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31 May 2019

Belarus Events Calendar: June 2019

Salvador Dali exhibition in Minsk

Thanks to founder of the collection and president of the Salvador Dali company Beniamino Levi, who worked with the Spanish surrealist in the 1960s, Minsk residents will see an exposition of more than 100 artworks created by Dali. The collection includes sculpture, graphics, jewelry, decorative and applied art.

When: 16 March – 30 June 
Where: National Art Museum, Minsk

Waterland Circus

The Waterland Circus is a fairytale of light and music fountains, with the biggest one reaching 19 meters high. The show will feature an aqua ballet and a breathtaking laser performance with the use of 170 tonnes of water. Guests will visit a pirate ship, get familiar with clumsy bears-boatswains, watch a fight between an alligator and a human being and see a fire show.

When, where:

1–5 May – Ice Palace, Vitebsk
9–12 May – Ice Palace of Sports, Grodno
16–19 May – Ice Palace, Brest
22 May – Ice Palace, Molodechno
26 May – Ice Palace, Lida
30 May – 2 June – Ice Palace, Mogilev

International Sand Sculpture Festival in Minsk

Ten famous aritsts from Belarus and Russia reflect on the mysteries of the world of gods, spirits and fantastic characters as they display their works during the 4th sand sculpture festival. The open-air exhibition features many unusual characters. Among them, for example, is the legendary dragon Tsmok and thundering God Pyarun, Wolverine and Iron Man. In the Belarusian mythology they were known long before the popular blockbusters and comics…

When: 1 May - 15 September
Where: Dreamland amusement park, 80 Orlovskaya Street, Minsk

Music and Tourism Season in the Upper Town

The new season kicked off in Minsk’s Upper Town in early May and will be packed with cool events every Saturday until October. The program 2019 includes theatrical performances, themed events, dance performances, workshops, film screenings, orchestral siestas and classical and jazz music concerts… The Upper Town will be busy and noisy during the 2nd European Games not only on weekends: every weekday from 24 till 28 June it will host concerts of youth groups, art groups and street musicians.

When: from May 4
Where: Svobody Square, Upper town, Minsk

Marc Chagall’s LA BIBLE

Marc Chagall, one of the brightest representatives of the 21st century avant-garde movement, a native of Belarus, learned a new technique of lithography and made a series of works illustrating the events of the Old Testament between 1930 until the end of the Second World War. The exhibition La Bible features 64 works of the great artist accompanied by music and biblical texts and also 24 works from the series “Windows of Jerusalem” which are the sketches of stained-glass windows for the synagogue at the Hadassah hospital in the ancient city.

When: from 21 May
Where: LIBRA exhibition hall, 37 Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk

Artist and the City project

An open-air exposition will introduce Minskers and residents of Brest to the art of Zoya Litvinova and Zoya Lutsevich. The exhibition in Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk will be colocated with the events dedicated to the Night of Museums and the World music Day.

When, where:

From 16 May Yakub Kolas Square, Minsk
From 6 September Brest

International arts festival Motley Tulip

The international arts festival Motley Tulip will feature the best performances and artwork of musicians, dancers and artists from Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and Belarus. The Evening with Mikhailovsky, a concert of the chamber orchestra of the Mikhailovsky Theater in Saint Petersburg, will take place on 30 May. An alternative jazz concert featuring one of the most famous jazz singers from Germany Sabina Essich will take place on 2 June. The festival will conclude with the Soar of a Falcon ballet featuring principal performers of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet Theater and performers of the Big Symphony Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theater on 5 June. Artist from Milan Marina Kaminsky will be a special guest of the 2019 Motley Tulip festival.

When: 30 May, 2 June, 5 June
Where: Brest Academic Drama Theater, Brest

National culture festivals in Minsk Upper Town

During the summer season, the Upper Town in Minsk will turn into the most ethnically diverse area of the capital city. Belarusians were the first to showcase their culture and traditions during the Spring Bouquet event on 25 May. The festivals of national diasporas will kick off in Minsk downtown on 1 June. On this day Swedes will arrange a big festival near the City Hall. The headliners of the event will be Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen and Swedish Indie icon Jens Lekman.

1 June, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Swedish Culture
8 June, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Russian Culture
15 June, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Polish Culture
23 June (Sun), 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00  – Day of British Culture
13 July, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Italian Culture
3 August, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Korean Culture
10 August, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Estonian Culture
17 August, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Ukrainian Culture
24 August, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Georgian Culture (Tbilisoba)
31 August, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Armenian Culture
7 September, 13:00-17:00, 20:30-23:00 – Day of Azerbaijani Culture
8 September (Sun), 12:00-17:00 – Day of Moldovan Culture
21 September, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Greek Culture
22 September (Sun), 12:00-17:00 – Day of Israeli Culture
28 September, 13:00-17:00 – Day of Chinese Culture

Where: Minsk Upper Town

Medieval culture festival in Braslav

The Sward of Brachislav medieval culture festival is named after the founder of Braslav, Prince Bras. Established in 2011, the festival has turned into one of the biggest draws of Braslav District. The program of the festival features knights’ tournaments, master classes in crafts, folk and rock music performances, games and competitions, an archery ground, fireworks and a fire show.

When: 1 June
Where: Castle Hill, Braslav

Water tourism festival Motol Regatta

The famous Motol Regatta invites canoeing and kayaking fans to participate in the opening of a new water tourism season. The fifth festival will begin with competitions of kayak pairs and kayak singles in Sporovo Lake. Apart from water competitions the guests will be treated to an entertainment program: futsal, beach volleyball, darts, trail orienteering, precision kayaking and cycling.

When: 1-2 June
Where: The agrotown of Motol, Ivanovo District and the agrotown of Sporovo, Bereza District in Brest Oblast

The fifth historic reenactment festival Age of Chivalry

The festival Age of Chivalry invites you to travel back in time to the Middle Ages and become a courageous warrior or a fair lady… Guests will be able to see entertaining competitions of iron-clad knights, mass fights (buhurts), jousting tournaments, competitions of halberdiers and archers, performances by medieval musicians, street theaters and dancers. The festival will also feature a knight camp and an arts and crafts fair.

When: 1-2 June
Where: The Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle, the village of Ozertso, Minsk District

Belarusian song and poetry festival Maladzechna 2019

The national festival Maladzechna has been gathering talented singers, musicians, and composers from all over the country in the city of Molodechno (Maladzechna in Belarusian) for nearly 30 years already. This year’s opening ceremony will feature war songs performed by the national academic concert orchestra conducted by Mikhail Finberg. Two rounds of a vocal contest will take place on the first day. Winners will be announced in the evening.

Apart from that, visitors will be able to attend other events: the opening of an exhibition of war front paintings, drawings, and photos, wartime documents, a presentation of the play Yanka Kupala: Life Lit by Lightning Strikes, which is timed to the Year of Native Land, and an art festival. The forum will end with a gala concert of laureates of the eighth contest of young pop song performers Maladzichok 2019 and an art festival Lyanok in the local amphitheater.

When: 7-8 June
Where: The community center and the Summer Amphitheater in Molodechno, Minsk Oblast

Belarus’ Bolshoi Theater Festival at Radziwill Castle

The legendary residence of the Radziwill princes at Nesvizh is kicking off its summer season to celebrate the 200th birthday of one of the founders of the Belarusian national opera, Stanislaw Moniuszko. The traditional open-air festival The Evenings of the Bolshoi Theater at Radziwill Castle will gather a constellation of opera and ballet stars, and welcome numerous fans of classical art. The 2019 forum will feature a variety of symphony and chamber concerts, ballet and opera plays, meetings with actors.

14 June
“Portraits. Klavdiya Shulzhenko”
A concert of Belarus’ Honored Artist Elena Salo
Theater Hall of the Radziwill Castle
Belarusian Capella concert.
Church of Corpus Domini
“Stanislaw Moniuszko. Songs of our Church” concert
Sergey Prokofiev’s ballet Romeo and Juliet
(Valentin Elizariev)
Courtyard of the Radziwill Castle

15 June
“Stanislaw Moniuszko. Songs” concert
Theatre Hall of the Radziwill Castle
Giacomo Puccini’s Tosca
(Mikhail Pandzhavidze).
Courtyard of the Radziwill Castle

16 June
“Through Life with a Song” concert (Serenade String Quintet)
Theatre Hall of the Radziwill Castle
Gala concert featuring leading opera and ballets soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus
Courtyard of the Radziwill Castle

When: 14–16 June
Where: National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve “Nesvizh”, Minsk Oblast

New show at Belarusian State Circus

The Belarusian State Circus is kicking off the summer season with the new show Ole-Ole-Ole Parade. The show will feature artists of the Yuri Nikulin Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and will boast an amazing array of acts, well-trained animals and the best clowns. The audience will be treated to a breathtaking performance from equilibrists, contortionists, a trapeze artist with a ball, dogs riding skateboards and bicycles. The spectacular will also include the act Wedding featuring contortionists and a wonderful performance by a young artist walking down the rope in pointes. The star of the show will be prominent tamer Sergei Nesterov and his white tigers.

When: 14 June –11 August
Where: Belarusian State Circus, Minsk

Tokio Hotel in Minsk

German synthpop and pop rock band Tokio Hotel performed in Belarus for the first time in 2015 and is now coming back with  the Melancholic Paradise tour celebrating their 15th anniversary. The band from Magdeburg shot to fame after releasing their debut album “Devilish” and has since sold over seven million discs and won 160 gold and platinum awards. In Minsk, Tokio Hotel will perform their best songs as well as song from the new album.

When: 15 June
Where: Prime Hall, Minsk

2nd European Games Minsk 2019

In 2019, Minsk will host the biggest European multisport forum  - the 2nd European Games. Over 4,000 athletes from 50 countries will compete to win 199 medal sets in 15 sports (23 events) and to qualify for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The games’ mascot is Lesik the Fox. The forum will run under the motto Bright Year, Bright You. On 3 May, the flame of the European Games was lit in the Ara Pacis Museum which is home to a famous peace altar monument. The Flame of Peace torch relay has brought together several countries and hundreds of torch bearers including outstanding athletes, celebrities, scholars, and politicians. The torch relay will finish at Dinamo Stadium at the opening ceremony of the 2nd European Games on 21 June. The flame will be lit at the stadium as a symbol of peace and victory.

When: 21-30 June
Where: Minsk

Kupalskaye Kola Festival

The international Kupalskaye Kola Festival annually draws fans of Belarusian traditions and folk music. This year, the festival will take place in the only open-air museum in Belarus which is a perfect setting for such an event. The program includes concerts of Tradytsyia band (authenticity and folk) and Kryvia band (folk-metal) at two main stages, a lot of interactive activities, a food court with national cuisine…

When: 21-23 June
Where: Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle, Minsk District

Ballet Summer at Bolshoi

A summer festival at the Bolshoi Theater will coincide with the 2nd European Games in Minsk, the biggest sports event in Europe. Residents and guests of Minsk will have an opportunity to feel the spirit of the cultural life in Minsk. The program of the festival will feature Anastasia, Romeo and Juliet and Swan Lake ballets and many more. Kyiv Modern Ballet under Radu Poklitaru, a former student of Valentin Yelizaryev, will also make part of the Ballet Summer at the Bolshoi.

When: 21-28 June
Where: Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus, Minsk

International open air festival Svyata Sontsa 2019

The summer festival Svyata Sontsa 2019 (the Festival of the Sun) will feature authentic rites and recreate the atmosphere of Kupala, one of the most beautiful and romantic folk holidays in Belarus. The ethnographic complex will be divided into thematic zones: an ethnic ground (rituals, games, wreath weaving), a town of artisans (workshops and master classes), an arts and crafts fair, a tavern (Belarusian cuisine and master classes), a village square (performances of dancers and musicians, street theaters, fakirs, folk dance master classes).

The program will also include a fire festival and an open air concert featuring more than 20 folk bands from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. These include NAVIBAND, Stary Olsa, NYAMIGA, PAWA, Taras na Parnase, IRDORATH, Joryj Kloc, BY CRY, Fabiant. The festival will also feature traditional Kupala rites. People will make wreaths and float them down in the Ptich river to try to predict their future, jump over Kupala bonfires…

When: 22-23 June
Where: Dudutki, Pukhovichi District, Minsk Oblast

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