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Belarus Tour Guide: Ideas for Your Trip!

A must-see! “Outer space” landscapes of the Yelnya swamp

A must-see! “Outer space” landscapes of the Yelnya swamp

Bogs are called the “lungs of Europe”, “space on earth”, and even the “time machine” capable of carrying anyone thousands of years back. Bogs occupy vast territories and amaze with their spectacular landscapes, sounds, smells, fauna and flora. They are both attractive and frightening with their unpredictability. Most importantly, bogs produce much more oxygen than forests, which is crucial for the ecological balance of the planet. Bogs cover large areas in Belarus. The list of such unique natural sites on the continent includes Yelnia, Belarus’ largest high-moor bog and the fifth largest bog in Europe. It is more than 9,000 years old!

The Yelnia Landscape Reserve is one of the most visited natural sites of the country. Apart from bogs, the area features more than 100 large and small lakes and forests. The reserve is home to 130 species of birds, including such rare ones as the black-throated diver, white-tailed eagle and black stork.

Every September visitors to Yelnia can enjoy an impressively beautiful view. Thousands of gray cranes and tens of thousands of geese of different species gather here before the migration season. This time is also viewed as the most delicious period of the year in the area. It is a cranberry harvest time. Yelnia has Belarus’ largest reserves of this berry. Graceful birds and ruby-colored wild berries are celebrated at the local festival Cranes and Cranberries of Miory District, which welcomes guests from Belarus and abroad.

There are many other reasons to visit this place: the beauty of landscapes, a lot of fresh air combined with the fragrance of plants. There are also mystical sites in Yelnia with compasses going mad and drones getting off the course.

Eco-trails in Yelnia offer interesting excursions and tours. As a Ramsar Site and a key area for birds, Yelnia attracts many bird watchers from all over the world.       

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