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Chizhovka Arena

Chizhovka Arena is Belarus' second biggest sports facility (after Minsk Arena). Chizhovka Arena was built for the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship that will take place in Minsk in May 2014. This is not only one of the largest sports facilities in the country but is also a multipurpose complex for active leisure and entertainment. 

During the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Chizhovka Arena hosted 30 matches, including two quarterfinals.


Project of Chizhovka ArenaThis multifunctional sports and entertainment complex is located in the southeastern part of Minsk in a picturesque nook of the park named after the 900th anniversary of Minsk.

The facility was designed by Marat Grodnikov. The arena resembles two drops of water flowing into each other. This modern building from glass and metal fits well into the landscape of the Chizhovka Water Reservoir.

The 10th Christmas Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament, Belarus vs FranceChizhovka Arena was officially inaugurated on 25 December 2013. In January 2014 it hosted the first big event – the 10th Christmas Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament for the prizes of the Belarusian President.

Today it is a multipurpose facility meant for top sports competitions and major entertainment events, training sessions and leisure time, as well as shopping.

Besides, Chizhovka Arena is the home ground of HC Yunost-Minsk.


The complex was built taking into consideration the world’s best practices and the standards of the International Ice Hockey Federation. The arena features:

  • Big Arena (total area is 39,073.27 m²)
  • Small Arena (19,452 m²)
  • The connecting zone (9,344 m²) which hosts a leisure and entertainment center.

Big Arena

Big ArenaThe Big Arena is used for hockey tournaments, figure skating and short track skating competitions. If necessary, the arena is transformed to host competitions in team sports, martial arts, weightlifting and gymnastics, and also exhibitions, concerts and shows.

The ice rink (30x60m) with a portable board system was modeled on the NHL arenas. Thanks to cushioned boards the risk of injury to hockey players is lowered.

The capacity of the arena is 8,807. There are also 43 VIP lounges for 500 seats.

There are roundabout galleries (balconies) at each floor, which are used as observation platforms.

The Big Arena has 2 locker rooms with the exit to the ice rink, 5 locker rooms with adjacent premises, an equipment center, a doping control station and a first-aid point, and a special office equipped with a video goal judge system.

Small Arena

HC Yunost-MinskThe Small Arena is designed for professional training and competitions, and for amateur ice skating.

In addition to the ice rink, the arena has 15 locker rooms for junior hockey teams, a rehabilitation and wellness center (with 3 saunas), 2 sports halls and administrative offices.

Thanks to bleachers (moving stands) the arena can accommodate up to 1,000 visitors.

The Small Arena has a universal sports gym (30х72m) for training and competitions as well as practice rooms, fitness and aerobics halls.


The recreational zone of the complex features:

  • a press center (100 persons)
  • 2 conference halls (for 50 and 70 persons)
  • 2 video review halls
  • e-library
  • a payment processing office
  • restaurants with a picturesque view on the Chizhovka Water Reservoir
  • cafes and mini-bars

The arena also boasts Minsk’s biggest cultural and entertainment center which includes saunas, an amusement arcade, and a bowling and billiards club.
There is a big shopping mall on the Chizhovka Arena’s third floor featuring stores of Belarusian brands, pavilions of big department stores of Minsk, boutiques. There are also kiosks offering souvenirs, including those with the IIHF World Championship logo.

To reach the shopping mall, customers can use a separate entrance through the towers.

Chizhovka Arena has been designed as a comfortable facility for athletes and spectators. One of the architectural novelties is a possibility to reach the upper level without crossing the lower one. The entrance to the stands is available from the ground and fourth floors. There is a special elevator for people with disabilities.

The building has a unique system of air conditioning: fresh air is delivered under the seats of the stands, which keeps the hall warm.

How to get there

Chizhovka Arena is located at 19 Tashkentskaya Street. To get there you can take:

  • buses 59 and 22 from Avtozavodskaya metro station
  • trolley buses 16, 17, 26, 92 from Avtozavodskaya metro station
  • route taxis 1212 in the direction of the Chizhovka neighborhood

Chizhovka Arena has a parking lot for 2,000 vehicles (215 places for VIP guests). It also has a special covered parking space for the unloading of stage equipment.

Near the sports complex there is a three-star Arena Hotel that can accommodate around 200 people.  

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