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30 Apr 2019

Belarus Events Calendar: May 2019

Belarus Events Calendar: May 2019

Salvador Dali exhibition in Minsk

Thanks to founder of the collection and president of the Salvador Dali company Beniamino Levi, who worked with the Spanish surrealist in the 1960s, Minsk residents will see an exposition of more than 100 artworks created by Dali. The collection includes sculpture, graphics, jewelry, decorative and applied art.

When: 16 March – 30 June 
Where: National Art Museum, Minsk

Andy Warhol’s screenprints Endangered Species

The exhibition of king of pop art Andy Warhol is on show in Belarus for the first time. The American artist’s series of screenprints “Endangered Species” portrays animals which population is dwindling. Experiments with colors and Andy Warhol’s unusual technique increases people’s awareness of the dangers the animal world is facing. 

When: 22 March – 19 May 
Where: Libra exhibition hall, Minsk

Marvelous House circus show

The Belarusian State Circus is going to mark its 60th birthday with a new show, Marvelous House. The show will feature trampoliners, strongmen, trapeze artists and clowns. The audience will also see bears riding skateboards, horses, coatis and sea lions.

When: 5 April – 19 May
Where: Belarusian State Circus, Minsk

Japanese Culture Week 2019 in Belarus

Japan Spring will delight Minskers with a packed program. Fans of the Japanese culture will have an opportunity to learn more about traditional Japanese clothing kimono, attend an open-air tea ceremony (nodate) with special guest Yuko Katsura, a master, professor of the tea ceremony school Urasenke, and to enjoy the ballet “Cherry Orchard” in the Musical Theater. The event will wrap up with the the first Shogi tournament for the Cup of the Japanese Ambassador.

When: 30 April  6 May
Where: Sendai Garden, House of Friendship, Belarusian State Academic Musical Theater, Minsk

Nikolai Drozdov in Minsk

A popular TV presenter, scientist, Doctor of Biology, traveler and writer Nikolai Drozdov is known for his TV program “In The World of Animals” and numerous documentaries about nature. At the soiree evenning in Minsk he will share interesting facts about nature, personal observations and discoveries, reflections on the origin of the universe and the Earth.

When: 1 May
Where: Trade Unions Palace of Culture, Minsk

Minsk Design Week

The festival will run across more than a dozen sites in the historic heart of Minsk, the Upper Town, and will bring together artists, designers, architects, dancers, actors and musicians. The festival will feature more than 40 teams from Russia, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Armenia, France, England, Ireland, Spain, Finland, Israel, Brazil, and China. The program includes lectures, presentations, performances, master classes, expositions of hardscaping and installations.

When: 110 May
Where: Upper Town, Minsk

Waterland Circus

The Waterland Circus is a fairytale of light and music fountains, with the biggest one reaching 19 meters high. The show will feature an aqua ballet and a breathtaking laser performance with the use of 170 tonnes of water. Guests will visit a pirate ship, get familiar with clumsy bears-boatswains, watch a fight between an alligator and a human being and see a fire show.

When, where:

1–5 May – Ice Palace, Vitebsk
9–12 May – Ice Palace of Sports, Grodno
16–19 May – Ice Palace, Brest
22 May – Ice Palace, Molodechno
26 May – Ice Palace, Lida
30 May – 2 June – Ice Palace, Mogilev

Andrei Sagalov’s exhibition Steel, Wood & Bone

Steel, Wood & Bone is a new exhibition of sculptor Andrei Sagalov. The exposition features images of courageous soldiers. These are portrait wooden sculpture, plastic arts of elk horns and sea-cow tusks, decorated handles and grips. The sculptor was inspired by German wooden sculpture of the late Gothic and early Renaissance periods.

When: 1–14 May
Where: National History Museum, Minsk

Nino Katamadze in Minsk

Outstanding Georgian jazz singer and composer Nino Katamadze is known for her unique voice and charisma. Last year Nino Katamadze took part in the Minsk Tbilisoba in the Upper Town. This time, together with the band Insight, the Georgian singer will present her program 20 Years of Music and Love.

When: 2 May
Where: Prime Hall, Minsk

Andrei Makarevich in Minsk

Leader of the famous rock band Mashina Vremeni Andrei Makarevich has been playing jazz for fifteen years already. Over the time he has taken part in numerous concerts that mixed up wind bands and several soloists. As part of his new project Yo5 the singer will perform Mashina Vremeni’s best hits in Minsk. He will be joined on stage by only four musicians: Yevgeniy Borets (piano), Sergey Khutas (double-bass), David Tkebuchava (drums) and Timur Nekrasov (wind instruments).  

When: 2 May
Where: Minsk Concert Hall, Minsk

Mass Media in Belarus expo

The major international forum will gather 100 exhibitors representing about 500 printed mass media, TV and radio channels from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Turkey, India, China… This year’s expo will feature presentations, autograph sessions, workshops, flash mob actions, meetings, discussions, roundtables, and a ceremony to award winners of the Belarusian printed mass media contest Zolotaya Litera (Golden Letter).

When: 2–4 May
Where: BelExpo national expo center, Minsk

Moscow Luna Theater in Minsk

Founded by the famous actor Sergei Prokhanov, the Moscow state Luna Theater will come to Minsk for a road tour for the first time. The artists will show the best productions in their repertoire. The play Dali and the Spanish Queen from Kazan will tell a story about the fate of the eccentric Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali and his wife and muse Gala. The play Learomania will present a musical panorama of the life of one medieval ruler inspired by ancient legends and William Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear.

When, where:

3 May – Dali and the Spanish Queen from Kazan – Minsk Concert Hall
4 May – Learomania – Minsk Concert Hall

International festival Dudarsky Rei in Glubokoye

The third festival Dudarsky Rei will gather the best pipe players from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Croatia, and Macedonia in Glubokoye. The forum will begin with an improvisation involving all participants of the festival in the lane of famous compatriots near the portrait sculpture of Ignat Buinitsky, the founder of the Belarusian professional theater. After that a procession of pipe players will travel to the town of Podsvilye. Participants of the festival will get the listeners familiar with the tunes of their countries on the bank of Lake Plissa in the evening.

When: 3–5 May
Where: Towns of Glubokoye and Podsvilye, Vitebsk Oblast

Yurye rite in Strochitsa

Yurye is one of the most respected holidays in the folk calendar. The legend says that on this day peasants would go to examine their fields while singing and eating ritual food. They believed that Saint Yuri (George the Victorious in the church calendar) was a patron of shepherds, this is why the first grazing of domestic cattle is also connected with this holiday. Guests of the outdoor museum will be able to listen to ritual songs, will learn how to make miniature charms in the form of horses, will learn about the holiday’s traditions and will see a Saint Yuri icon…

When: 4 May
Where: Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle, the village of Ozertso, Minsk District

Healthy Lifestyle Fest in Ozertso

Strochitsy will host a fest dedicated to healthy lifestyle. The program includes strongmen performances, relay races, competitions in beach volleyball, arm-wrestling and tug of war, lasertag tournament, and a workout workshop. Guests of the fest will also be able to take part a healthy cooking contest, go on a tour of the only open-air ethnographic museum in Belarus, and visit a fair of arts and crafts.

When: 5 May
Where: Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle, the village of Ozertso, Minsk District

Bright Festival in Minsk

In the run-up to the 2nd European Games Minsk 2019, Dinamo Stadium will host a grand concert which is expected to attract over 20,000 spectators. The headliners of the festival will include J:Морс band, Ляпис 98 band, Kasta band, and Svetlana Loboda. Apart from the show itself, spectators will be able to visit sports grounds, photo zones, workshops, food-courts and to talk to Belarusian athletes.

When: 11 May
Where: Dinamo Stadium, Minsk

5th Minsk International Cycling Carnival “Viva Rovar”

The largest cycling carnival in Belarus “Viva Rovar” will be held  in Minsk for the 5th time and will bring together hundreds fans of active lifestyle and cycling. The organizers offer participants to compete in five nominations: SPORT, SUPERFUN, FAMILY, and LIFE. A procession of cyclists will go up Pobediteley Avenue from Minsk Hero City Stele to Minsk Arena and back.

When: 12 May
Where: Minsk

Yevgeny Grishkovets: Farewell to Paper

Golden Mask, Triumph, and Anti-Booker award winner, renowned playwright, stage director, actor, and writer Yevgeny Grishkovets returns to Minsk with a new performance. The one-man show Farewell to Paper (co-authored with Russian stage director Pavel Sudakov) tells about books, newspapers, maps, and letters which are gradually becoming obsolete, taking familiar sensations and emotions with them…

When, where:

13 May Central House of Officers, Minsk
15 May Gomel Oblast Drama Theater, Gomel

Tarja Turunen in Minsk

Tarja Turunen is a lyric soprano with a vocal range of two and a half octaves and a star of the Finnish rock band Nightwish. In two years after leaving the band in 2007, the singer recorded her solo album My Winter Storm which topped music charts and was nominated for Echo Music Prize and six Emma awards. Tarja Turunen’s 2010 album What Lies Beneath was also a success. According to the singer, the album was her reflection as a woman, an artist, a happy and independent person.

When: 14 May
Where: Prime Hall, Minsk

Golshany Castle medieval culture festival

The festival of medieval culture which will mark the 10th anniversary this year will take place near Golshany Castle, the legendary estate of the Sapiehas family. The festival will feature knights and cavalry tournaments, archers’ competitions, medieval dance lessons, historical reenactment shows. The festival will finish with a concert of Belarusian folk bands and a fireworks.

When: 1530 May
Where: agrotown of Golshany, Oshmyany District, Grodno Oblast

Retro Minsk festival of vintage cars

The spectacular exposition Retro Minsk will bring together collectors and lovers of vintage cars from all over Belarus and other countries. It will feature rare cars of such manufacturers as Cabrio, Ford, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Mercedes, VAZ, UAZ, Volga, Chaika… A car parade will go through the city and stop at big squares so that visitors could take a closer look and make photos of those cars.

When: 1719 May
Where: State Flag Square – Victory Square – Oktyabrskaya Square

He is in Argentina play

“Real-life comedy” based on the play by Lyudmila Petrushevskaya “He is in Argentina" tells the story of a love triangle which involves two women who accidentally met in a health resort: intelligent and sleek heroine played by Tatyana Vasilyeva and simple-minded, optimist by Yelena Vorobey...

When, where:

15 May Palace of Railwaymen, Gomel
16 May Brest regional social and cultural center, Brest
17 May Minsk Concert Hall, Minsk
18 May Grodno regional drama theater, Grodno

Artist and the City project

An open-air exposition will introduce Minskers and residents of Brest to the art of Zoya Litvinova and Zoya Lutsevich. The exhibition in Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk will be colocated with the events dedicated to the Night of Museums and the World music Day.

When, where:

From 16 May Yakub Kolas Square, Minsk
From 6 September Brest

Phoenix 2019 Fire Festival

Sparkling performances by “true firebenders”, a dazzling pyrotechnics show, live music, interactive entertainment for everyone… Do not miss the Phoenix 2019 Fire Festival which will be held at Lida Castle for the 2nd time.

When: 18 May
Where: Lida Castle, Lida

Night of Museums 2019 in Belarus

The traditional Night of Museums will take place in Belarus on 18 May. Belarus’ major museums will stay open after sunset to display their exhibits in a different light. Every museum tries to surprise their visitors. Last year, the National Art Museum fascinated with the Shape of Color exhibition, while the National History Museum featured illustrations to Dante’s Divine Comedy that looked as though they had stepped down from Dali’s outstanding works.

When: 18-19 May
Where: museums of Belarus


The Splean band will celebrate the new album Opposite Lane with a new majestic show. The album includes 11 songs, one of which – the Home heat song – was named the centerpiece of the album by lead singer Alexander Vasilyev. Splean will perform their new songs, different in mood and atmosphere but united by the main idea, in Prime Hall in Minsk on 22 May and in Gomel Public Cultural Center on 24 May.

When and where:

22 May Prime Hall, Minsk
24 May Gomel Public Cultural Center, Gomel

Big Stand Up: Viktor Komarov, Nurlan Saburov, Stas Starovoytov, Aleksei Shcherbakov

A big spring concert from the Stand Up show residents will be held in Minsk on 24 May. Four famous comedians – Viktor Komarov, Nurlan Saburov, Stas Starovoytov, Aleksei Shcherbakov – will cheer Minsk up with witty jokes and funny scenes from life.

When: 24 May
Where: Minsk Concert Hall, Minsk

Brest Bike Festival International

Brest Bike Festival International is a long-awaited event for bikers all over the CIS and Europe. This is the country’s best bikers’ festival and a recognized motor tourism event in the CIS. The headliner of the 2019 Brest Bike Festival International is the Belarusian music band Dai Darogu that will mark its 20th anniversary at the forum. 

When: 24–26 May
Where: Brest

Vulitsa.Ezha festival in Grodno

A large-scale urban picnic Vulitsa.Ezha will take place in Grodno on 25-26 May. The program will feature more than 60 dishes from the best Minsk and Grodno catering facilities, live music, a culinary school, a market with local cuisine, arts and crafts, film screening, and the kids’ zone Mamslyot.

When: 25-26 May
Where: Neman Stadium, Grodno

Lady Fest in Minsk

A major city event dedicated to the fair sex with multiple activities – from beauty and relax zones to educational and charity zones. The intensive program of the festival also includes workshops on modern art, business training sessions, and multiple lectures, which will begin in May to last till the end of the month.

When: 25-26 May
Where: Dipservice Hall, Minsk

Military reenactment One Day from the Life of a Partisan Unit

The annual military history reenactment in the Khovanshchina Memorial invites you to spend 25 May getting intimately familiar with the life of a partisan unit. You will be able to see how defenders of the motherland prepared for combat and fought. You are also invited to sample wartime kasha and tea from forest herbs.

When: 25 May
Where: Khovanshchina Partisan Glory Memorial, the village of Korochin, Ivatsevichi District, Brest Oblast

Surganova & Orchestra

Surganova & Orchestra will come to Belarus bringing a jubilee program dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the rock band, which boasts an unusual ability to combine the incongruous, top the charts, and remain truly unique and inimitable. It is not surprising because Surganova & Orchestra’s track record including a rock music album, performances with a string quartet in a philharmonic, and disco remixes…

Where, When:

29 May – Brest Oblast Public and Cultural Center, Brest
30 May – Prime Hall, Minsk
31 May – Mogilev concert hall, Mogilev

Belcanto, a concert by the opera singers Anastasia Moskvina and Oksana Volkova

A solo concert of the internationally famous Belarusian opera singers Anastasia Moskvina and Oksana Volkova will take place in the Bolshoi Theater on 30 May. According to Oksana Volkova, Belcanto is more than a style of music. In Italian it means beautiful singing. The concert will feature works, which are rarely performed in Belarus – arias and duets by Italian and French composers from the operas, which are not represented in the Bolshoi Theater. The chief conductor of the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus – maestro Gianluca Marciano – will conduct the orchestra that evening.

When: 30 May
Where: National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk

International arts festival Motley Tulip

The international arts festival Motley Tulip will feature the best performances and artwork of musicians, dancers and artists from Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and Belarus. The Evening with Mikhailovsky, a concert of the chamber orchestra of the Mikhailovsky Theater in Saint Petersburg, will take place on 30 May. An alternative jazz concert featuring one of the most famous jazz singers from Germany Sabina Essich will take place on 2 June. The festival will conclude with the Soar of a Falcon ballet featuring principal performers of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet Theater and performers of the Big Symphony Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theater on 5 June. Artist from Milan Marina Kaminsky will be a special guest of the 2019 Motley Tulip festival.

When: 30 May, 2 June, 5 June
Where: Brest Academic Drama Theater, Brest

HBDS show

Comedy Club stars Garik Kharlamov, Timur Batrutdinov, Demis Karibidis and Andrei Skorokhod will bring their HBDS show to Minsk. The title of the show title is made up of the initial letters of their names or last names. “It is always very hot at our concerts! There we can perform items which are not included in televised versions due to censorship. So, there will be less glamour and gloss in our show,” Garik Kharlamov said.

When: 30 May
Where: Falcon Club, Minsk

Papa Roach band

The legendary American rock band Papa Roach will fill Prime Hall with rampant energy and drive. The band will present its 10th album Who Do We Trust? at the end of May. The music video of the title song passed 2.5 billion views on YouTube. Papa Roach will also perform their best hits at the concert in Minsk.

When: 31 May
Where: Prime Hall, Minsk

Free Couple play

Maria Aronova and Boris Shcherbakov will star in the family comedy Free Couple about an unfaithful husband and his wife.

When: 31 May
Where: Minsk concert hall, Minsk

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