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30 Jun 2018

Belarus Events Calendar: July 2018

Future LIVE in Minsk

Future LIVE is an amazing space inhabited by heavenly creatures, magical colors and alien plants that are created with the use of modern technologies such as art installation and 3D mapping, interactive visual display, virtual and augmented reality. Visitors will be able to undertake an intergalactic journey,  get familiar with unusual art objects. According to the organizers, the exhibition project is based on the Educatement principles which allows learning in an entertaining way while the interactive multimedia zones teach to interact with the world around us, contribute to creative thinking and stagger the imagination.

When: 15 March - July 2018
Where: Dana Mall, Minsk

The Artist and the City exhibition

The 7th edition of the Artist and the City project will traditionally be focused on the best representatives of modern Belarusian art. This year's draw is the art of famous surrealist Georgy Skripnichenko, who is often referred to as one of the key figures of the national art of the 1950s. In 2005 the University of Cambridge named him The Person of the Year. For the general public this is a unique chance to see the whole collection of the ‘Belarusian Dali’. The artist did not like to exhibit his works. Sometimes he continued to work on some of them for 40 years! The exhibition will travel to Vitebsk from Minsk after the City Day celebrations.

When: 17 May – 8 September
Where: Yakub Kolas Square, Minsk

New program in Belarusian circus

The Belarusian circus invites fans of this amazing art to see the new program “Circus! Circus! Circus!”. It includes spectacular acts in different genres  and features the best Belarusian and Russian artists, winners of international competitions and festivals, among whom are aerialists, contortionists, illusionists, jugglers, clowns, strongmen. A Geely Atlas crossover assembled in Belarus will become the “hero” of the program and part of the spectacular show of strongmen. The show will also involve performing animals: camels, lamas, monkeys, dogs. Presenting the new show, the Belarusian circus said that they are preparing for the 60th anniversary to be marked in 2019. Director of the Belarusian circus Vladimir Shaban announced surprises in the program that will run during the 2nd European Games MINSK 2019.

When: 19 May  - 22 July
Where: Belarusian State Circus, Minsk

Jazz Evenings near the old Minsk Town Hhall

Minsk music lovers and guests from outside the city have come to appreciate the international project Jazz Evenings over the course of five years. It has become a good tradition to go in rays of the setting sun to Svobody Square in order to listen to the best music compositions performed by the world’s best virtuosi. This time the very “heart” of Minsk’s downtown will host three musical evenings. Each is dedicated to a certain kind of music: Latin America jazz, traditions and modernity, only girls in jazz. Musicians from Belarus, Russia, France, Germany, the USA, Israel, and Cuba are expected to perform on the stage near the old city hall. The full list of participants and names of the performers are kept in secret but there is no doubt that everyone, who comes to this outdoor concert venue, will be in for a bright weekend, unforgettable meetings, and only pleasant revelations.

When: 23 June, 30 June and 7 July
Where: Svobody Square, Minsk

Celebrations of national cultures in Minsk’s Upper City

The new tourism season began in the Upper Town in May and a series of festivals meant to demonstrate cultures and traditions of various countries was launched in the first days of summer. There are 15 countries in the spotlight this year: Sweden, Russia, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, South Korea, Ukraine, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Israel, and Azerbaijan and – for the first time ever – Estonia and the UK. Concerts and impressive performances, exhibitions and fairs, national cuisine and beverages are mandatory but, certainly, each country surprises visitors in its own way.

2 June – Swedish Culture Day
9 June – Multiethnic Russia Day
16 June – Great British Festival
21 July – Estonian Culture Day
28 July – Greek Culture Day
4 August – Lithuanian Culture Day
5 August – Polish Culture Day
11 August – Korean Culture Day
18 August – Ukrainian Culture Day
25 August – Italian Culture Day
26 August – Armenian Culture Day
1 September – Georgian Culture Day
– the Tbilisoba Festival (by the way, it was the Georgian culture festival, which began the series of national culture festivals in Minsk’s Upper City in 2015)
15 September – Moldovan Culture Day
16 September – Israeli Culture Day
22 September – Azerbaijani Culture Day

Where: the Upper Town, the historic center of Minsk (Svobody Square, Kirilla and Mefodiya Street, Gertsena Street, Zybitskaya Street)

International motorcycle festival Storm

Timed to the 75th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazi invaders and Independence Day, the country’s first international motorcycle festival invites long-time bikers and novices to take part in extreme competitions. The festival will begin with the motor parade Victory: thousands of bikers will drive as a column bearing flags and banners of army units, which fought during the Great Patriotic War, from the recreation center Olimpiyets to the Nikolai Gastello crew memorial (Radoshkovichi) and backwards. The festival will also feature an extreme show, test drives, master classes, and sport competitions. The festival will culminate in a nightly open air session featuring Belarusian and foreign DJs and a foam party in the open air. The organizers expect about 8,000 visitors, which will be able to use a tent town, interactive zones, a children playground, contests, and lotteries…

When: 30 June – 2 July
Where: The recreation center Olimpiyets, the village of Semkovo, Minsk District

Budslav Fest 2018

Every year thousands of believers embark upon a 537km pilgrimage to Belarus’ national sanctuary – the temple in Budslav – in order to partake in celebrations in honor of the wonder-working Mother of God icon from Budslav. By the way, this major Christian celebration has been nominated for inscription into the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. This year’s Budslav Fest will be dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the coronation of one of Belarus’ most famous relics and to young believers: it will be held under the motto “Young people are the hope of the Roman Catholic Church and the society”. As part of the festivities services will be arranged in the temple and a holy mass will be led by Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev, Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz. The most impressive event will begin thirty minutes to midnight – a procession bearing candles and a copy of the icon of Mother of God from Budslav. Ambassador of the Vatican to Belarus Gabor Pinter is expected to take part in this year’s festival.

When: 1-2 July
Where: Budslav, Myadel District, Minsk Oblast

21 vek Minsk City Music Festival

The open air music festival 21 vek will bring together such headliners as Zemfira, LP, Dolphin, Therr Maitz, Boombox and the Belarusian project Shuma, a participant in the national selection for the Eurovision Song 2018. For the first time in several years after the Little Man Tour music lovers will be able to join Zemfira to sing together her hits Arivederchi and Beskonechnost, enjoy the compositions of the Therr Maitz indie band who was the 2015 iTunes top performer, the Ukrainian band Boombox led by its permanent frontman Andrei Khlyvnyuk, and also the time-tested and fresh tracks from Dolphin’s new album 442... In addition to the excellent music, the event on the grounds of the old airport will offer green lawns, food courts, an entertainment zone and the atmosphere of a large festival.

When: 1 July
Where: Minsk 1 Airport

Alexandria Gathers Friends

The large-scale Ivan Kupala holiday will be traditionally celebrated on the banks of the Dnieper River. The main event of this year's festival in Alexandria will be the theatrical production in honor of the Year of Native Land which will feature popular artists from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine: Sergei Trofimov, Sinyaya Ptitsa, Blestyashchie, Taisia Povaly, Nikolai Gnatyuk, and many others. The Kupala Night Festival in Alexandria will include the Ukrainian Culture Days. Visitors can visit the Sorochyntsi Fair and enjoy a great concert by famous Ukrainian artists, including people's artists of the country, Tina Karol and Io Bobul. For lovers of green tourism the organizers will prepare an exhibition of rural tourism estates. The most creative participants will be able to participate in the contest for the best Ivan Kupala costume!

When: 7-8 July
Where: Agro-town of Alexandria, Shklov District, Mogilev Oblast

Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk

Over 26 years since its inception Slavianski Bazaar has grown to become a calling card of Belarus. This year it will welcome artists from 21 countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Colombia, Guinea and Egypt. The festival will welcome Nikolai Baskov, Irina Allegrova, Zara, Oleg Gazmanov, Elena Vaenga, Stas Piekha, Timati, Belarus’ entry at Eurovision 2018 ALEKSEEV and many others. The opening concert will be dedicated to the Year of Native Land. According to the organizers, over the years the Summer Amphitheater has become a creative home for a large number of artists. For many of them Slavianski Bazaar opened the door to the world of arts. In addition to the diverse musical program, visitors to Slavianski Bazaar will be offered a plethora of cultural events: street art festival On Seven Winds and traditional Theatrical Meetings.

When: Official festival dates: 12-16 July; many activities will be held on 7-11 and 17-18 July
Where: Summer Amphitheater, theater and concert venues of Vitebsk

International Marathon of Friendship Druskininkai-Grodno

The international marathon of friendship will connect the Belarusian and Lithuanian cities for its 8th time. The cross-border marathon between Druskininkai and Grodno will become even more accessible for participants from other countries this year. Augustow Canal, one of the competition venues, is a visa-free area today. Every year the two cities exchange the start and finish lines of the marathon. In 2018 athletes will start from Druskininkai and finish in Grodno. The participants will cover the distance of 42,195km without stopping at the border between the two states. The border control procedures will be performed at the start and finish lines. The marathon of friendship will make part of the Grodno Running League that unites the most interesting seasonal competitions.

When: 15 July
Where: Vilniaus Alley, Druskininkai, Lithuania – Olympic Glory Stele, Grodno, Belarus

Cherry Festival in Glubokoye

A garden city and Belarus “cherry capital” – Glubokoye – will once again host one of the country’s tastiest festivals. Visitors will be invited to take part in “cherry” sport competitions and an extensive entertainment program. The festival will traditionally include an ethno party, a contest of accordionists, a “cherry wedding” and a festive parade featuring the Cherry Queen.

When: 17–21 July
Where: Glubokoye, Vitebsk Oblast

SunDay 2018 auto festival

For just one day in July Grodno Oblast will turn into a center of attraction for motorists, old-time bike collectors, tuning, aero and vynilography fans, and also vintage car amateurs. Belarus’ biggest auto festival SunDay was first held in 2010. In 2013 it got an international status. This year, the festival will welcome about 300 participants – owners of classic cars and motorcycles from 7 countries. They will compete in vintage cars (produced before 1983), youngtimers (before 1993), and also tuning, stance, motorcycles, and car audio (a stage of the EMMA Belarus car audio championship)  nominations. Apart from an open-air car showroom, the program of activities will include numerous entertaining events and a sport town. The festival will wrap up with a rock concert and an open-air night party.

When: 21 July
Where:  Grodno Oblast, a venue near Yubileinoye Lake

2018 FIBA U17 Women’s Basketball World Cup

The 2018 FIBA U17 Women's Basketball World Cup will be hosted by Minsk for the first time, ahead of the 2nd European Games. The tournament will gather 16 best U17 women’s teams from the United States, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Mali, Angola, Italy, France, Hungary, Latvia, Spain, Australia, China, New Zealand, and Japan. The United States, who claimed the champion title three times, are the favorites of the tournament. The hosts, Viktoria Datsun’s team will take on the teams of France, Japan and Colombia. According to the forecasts, the Belarusian team has every chance of reaching the top 8. The Belarusian national basketball team made it to the top 12 in 2017.

When: 21–29 July
Where: Palace of Sports and Falcon Club, Minsk

Our Grunwald International Medieval Festival

Every year the international reenactment festival Our Grunwald brings together amateurs of jousting tournaments, medieval mass battles and cavalry clashes. Visitors will see and take part in various events such as medieval dance classes, arts and crafts fairs, and concerts featuring renowned Belarusian and foreign folk bands. A stunning reenactment of the legendary battle of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (modern Belarus) and the Kingdom of Poland against the Teutonic Order which took place near the village of Grunwald on 15 July 1410 will be the major event of the festival. Re-enactors from Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Russia will gather for the event.

When: 21-22 July
Where: Dudutki ethnographic museum, Minsk Oblast

16th FAI World Helicopter Championships

The FAI World Helicopter Championships will take place on the territory of sovereign Belarus for the first time. In 40 years time after the world championships in Vitebsk our county will host the 16th edition of this large-scale competition. More than 40 crews from 15 countries will gather at the airfield near Minsk for the spectacular event featuring helicopter races. Organizers invite as many people as possible to support Belarusian pilots who will be among the favorites. Three Belarusian athletes are in the top ten helicopter pilots in the world. During the world championships the Belarusian capital city will also host the annual aviation festival #PrоNebo.

When: 23-29 July
Where: Borovaya Airfield, Minsk

International Bard Music & Fishing Festival

In 2010 a festival of outdoor recreation, sport, ecotourism, music and fishing kicked off on the picturesque shore of the Chigirinskoye Water Reservoir. In the new season the Bard Music and Fishing Festival will bring together performers and musicians from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Georgia and the USA. Foreign guests will traditionally take part in the Neighbors project where they will sing songs in their native languages. The special guest of the festival will be famous participant of intellectual game shows, bard musician and TV presenter Boris Burda who will organize and host a culinary show Kirmash Smaku and intellectual games. There will also be a concert of renowned Russian actor and performer Aleksei Ivashchenko. One of the guests of the festival will be Georgian poet Irina Paroshina who is famous for her unique voice and heartfelt singing.

When: 27-29 July
Where: village of Grudichino, Bykhov District, Mogilev Oblast

Brest liberation reenactment

The Nemtsevich family estate that marked its 240th anniversary this year is a traditional venue for the famous Skoki military history festival that is held in December. The festival reenacts military action that took place on the territory of Belarus during the First World War. Another traditional event that takes place here in summer is the reenactment of fierce fighting that unfolded on the territory of Brest and its suburbs in July 1944 during the Lublin-Brest Offensive to liberate the country from the Nazis. The spectators will see an episode of the battle to free one of settlements of Brest District. The reenactment show will depict the life of local residents during the Nazi occupation and their interaction with the Red Army. It is symbolic that the festival is due to take place in the run-up to the Brest City Day (29 June) and will be a kind of rehearsal for celebrating the city’s 1,000th anniversary in 2019.

When: 28 July
Where: Nemtsevich Family Estate-Museum, Skoki village, Brest District

Freaky Summer Party 2018 art picnic in Minsk

The Freaky Summer Party art picnic will take place for the 10th time this year. It is one of the most spectacular and successful youth projects implemented in the Belarusian capital. The festival will celebrate the freedom of ideas. The organizers promise an exciting music program starring Ukrainian singer Luna, Russian indie pop and rock band Pompeya, Pasosh trio and Warhaus project by Maarten Devoldere. The daytime program will offer activities and entertainments for all kinds of participants, including a plein air session, art installations, a fashion market, master classes in street art, games, food courts, a playground Kidsters, interactive zones for games and entertainment activities. The educational part of the festival, Edutainment, includes lectures on international media market, management in advertising, family business and public catering.

When: 28-29 July
Where: Dreamland Park, Minsk

PRONEBO Aviation Festival

One of the most airy and popular aviation events is back. Professional pilots and paratroopers will showcase their skills during two days of the festival. Visitors will be introduced to the history of Belarusian and world aviation at an open-air aviation exposition featuring about 30 air vehicles from different time periods, including air balloons, autogyros, airplanes and helicopters. However, the highlights of the festival will be a competition of paratroopers for the most precise landing, a drone racing show and a female air fight. Other attractions will include lectures of famous aviation experts, a photo zone, a playground, and a food court by Vulitsa Ezha. The most adventurous spectators will be able to take an air balloon flight.

When: 28-29 July
Where: Borovaya airfield

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