Tourists usually receive a short-term group visa via their travel agency.

Long-term visas (D) are usually valid for the period ranging from 90 days to five years and allow multiple entry to Belarus. They are suitable for:

  • frequent business travellers
  • private travellers wishing to stay longer in the country

Transit visas (B) are valid for the period of up to one year and allow travelers to stop in Belarus for two days on their way to another destination each time they go through Belarus in transit.

How do you get a visa?

Visas are issued by the following bodies:

  • Embassies of Belarus
  • Consulates of Belarus
  • Consular Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Minsk National Airport

In order to get a visa, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Application Form duly filled in and signed by the applicant
  • One recent passport size photograph (3.5cm by 4.5cm), with the applicant's face covering 70-80% of the photograph
  • Passport (it should be valid for at least 90 days after the intended stay and have at least two blank pages)
  • Supporting documents (depending on the purpose of visit: a formal request, an invitation letter, a proof of accommodation, judicial summons, a job offer, etc.)
  • Medical Insurance from Belgosstrakh or Eximgarant of Belarus or any foreign insurance company (it should be valid for Belarus and cover the applicant for at least €10,000)
  • Proof of paying the visa fee
  • Other documents that may be requested by a consular service.

Can you get your visa upon arrival?

Foreign nationals arriving in Belarus via Minsk National Airport can get a visa at the airport.

No later than two days before the arrival a foreign national needs to submit supporting documents (an original and copy of a formal request) to the Foreign Admissions Division of the Consular Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.
In case of a serious disease or death of a close relative (family member) supporting documents can be submitted at the time of applying for a visa.

The documents can be submitted by an applicant personnally (to the information center of the Foreign Admissions Division located at Minsk National Airport (ground floor, sector ½) or by post (keep in mind that the delivery might take some time)

Note! Employee of the Foreign Admissions Division will put a stamp on a copy of a supporting document that will confirm the acceptance of the  documents. Foreign nationals with no valid visas to Belarus need to present this stamp during the flight registration.

Address: Foreign Admissions Division of the Consular Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus,
Minsk National Airport, Minsk, 220054.
Phone: +375 17 279 20 58, +375 17 279 28 72

How long does it take to get a visa?

Successful applications will be processed within five working days.

Visa fees

Since 1 January  2017, applicants need to pay a visa fee of €60 for all types of visas with any number of entries. Foreigners under the age of 14 are exempt from the visa fee.

In line with the visa facilitation agreement between the Republic of Belarus and the European Union, on 1 July 2020, Belarus reduced the visa fee down to €35 for all types of entry visas for citizens of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Finland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia. Stateless persons permanently residing in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are also entitled to the €35 visa fee. Foreigners under the age of 12 are exempt from the visa fee.

Japanese citizens are exempt from paying for any type of the Belarusian visa.

Foreigners will have to pay an additional fee:

  • for expediting the case’s adjudication (within 2 working days) by consular institutions of the Republic of Belarus – the additional fee is equal to the visa fee;
  • for getting a visa at Minsk National Airport if there are no Belarusian diplomatic missions in the countries of citizenship or residence of the applicant – the additional fee will be half the amount of the visa fee;
  • for getting a visa at Minsk National Airport if there are Belarusian diplomatic missions in the countries of citizenship or residence of the applicant – the additional fee will 200 percent as much as the visa fee.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus provides a regularly updated list of consular fees.

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