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30 Sep 2013

Belarus Events Calendar: October 2013

International music festival "Golden Hit" in MogilevInternational music festival "Golden Hit" in Mogilev

Slutsk Belts exhibition

Slutsk Belts exhibitionSlutsk belts are a Belarusian relic famous all over the world. These belts were created in the 18th-19th centuries at manufactories, the most famous of which was the one located in Slutsk and belonging to the Radziwill family. The belts were made to an intricate technology using silk, gold and silver threads. Back then they were part of a men’s costume being the evidence of power and wealth of their owner. Four belts will be exhibited, all dating to the late 18th to early 19th century and loaned by the Lviv History Museum. Other exhibits worth seeing are portraits of the Belarusian gentry dated by the 18th-19th centuries.

When: 8 May 2013 – 18 April 2014
Where: Minsk, National History Museum
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"Resurgent Pictures" by Andrei Smolyak

"Resurgent Pictures" by Andrei SmolyakAn unusual art gallery has been arranged on the fence along Chelyuskintsev Park in Minsk. An extravagant Belarusian artist Andrei Smolyak and his wife Olga presented a project “Resurgent Pictures” depicting famous artists, athletes, businessmen and politicians as characters of Andrei Smolyak’s works. The project was materialized with the help of a team of professionals – designers, costume artists, make-up artists, decorators and photographers. The revived pictures portray famous Belarusian personalities, including Maxim Mirnyi, Darya Domracheva, Angelica Agurbash, Anatoly Yarmolenko, director Andrei Kureichik, Belarusian stars of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest… The artist has plans to depict Monica Belucci, supermodel Yekaterina Domankova and famous athletes.

When: 26 May-November 2013
Where: Chelyuskintsev Park, Minsk

Australian circus show "Magic Ice" in Minsk

"Magic Ice" in MinskFor several months the Belarusian State Circus will host the Australian grand show "Magic Ice". The audience will see the international team of professionals: repeated world figure skating champions from New Zealand, Australia and Canada. The program also includes the most spectacular circus performances: Domina Magic (Italy), a Chinese circus show, contortion (Canada), taming parrots (Russia), and an aerial acrobatics show (Belarus).

Where: Belarusian State Circus, Minsk
When: 7 September  2013 – 12 January 2014

Orthodox World. The Image of Christ in the Iconography of Eastern Europe expo

Orthodox World. The Image of Christ in the Iconography of Eastern Europe expoAn international expo celebrates the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia and continues the 2008 anniversary exhibition "Orthodox Icon of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus", which has been a great success in Moscow, Kiev and Minsk. The exposition features over 100 unique icons of the 15th-early 19th centuries from the funds of the leading museums of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and Serbia. Visitors will see masterpieces of Slavic Orthodox iconography which portraits the main events from Christ’s life in various iconographic variants…

When: 17 September – 5 December
Where: Minsk, National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus

Roy Young in Minsk

Roy Young in MinskLegendary jazz, blues and soul singer Roy Young has performed on the world’s best stages alongside with outstanding James Brown, Ray Charles, Billy Cobham, Bil Sheppard, Dianne Reeves, the American Big-Band Orchestra. Roy Young has revived blues as a music genre to continue its traditions in Europe and the U.S. The singer’s repertoire includes the music of the 1950s-1990s varying from jazz mainstream to blues and funk. He sings songs of the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Ray Charles. In Belarus the singer will perform world’s hits such as Hoochie Coochie Man, Hit the Road, Jack, Blue Moon, My Way, What a Wonderful World, Over the Rainbow, I Feel Good. JAZZinMINSK quartet will perform together with the legendary jazzman in Minsk.

When: 1 – 2 October
Where: Minsk, Palace of the Republic

8th Yuri Bashmet International Festival in Minsk

8th Yuri Bashmet International Festival in MinskOne of the brightest music events in the life of the Belarusian capital will traditionally gather prominent contemporary artists and young talented musicians. Irreplaceable creative mastermind of the festival is the world’s top violist, People’s Artist of Russia, USSR and Russian State Award holder Yuri Bashmet. People Artist of Russia Konstantin Khabensky will recite poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky at the opening ceremony of the festival to the music of the chamber orchestra Soloists of Moscow. The program of the festival will also include concerts of the world’s best musicians: Krzysztof Penderecki and Andres Mustonen, Nikolai Lugansky, Maxim Vengerov, Rostislav Krimer. Classic music lovers will be treated to many surprises and unusual combinations of different types of art in the projects "Classics Meets Jazz", "Classics Meets ROCK!", "Music and Circus”

When: 2 – 12 October
Where: Minsk, Belarusian State Philharmonic Hall
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International sport competition Dragonwinch Merlin Trophy 2013

Dragonwinch Merlin Trophy 2013Merlin Trophy is an off-road race in cars with its participants having to overcome a number of serious obstacles such as swamped areas, river fords and old roads. The extreme race route crosses Olmansky swamps, which represent Europe’s largest collection of raised moors, transition moors and lowland moors in its pristine state. Apart from that, visitors will be able to take a tour of historical places of interest in the Polesie area, get familiar with the way of life of the locals and enjoy the nature, which has been left untouched by man.

When: 4–6 October
Where: Olmansky swamps, the village of Tereblichi, Stolin District, Brest Oblast

Minsk fashion week – MSK Fashion Week

MSK Fashion WeekOne of the most impressive events of the fashion industry will gather representatives of brands and fashion houses, apparel designers, stylists, and experts not only from Belarus but from the world’s top fashion countries, namely France, Italy, and the UK. The forum will feature collections by Belarusian and foreign designers of the spring-summer 2014 season, business negotiations, lectures, seminars, master classes, exhibitions, and presentations…

When: 8–12 October
Where: Moscow House, Minsk

International music festival Golden Hit 2013

Golden Hit 2013The festival Golden Hit is the hallmark of Mogilev, which became a cultural capital of Belarus and the CIS in 2013. The musical forum will gather popular performers and music bands from 11 countries: Belarus, Russia, Israel, Estonia, Cuba, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, and the USA. The festival offers a really versatile program: evenings full of chanson, a retro concert Musical Golden Rain, a concert by world and Belarusian jazz stars including famous vocalist Cleve Douglas and musician Stanley Jordan, a concert by Mogilev Oblast performers, an evening full of Carmen opera by the Grand Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus. After a long interval the contest of young performers has been reborn and will focus on hits of the past. The panel of judges will be headed by Honored Artist of Russia Bari Alibasov.

When: 9–13 October
Where: Ice Palace, Mogilev Oblast Culture Palace in the city of Mogilev

8th international conference Business Internet

8th international conference Business InternetThe international forum will gather representatives of well-known Belarusian and foreign companies, who will share their practical experience of doing business in the World Wide Web. Taking part in panel sessions will be employees of the largest Internet companies of Belarus and the CIS: Admitad GmbH, Google Russia, Netpeak, ArtGraphics, MoiSklad. The conference will feature panel sessions, thematic reports, and master classes by Russian and foreign partners in the successful promotion of business projects in the Belarusian Internet space.

When: 10–11 October
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Evening with Ivan Okhlobystin

Ivan OkhlobystinRussian actor, director, screen writer, reporter and clergyman Ivan Okhlobystin, who is known far and wide for starring in the comic TV series Interny, intends to arrange an evening in Belarus to talk about spiritual matters. In his interactive one-man show the artist intends to talk about eternal matters – the man and the meaning of life, love and art, fear and belief. Apart from that, the actor will talk to spectators about what worries them. Anyone can ask a question on Ivan Okhlobystin’s website or directly during the show.

When, where:
11 October – Concert hall Gomel in the city of Gomel
12 October – Concert hall Vitebsk in the city of Vitebsk
17 October – Concert hall Minsk in the city of Minsk

First open air event Center of Europe for families

First open air event Center of Europe for familiesA cooking contest Potato Heaven will be the key event of the unusual celebration. Famous chefs plan to cook the world’s largest dumpling. Guests will also be treated to an interesting entertainment program: an exhibition of over 30 potato varieties and a demonstration of the art object Sphere of Europe, master classes from famous chefs of European cuisine restaurants, a show by skating acrobats, tumblers and fencers, and a unique equestrian show Kavalkada. Visitors will be able to see talismans and personal belongings of well-known Belarusians, try riding a horse or mastering an ultra modern game geocaching

When: 12 October
Where: The national center for Olympic equestrian sports and horse breeding center, Ratomka, Minsk District

19th International Wild Boar Hunting Championship

19th International Wild Boar Hunting ChampionshipMajor hound competitions are held every year at the farm which belongs to one of the most famous breeders of Russo-European and West Siberian Laikas in Eastern Europe, USSR champion and record-setter of the 1982 World Weightlifting Championships Alexander Borisyonok. Dog owners from different countries come to Belarus to decide whose hound is the best. The rules of the competition are designed in the way so as to put dogs in a real situation: wild boars are temporarily placed in the fenced open-air cages, while a bear is tied with the chain which moves freely along a wire cable. Dogs go hunting alone and in pairs and their performance is evaluated by a panel of judges…

When: 12-13 October
Where: the estate Borisyonok A.K., village Litusovo, Senno District, Vitebsk Oblast

Scorpions in Minsk

Scorpions in MinskOne of the most famous rock bands who have sold over 100 million copies of their albums will come to Belarus again. The Scorpions will throw a concert in Minsk as part of their farewell tour together with the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus led by Viktor Babarikin. Legendary musicians will perform both new songs from their album Comeblack released in November 2011 as well as their most famous hits. With this concert the band would like to express their gratitude to the fans for their devotion. Music enthusiasts will be able to appreciate the magic interweaving of rock and symphonic motifs at Belarus’ main concert venue.

When: 19 October
Where: Minsk Arena

Braslav Spinning 2013

Braslav Spinning 2013The international sports fishing competition Braslav Spinning brings together fishing enthusiasts and those who like outdoor activities. Traditional participants of the tournament will be Belarus, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania. Anyone who likes fishing and has a boat and rescue equipment can apply for participation. The event will include fish soup tasting and various contests. The winners will be decided in such nominations as “The heaviest catch,” “The youngest amateur fisherman,” “The biggest catch” and others.

When: 19 October
Where: water basins of the national park Braslav Lakes, Braslav District, Vitebsk Oblast

20th international expo Tourism Business 2013

20th international expo Tourism Business 2013About 100 tour operators and companies from Belarus, the CIS and other countries will take part in the biggest Belarusian tourism forum. The international expo will allow professionals and tourists to get familiar with new areas of the national and foreign tourism (recreational, family, hunting and children’s tourism and others), new sports and tourist equipment and services relating to insurance and tourism safety.

When: 23-25 October
Where: the national exhibition center BelExpo, Minsk

Tomas de Madrid’s Theater Flamenco comes to Minsk

Tomas de Madrid’s Theater Flamenco comes to MinskFlamenco, a mixture of Spanish and Gypsy dance culture, has acquired great popularity all over the world charming people with freedom, passion, rhythms and original dresses. Tomas de Madrid’s theater is going to stage an unforgettable show on the Belarusian stage, loaded with emotions and a combination of songs and dances performed by professional artists. The program includes traditional flamenco dances such as alegrias, solea, tarantos, sevillanas, siguiriya, farruca and famous tango.

When: 25 October
Where: the concert hall Minsk

Mylene Farmer’s concert in Minsk

Mylene Farmer’s concert in MinskMylene Farmer, one of the most famous performers of our time, holds the record for the most number one hits in the French charts with six of her albums reaching Diamond status. During her tour Timeless 2013 the singer will perform in the Belarusian capital, which will be her first visit to Minsk. She will present her new album Monkey Me co-written with Laurent Boutonnat. The album marks the revival of the most successful tandem in the history of the French pop music. The audience is promised a magnificent and astonishing show with synchronized video and sounds and a great number of special effects.

When: 27 October
Where: Minsk Arena, Minsk

Moscow Music Hall in Minsk

Moscow Music Hall in MinskAs part of its international tour, Moscow Music Hall will present a spectacular dance show Faerie Revue in Belarus. A team of renowned Italian designers created the stage-sets and decorations for the show. The costumes of the artists are decorated with feathers, rare gems, hand-made embroidery and motifs. Over 40 artists involved in the show will reconstruct the atmosphere of a Russian village, a Paris cabaret, a carnival in Rio and a passionate tango in the streets of Buenos Aires.

When: 27, 30 October
Where: Minsk Concert Hall, Minsk

Cuban show Passion de Buena Vista in Minsk

Cuban show Passion de Buena Vista in MinskThe most talented Cuban vocalists, dancers and musicians will bring their flamboyant and passionate show Passion de Buena Vista to Minsk. The visitors will be able to take a dip in the unforgettable atmosphere of Cuban nights, with catchy rhythms of the national music playing in the streets of Havana.

When: 29 October
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Alexander Vasiliev in Minsk

Alexander Vasiliev in MinskAlexander Vasiliev is the world-famous Russian and French fashion historian, stage designer, art expert, writer and columnist, honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts and host of the Fashion Verdict show. Alexander Vasiliev will come to Minsk with a lecture “I am trendy, modern fashion trends”. The audience will hear a fascinating story about the history of fashion, outstanding couturiers and fledgling designers, international top models and fashion icons of various times. The maestro will answer questions about himself and modern fashion trends, and reveal some secrets of the fashion industry.

When: 29 October
Where: MAZ Community Center, Minsk

Leonid Yakobson’s ballet Spartak in Minsk

Leonid Yakobson’s ballet Spartak in MinskThe famous Leonid Yakobson State Academic Ballet Theater of Saint Petersburg will present the Spartak ballet, a renewed version of one of the most famous ballets of the maestro. The legendary choreographer defined the ballet as “the scenes from Roman life”. Battles of gladiators, marches of  legionaries, feasts and orgies of the Roman elite, festivals of ordinary people and the rebellion of slaves fuse into the single canvas of the everyday life of Ancient Rome. For the first time in the history of ballet, Leonid Yakobson dropped traditional canons and staged the performance using “free movements” dressing the artists in tunics and sandals instead of pointes.

When: 31 October
Where: National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus, Minsk

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