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Belarus Tour Guide: Ideas for Your Trip!

2nd European Games in Minsk: FAN’S GUIDE

2nd European Games in Minsk: FAN’S GUIDE

Minsk is ready to welcome guests! The largest multisport event of Europe – the 2nd European Games – will run in Minsk on 21-30 June. During the games, the Belarusian capital will live in a pulsating rhythm of meetings, new acquaintances, fun, passion, and, of course, outstanding sports victories. 

Learn more about the European Games, Minsk and Belarus in the FAN’S GUIDE from available online and for DOWNLOAD.  

The motto of the 2nd European Games is “Bright Year, Bright You” and the summer 2019 in Minsk promises to be truly bright and colorful. Don’t miss it!

 2nd European Games Venues

Dinamo National Olympic Stadium

Capacity: 22,240

8 Kirova Street

Opening ceremony on 21 June
•    Athletics (Dynamic New Athletics)
•    Closing ceremony on 30 June

Minsk Arena

Minsk Arena Velodrome

Chizhovka Arena

Capacity: 15,000

111 Pobediteley Avenue

•    Aerobics
•    Artistic gymnastics
•    Rhythmic gymnastics
•    Trampoline gymnastics
Capacity: 2,000

111 Pobediteley Avenue

Track cycling

Capacity: 8,800

19 Tashkentskaya Street

•    Karate

Sports Palace

Palova Arena

Falcon Сlub

Capacity: 3,300

4 Pobediteley Avenue

•    Wrestling (Greco-Roman, freestyle, women's)
Capacity: 1,000

4A Pobediteley Avenue

3х3 basketball

Capacity: 2,000

20 Pobediteley Avenue

•    Badminton

Tennis Olympic Center

Olympiyski Sports Complex

Sporting Club

Capacity: 500

63 Pobediteley Avenue

Table tennis

Capacity: 500

2a Surganova Street

•    Beach soccer
•    Archery
Capacity: 300

193 Nezavisimosti Avenue

    Shotgun shooting

Timoshenko Shooting Center

Uruchie Sports Palace

Minsk streets and avenues 

Capacity: 150

195 Nezavisimosti Avenue

•    Rifle and pistol shooting
Capacity: 3,000

196 Nezavisimosti Avenue

•    Boxing
Oktyabrskaya Square, Minsk central streets and avenues

•    Road cycling

Zaslavl Regatta Course

Zaslavl, Minsk Oblast

Canoe sprint

At every sports venue you will find: 

•    Ticket office (near the entrance);
•    Information point;
•    Volunteers;
•    Child registration area where you can get children’s ID bracelets;
•    Medical assistance;
•    Locker rooms ;
•    Lost and found office;
•    Food and drink outlets (cash and cashless payments are accepted).

Fans are advised to arrive in plently of time (1-1.5 hours before the event) to pass through additional security checks.

The following items shall be prohibited (you will have to leave them at a bag storage facility):

•    Glassware and bottles containing liquid bigger than 0.5 liters;
•    Food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages (except for baby formula);
•    Umbrellas longer than 25cm closed;
•    Selfie sticks;
•    Flags and banners which have not been registered in the established manner;
•    Animals (except for service animals. You will have to present documents confirming their status);
•    More than one package of medicines, more than three names of medicines;
•    Other items (please check out the website for more information on prohibited items).

2nd European Games schedule

Tickets for 2019 Minsk 2nd European Games

Fan zones

The excitement and energy of the 2nd European Games will go beyond the sporting events. The celebration will spill over into the streets of Minsk and across the entire country. Minsk will run three large fan zones that will stay open from 10.00 in the morning till late at night. There will be a large fan fest venue in the Dreamland Amusement Park in Minsk. Seven more fan zones will be opened in major cities of Belarus.

Fan Zones in Minsk:

  • Sports Palace - European Fan Zone (opening hours from 10.00 till 00.00, in the days of the opening and closing ceremonies till 4.00 in the morning). Every day the fan zone will host presentations of the countries participating in the games.
  • Minsk Arena (10.00 - 23.00, in the days of the opening and closing ceremonies till 1.00 in the morning)
  • Chizhovka Arena (10.00 - 23.00, in the days of the opening and closing ceremonies till 1.00 in the morning)
  • Official Festival Zone of the 2nd European Games in the Dreamland Amusement Park (80 Orlovskaya Street, from 11.00 till late at night). During 12 days, from 21 June till 2 July, there will be more than 20 themed areas; the Festival Zone will see over 350 artists.

Fan zones in the regions (opening hours from 17.00 till 21.00-23.00, in the days of the opening and closing ceremonies till 0.30 in the morning):

Brest – Brestsky sports center, 9 Gogol Street
Grodno – Sovetskaya Square
Gomel – Ice Palace, 110 Mazurova Street
Mogilev – Palace of Culture, 7 Pushkinsky Avenue
Vitebsk – Victory Square
Bobruisk – Prokopenko Stadium, 47А Internatsionalnaya Street
Molodechno – Summer Amphitheater, Victory Culture and Recreation Park

There will be a lot of thematic zones in parks, cafes and bars.

The fan zones will offer:

  • live broadcasts of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2nd European Games, and also coverage of competitions, highlights, medal ceremonies;
  • concerts of Belarusian artists and bands, foreign performers;
  • exhibition performances;
  • master classes and autograph sessions;
  • events, competitions and prize draws;
  • photos with the games mascot Lesik the Fox;
  • food courts with national and European cuisine;
  • souvenir shops;
  • and, definitely, good mood and high spirits!

European Games online

Official website of the 2nd European Games

Official app of the 2nd European Games: Minsk2019



Chat bot with the Lesik the Fox in Viber, Telegram и Facebook Messenger (Minsk 2019)

News of the 2nd European Games


In Minsk, you can use public transport: buses, trolleybuses, e-buses, trams, metro, route taxi, taxi, and car sharing.

Note! During the games parking spaces near the arenas will be reserved specifically for people with disabilities. Fans are recommended to use public transport and leave cars at park and ride facilities.

During the 2nd European Games, fans will be able to get to sports venues using public transport. The timetable will be adjusted to reduce the intervals. Apart from that, express shuttles will be deployed in five busiest routes:

  • Nemiga Metro Station – Minsk Arena
  • Academy of Sciences Metro Station- Minsk Arena
  • Pushkinskaya Metro Station – Minsk Arena
  • Avtozavodskya Metro Station – Chizhovka Arena
  • Uruchie Metro Station – Uruchie Sports Palace

To pay for your trip, you can use:

  • Tickets on ground transport (Br0.6 per trip, or Br0.75 if you use an express bus)
  • Tokens in metro (Br0.65 per token)
  • Smart cards (you can use them to purchase trips and/or unlimited passes for one or more types of transport)
  • Contactless payment systems that use an NFC feature (you can use them to purchase trips by metro, buy tickets for Tram Service No. 6 (Serebryanka – Zelyony Lug) and Bus Service No. 300E (Tsentralny Bus Station – Minsk National Airport)

You can purchase tickets, tokens and smart cards at sales outlets located on ground transport stops and in the metro, as well as from drivers on a bus, trolleybus and tram (in this case the fare will be slightly more expensive).

If you use a paper ticket, you should insert it into a validator to stamp the date. If you have a smart card, show it to another validator. If you travel by metro, insert a token into a slot or place your smart card on the validator located on turnstiles.

More about the Minsk metro (payment options, map)

Note! Participants of the 2nd European Games will be able to use public transport (ground transport and metro) in Minsk free of charge provided they have an accreditation card.

Two special passenger hubs have been set up to facilitate transportation of the participants of the games. These are Athletes’ Village (Students’ Village in Minsk) and Gorodskoy Val (near the Nemiga Metro Station). They will be connected by temporary transportation services available only for accredited persons.


You can stay at hotels and hostels in Minsk or hotels and rural estates in Minsk suburbs. Athletes and members of delegations of the participating states will be lodged in the Athletes’ Village and in hotels of Minsk.

Hotels 5*: President Hotel, Hotel d’Europe, Crowne Plaza, DoubleTree by Hilton, Beijing, Buta Boutique Hotel, Renaissance, Marriott

Hotels 4*: Minsk, Victoria, Victoria&SPA, Victoria Olympus Hotel, Gubernsky

Hotels 3*: Belarus, Hotel Yubileiny, Orbita, Hampton by Hilton, Planet, Victoria Na Zamkavay, Bonotel, Voyage, Slavyanskaya, Satellite, Arena, Monastyrski, Garni, Tourist, Willing, Ibb Hotel, Green City Hotel, At the Fountain

Hotels 2*: East Time, IT Time, Zvezda Hotel, 40 Let Pobedy, Akademicheskaya Hotel, Aqua-Minsk Hotel

Economy class hotels: Express, Agat, Almaz, Sport, Gazprom transgaz Belarus and others.

Prices for a hotel room in Minsk range from $15 to $500-600 per night.

The Minsk city authorities and accommodation providers signed a memorandum to cap hotel prices. During the European Games prices shall not increase by more than 10% over the prices as of 1 June 2018 in USD terms.

Restaurants and cafes

Minsk restaurants and cafes will stay open late into the night. Menu is available in Russian and English. Payment options include cash or credit cards. Tips are welcome. Most dining places offer dishes of the Belarusian cuisine.

Make sure you try: vereshchaka, machanka, potato babka, draniki, zhur, nalistniki, and cranberry kissel. 

The most interesting cooking traditions of the Belarusians, national recipes and ancient drinks – here.

Shopping in Minsk

GUM, 21 Nezavisimosti Avenue, Oktyabrskaya metro station
TsUM, 54 Nezavisimosti Avenue, Yakuba Kolasa Square metro station
Na Nemige, 8 Nemiga Street, Nemiga metro station
Galleria Minsk, 9 Pobeditelei Avenue, Nemiga metro station
Belarus, 4 Zhilunovicha Street, Partisanskaya metro station
Arena City, 84 Pobeditelei Avenue (opposite Minsk Arena)
Galileo, 6 Bobruiskaya Street, Lenina Square metro station
Zamok, 56 Pobeditelei Avenue (not far from Minsk Arena)
Dana Mall, 11 Mstislavtsa Street, Vostok metro station

Minsk also has a variety of other shopping centers which offer great bargains. Among them are Outleto, Evropa, Nemiga 3, Metropol, Moskovsko-Vensky, Passazh, Siluet, Zerkalo, Impuls, Skala, Globo, Titan, Magnit.

To claim your VAT refund, you need to:

  • make a purchase worth at least Br80 in any Tax Free-labeled store, take the receipt, its copy for the customs bodies and also a special envelope;
  • show the receipt and the product in an undamaged package to the customs bodies and get your Tax Free documents stamped;
  • get your VAT back (except for  excisable goods or VAT-free goods). This can be done at any Belarusbank office on the border (in the Belarusian rubles), or by a noncash transfer to the credit card (after posting your stamped receipt in the envelope).

The Tax Free system in Belarus envisages a 15% refund on the purchase (VAT exclusive), or 12.5% on the sum amount in the receipt.

Nationals of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) are not entitled to have their VAT refunded as there are no customs borders between its member states (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan).

Things to see in Minsk

Minsk is one of the most popular tourist destinations in 2019. Visit the most interesting places, see famous landmarks, and most importantly feel the unique atmosphere of the Belarusian capital. Maybe you will want to return to this hospitable city time and again!

Your MUST SEE list may include:

  • The Minsk Gate is an impressive architectural complex which is located near the Central Railway Station and the Central Bus Station.
  • Independence Avenue is one of the longest city thoroughfares in Europe. It is famous for its architectural ensemble of the 1950s which seeks inclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Victory Square is a tribute to the Great Patriotic War heroes in the very heart of the city.
  • The State Museum of the Great Patriotic War History is the first and the largest museum in the world dedicated to the bloodiest war in the human history.
  • State Flag Square is home to the highest flagpole and beacon and the largest Belarusian flag.
  • The Upper Town (Svobody Square, the Minsk Town Hall) is the historical center of Minsk, the venue of festivals, celebrations, reenactments, and performances.
  • The Trinity Suburb is a famous ancient area by the Svisloch River.
  • The Holy Spirit Cathedral is the main Orthodox church in Minsk.
  • The All Saints Church is a grand modern cathedral and the highest cathedral in Belarus.
  • The Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary is the main Catholic church in Minsk.
  • The Church of Saints Simon and Helen is also known as the Red Church. It was built over a hundred years ago.
  • The Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus is the country’s legendary stage which constantly stuns the audience with new and classical plays and hosts international festivals which draw artists from all over the world.
  • The Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater is another famous stage. The old 19th century theater is named after Belarusian People’s poet Yanka Kupala.
  • The National Art Museum is Belarus’ main art treasury of national and world masterpieces.
  • The National Library of Belarus is on the list of the most unusual buildings in the world.
  • Loshitsa Park with the Loshitsa Estate Museum is one of the most beautiful places in Minsk. It has been home to aristocratic families since the 16th century.
  • The Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is among the largest botanical gardens in Europe in terms of territory and number of species.
  • Komsomolskaya Street is a pedestrian street in the historical center of Minsk, a perfect place for a promenade or a friendly get-together.
  • Oktyabrskaya Street is a former industrial area turned into a hip architectural space famous for its street art and unusual cultural events.
  • Zybitskaya Street is a lively street of restaurants, cafes and bars where Minsk citizens and guests come to party and relax.

More about the most interesting places of Minsk – the Upper Town and the Trinity Suburb, Independence Avenue and the National Library, Orthodox and Catholic cathedrals, theaters and museums, parks and squares.

Minsk Card (Minsk Pass)

Minsk Card allows you to visit museums in Minsk and the suburbs, go on sightseeing tours, and have fun in the aqua park with discounts ranging from 10% to 64%. Minsk Card holders are also free to use services of hotels, restaurants, cafes and shopping centers, rental offices with discounts of 5-20%. VIP and De Luxe Minsk Card packages come bundled with seasonal tickets in the Minsk city transport system.

A special Card of the Guest of the 2nd European Games has been released as part of the Business package (10+6 days/384 hours – Br16.5) and the Premium package (16 days / 384 hours – Br75). The packages do not include seasonal tickets in Minsk public transport.

Money and payment systems

The Belarusian ruble (Br) is the national currency with denominations varying from Br0.01 to Br500. Hotels, restaurants, taxi, and shops take payments only in Belarusian rubles. Banks and currency exchange offices (in hotels, shopping centers, bus and railway terminals) mostly exchange U.S. dollars, euros, and Russian rubles.

Visitors can also pay with plastic cards via the payment systems MasterCard, VISA, Belkart (all banks), UnionPay (Belgazprombank), American Express (BPS-Sberbank), and JCB (Belinvestbank). Payment cards decals can be seen near cash registers in shopping centers and other places.

Currency exchange rates

Communications and Internet

The Belarusian mobile carriers – Velcom | А1, MTS, Life:) – support roaming services and also offer special rates for tourists (you need a passport to sign the contract). Belarus’ international dialing code: +375. Minsk city area code: +37517. In order to call a foreign number from a landline in Belarus, you have to dial 8-10-country code – phone number.

Free Wi-Fi Internet access is available in public catering outlets (bus and railway terminals, shopping centers, cafes, hotels). Over 100 locations in the capital city are connected to the Free Wi-Fi Minsk network.

Internet access is available in metro as well: free Wi-Fi is available at several stations while mobile carriers offer communications services not only on the platforms but also in the tunnels.

Important phone numbers

112 – the single phone number to call emergency services
101 – fire fighters (rescue workers)
102 – police
103 – emergency medical aid
105 – railway service inquiries
114 – bus service inquiries
211 – Minsk National Airport inquiries (regular rates)

Facts About Belarus

There are two official languages in Belarus – Belarusian and Russian. English-speaking volunteers will provide assistance to attendees at sports venues and in fan zones during the 2nd European Games.

More about Belarus:


Visas and Customs Regulations

Citizens of dozens of countries who have tickets to sporting events of the 2nd European Games will be able to enter Belarus visa free on a one-off basis through any border checkpoint in the period from 10 June till 10 July 2019. A tourist will only need a passport, medical insurance (with minimum coverage of €10,000), a ticket to a sporting event (one ticket grants the right to a one-off visa free entry to one person, a ticket should be kept till departure), and money in the amount of at least Br51 (about €21-23 in the equivalent) for every day of stay.

Besides, citizens of more than 70 countries can stay in Belarus without a visa for the period of 30 days provided that they arrive in Belarus and then leave the country through the state border checkpoint at Minsk National Airport. In this case they can arrive and stay in Belarus even without tickets to sporting events of the 2nd European Games.

The list of countries the citizens of which can travel to Belarus without a visa and more information about customs regulations are available here.

Information for visitors and participants of the 2nd European Games is available in a special section on the website of the Belarusian State Border Committee.

Note! In the period from 10 June till 10 July 2019 owners of cars with a technically permissible weight of up to 3,500 kilograms (towed trailers) are exempt from road toll in Belarus.

Embassies and Consulates

Addresses of foreign embassies in Minsk

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