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30 Jun 2019

Belarus Events Calendar: July 2019

International Sand Sculpture Festival in Minsk

Ten famous aritsts from Belarus and Russia reflect on the mysteries of the world of gods, spirits and fantastic characters as they display their works during the 4th sand sculpture festival. The open-air exhibition features many unusual characters. Among them, for example, is the legendary dragon Tsmok and thundering God Pyarun, Wolverine and Iron Man. In the Belarusian mythology they were known long before the popular blockbusters and comics…

When: 1 May - 15 September
Where: Dreamland amusement park, 80 Orlovskaya Street, Minsk

Music and Tourism Season in the Upper Town

The new season kicked off in Minsk’s Upper Town in early May and will be packed with cool events every Saturday until October. The program 2019 includes theatrical performances, themed events, dance performances, workshops, film screenings, orchestral siestas and classical and jazz music concerts… The Upper Town will be busy and noisy during the 2nd European Games not only on weekends: every weekday from 24 till 28 June it will host concerts of youth groups, art groups and street musicians.

When: from May 4
Where: Svobody Square, Upper town, Minsk

National culture festivals in Minsk Upper Town

During the summer season, the Upper Town in Minsk will turn into the most ethnically diverse area of the capital city. Belarusians were the first to showcase their culture and traditions during the Spring Bouquet event on 25 May. The festivals of national diasporas will kick off in Minsk downtown on 1 June. On this day Swedes will arrange a big festival near the City Hall. The headliners of the event will be Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen and Swedish Indie icon Jens Lekman.

1 June, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Swedish Culture
8 June, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Russian Culture
15 June, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Polish Culture
23 June (Sun), 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00  – Day of British Culture
13 July, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Italian Culture
3 August, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Korean Culture
10 August, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Estonian Culture
17 August, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Ukrainian Culture
24 August, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Georgian Culture (Tbilisoba)
31 August, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Armenian Culture
7 September, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Azerbaijani Culture
8 September (Sun), 12:00-17:00 – Day of Moldovan Culture
21 September, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Greek Culture
22 September (Sun), 12:00-17:00 – Day of Israeli Culture
28 September, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Chinese Culture

Where: Minsk Upper Town

New show at Belarusian State Circus

The Belarusian State Circus is kicking off the summer season with the new show Ole-Ole-Ole Parade. The show will feature artists of the Yuri Nikulin Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and will boast an amazing array of acts, well-trained animals and the best clowns. The audience will be treated to a breathtaking performance from equilibrists, contortionists, a trapeze artist with a ball, dogs riding skateboards and bicycles. The spectacular will also include the act Wedding featuring contortionists and a wonderful performance by a young artist walking down the rope in pointes. The star of the show will be prominent tamer Sergei Nesterov and his white tigers.

When: 14 June –11 August
Where: Belarusian State Circus, Minsk

Exhibition “Kazimir Malevich and the 21st Century”

The exhibition “Kazimir Malevich and the 21st Century” in the National Center for Contemporary Arts is dedicated to the interplay between folk and modern Belarusian art. The main item of the exhibition will be the painting “Man with a Shovel” that is attributed to Kazimir Malevich. The exhibition will also feature paintings and graphics of 57 Belarusian artists who are following in the footsteps of the famous avant-garde artist: Aleksandr Solovyov, Aleksandr Dosuzhev, Sergei Kiryushchenko, Aleksandr Maley, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Victor Shilko, Zoya Litvinova, Vitaly Chernobrisov, Sergei Krishtapovich and Evelina Krishtapovich, Boris Semiletov and Ivan Semiletov, Leonid Khobotov, and others.

The exhibition will also feature folk arts illustrated with exhibits from the holdings of the Museum of Old Belarusian Culture of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus: national costumes, clay pots, items from wood, and other artifacts.

When: 14 June – 1 September
Where: the National Center for Contemporary Arts, 47 Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk

Exhibition “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait”

The exhibition “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait” of the Jewish Museum London celebrates the iconic singer whose name was announced six times at the Grammy Awards. The exhibition displays not only her Grammy Awards, guitars, and discs but also personal belongings and a collection of family photos. The exhibition in Minsk is a unique event because Belarus is the only CIS country to host this exhibition. After the exhibition, the items will be sent back to Amy Winehouse’s family and other owners. Minsk has been chosen to host the exhibition also because a great great grandfather of the British singer moved to London from Minsk in 1890.

When: 15 June – 31 August
Where: Savicki Art Gallery, 15 Svobody Square, Minsk

Festival Zone of 2nd European Games

The festival zone of the 2nd European Games will keep working after the closing of this large-scale sports event. On 1 July the Dreamland entertainment park will hold a relax day with hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and Smart Body yoga, as well as a wellness coaching on a healthy lifestyle and harmony. On 2 July the festival zone will turn into a real boxing ring featuring athletes that took part in the 2nd European Games, as well as participants from Lithuania and Belarus. Apart from that, there will be several themed zones dedicated to art, national traditions, sport and active leisure, computer games and virtual reality, a children’s playground and a food court.  

When: 1-2 July
Where: Dreamland entertainment park, 80 Orlovskaya Street, Minsk

MuzzicLeto in Botanical Garden

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of a big city, you can visit the Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences. The botanical garden is a perfect place to stand and stare at roses in bloom. The music program features waltzes, polkas and marches by Johann  Strauss performed by the Symphony Orchestra of the Belarusian TV and Radio Company under the baton of Aleksandr Sosnovsky. Apart from that, you will be offered a guided tour around a fancy rose garden and a master class in growing these delicate flowers.

When: 3 July
Where: Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences, Minsk

Bagration Festival

The 13th edition of the Bagration Festival will be held on the Stalin Line on Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus. The participants of the festival will traditionally re-enact the events that happened in June 1944, when a large-scale offensive operation to liberate Belarus from the Nazi invaders took place. This offensive resulted in the near-total destruction of Army Group Center. Taking part in the festival will be re-enactment teams from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czechia and Poland – a total of more than 200 people. The audience will see the war-time military equipment, including the Т-34-76 tank, the SU-76 self-propelled gun, the GAZ-67 four wheel drive military vehicle and the 76-mm divisional gun M1942 (ZiS-3), as well as replicas of German tanks Panzer III and Panzer 38(t). An artillery school and an obstacle course will be arranged for visitors.

When: 3 July
Where: Stalin Line Historical and Cultural Complex, Minsk District

Jazz Nights near Minsk Town Hall

The favorite place of Minsk audiophiles – the outdoor spot near the Minsk Town Hall – will be once again filled with sounds of music. Guests of the Upper Town will be able to listen to jazz tunes on the first Saturday of July. The tunes will be performed by the fourth-generation American musician, who has been recognized the best jazz organist and a singing virtuoso – Joey DeFrancesco. The music night will continue with a family jazz duo from the USA – The Baylor Project.

When: 6 July
Where: Upper City, Minsk

National holiday Aleksandria Gathers Friends

The key theme of the Kupala Night in Aleksandria will be the three years of native land. Folk merrymaking will take place on the bank of the Dnieper River for two days – 6 and 7 July. Participants from seven countries – Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland – will perform on the stage and will show off their skills at a trade fair.

Guests of the festival will be able to go to various entertainment venues: Art of the Young featuring the music performance Fairy-Tale About a Magic Flower, concerts by youth collectives and quests; a zone of circus performances; a workout venue; entertainment rides for the youngest visitors of the Kupala Night.

The busy schedule of the festival will also include the Holiday of Kvass featuring a presentation of a brand drink made to a unique recipe, a book fair and a printing yard, concerts and disco dancing.

The gala concert Made in Belarus will be a large-scale show during the Kupala Night in Aleksandria. It will end with colorful fireworks.

When: 6-7 July
Where: The agrotown of Aleksandria, Shklov District, Mogilev Oblast

International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk

Slavianski Bazaar, a trademark of Vitebsk, has many surprises in store for its guests in 2019. These include visa-free stay from 1 July to 20 July for foreign visitors with a ticket to one event of the arts festival. The opening ceremony and the gala concert will take place at the Summer Amphitheater on 11 July. However, the festival life will be in full swing a few days before the official start. The festival in Vitebsk will traditionally be a star-studded event featuring Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Sofia Rotaru, Kipelov, Surganova and Orchestra, Aleksandr Panayotov, Stas Mikhaylov, Valery Leontiev, Nadezhda Kadysheva and the Golden Ring, Alla Dukhova’s ballet Todes.

The program of the marathon of arts will include the 17th international children’s music contest Vitebsk 2019, the 28th international pop song contest Vitebsk 2019, Theater Meetings, the street festival Seven Winds, a puppet quarter, concerts at the Vitebsk Oblast Philharmonic. The festival in Vitebsk will also include the first edition of the dance battle Dream Dance Fest and a big open-air show at the Victory Square featuring NaviBand, Bez Bileta and J:Mors. The program of the festival will also include the ice show Swan Lake of the professional classical ice ballet from St. Petersburg.

When: 8-17 July
Where: Vitebsk

Military Historical Reenactment Festival Mir 1812

Reenactment of a cavalry battle of 1812 between the Russian army and the Napoleon army will take place in Mir on 13-14 July. The festival will also feature a French courtyard, an arts and crafts fair, and an entertainment zone for children.

When: 13-14 July
Where: town of Mir, Korelichi District, Grodno Oblast

Bring Me the Horizon in Minsk

The band Bring Me the Horizon will come to Minsk with its sixth studio album “Amo”. The album was released in January 2019. Judging by the singles Mantra and Wonderful Life, it will be as successful as the band’s previous albums. Minsk citizens will hear an adrenaline inducing mixture of metal, alternative rock, and electronic music at Chizhovka Arena on 14 July.

When: 14 July
Where: Chizhovka Arena, 19-2 Tashkentskaya Street, Minsk

Ulyotny Fest 2019

This festival is dedicated to the world of aviation and the excitement of flying. The organizers invite guests to fly in a grandfather of rotary-wing aircraft – an autogyro, feel a surge of adrenaline in an open cabin of a trike, or enjoy a bird’s eye view from a basket of a baloon…

When: 14-15 July
Where: Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle, Ozertso village, Minsk District

Thirty Seconds to Mars in Minsk

Actor and charismatic frontman Jared Leto and his band Thirty Seconds to Mars will present their new album “America” in Minsk. The album has already debuted at number two on the Billboard hit parade and has been named most diverse album in the band’s history. The concert will also feature the Belarusian rock band Nizkiz.

When: 15 July
Where: Chizhovka Arena, 19-2 Tashkentskaya Street, Minsk

Our Grunwald 2019

The festival reenacting the Battle of Grunwald will take place in the Dudutki museum complex on 19-21 July. Visitors will witness medieval battles, buhurts (mass knight fights), tournaments of cavalrymen and archers, a storm of a “castle”, take part in master classes, and enjoy good music. The program of the festival includes the open-air concert The Feast After the Battle.

When: 19-21 July
Where: Dudutki museum complex, Pukhovichi District, Minsk Oblast

Susedzi Bike Marathon 2019

Susedzi Bike Marathon 2019 in Augustow Canal invites everyone to enjoy the landscapes of the famous water body in Grodno Oblast. This year’s forum will feature a 7km mini marathon, a 40km half marathon and a 23m fit marathon, ideal both for professionals and amateurs, and also races for children. The main condition for participation is a bike and a helmet.

When: 20 July
Where: Dombrovka Sluice, Augustow Canal, Grodno Oblast

Classic Music at Minsk Town Hall with velcom | A1

The festival of classic music from velcom | A1 is expanding the format to mark its 5th anniversary this year. Concerts will be given in Minsk and three oblast centers: Grodno (Minsk Classic Band), Gomel and Brest (Art Music Orchestra). Performing in the Belarusian capital will be the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus (20 July) and the Zhinovich National Academic Folk Orchestra of Belarus (27 July).

When, where:
20 and 27 July, 3,10, 17, 31 August – Upper Town, Minsk
3 July – Lenina Square, Gomel
3 July – Gilibert Park, Grodno
28 July – Lenina Square, Brest

Viva Braslav Open Air 2019

The festival is dubbed as the main music weekend of the country’s north-west. The open air event traditionally takes place on the bank of Lake Drivyaty. Visitors of Viva Braslav Open Air 2019 will be treated to concerts on a number of stages, the country’s biggest camping site, competitions, entertainment shows and headliners such as GRUPPA SKRYPTONITE, W&W, Lyapis 98, T-Fest, and Tima Belorusskikh.

When: 26-27 July
Where: Braslav, Vitebsk Oblast

Big-Mini-Festival of Street Art in Grodno

The festival of street art in Grodno will gather artists of different genres from Belarus, Poland, Russia, and Lithuania. The old city will become a huge festive venue featuring musicians, artists, actors and fire-show performers. 

When: 27 July 
Where: Grodno

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