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29 Jul 2022

Belarus Events Calendar: AUGUST 2022

Belarus Events Calendar: AUGUST 2022

Minsk tops CIS list of cities for virtual tours

Program ''Vacation Without Socks?!'' in the Belarusian State Circus

With the summer season and the longest school holidays approaching, the Belarusian State Circus has unveiled the new program "Vacation Without Socks?!" The highlight of the show is a flamboyant clown trio "No Socks", the winner of many awards of prestigious circus festivals in Hungary, France, Russia, Israel, Spain and Monte Carlo. In addition to sparkling humor from the trio the audiences will also be treated to unique circus performances of aerial gymnasts, tightrope walkers, horse riders, dogs on skateboards, am unusual game of billiards, a high school of horseback riding and even boxing with kangaroos from tamer Anton Svetlakov.

When: 14 May – 7 August
Where: Belarusian State Circus, 32 Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk

Music and tourist season in Upper Town in Minsk

The new tourist season is dedicated to the 955th anniversary of Minsk and the Year of Historical Memory. The season kicked off on 21 May and will be running until September. Every Saturday visitors will be offered an array of activities. The 2022 program includes jazz evenings, the Classics at the Town Hall project, a concert by the Khoroshki dance company. In addition, this season students and professional actors will perform at a theater patio near the Monastyrsky Hotel. Local residents and visitors will also be offered open-air film screenings and will be able to see popular films by the Belarusfilm studio. Minsk libraries will arrange a creative promenade where people will be able to see new arrivals and meet with authors.

When: 21 May – 17 September
Where: Svobody Square, Upper City, Minsk

Vulitsa Ezha 2022 in Minsk

Vulitsa Ezha will celebrate its seventh season with three festivals. In a picturesque location within the Botanical Garden grounds, visitors will get a chance to try a special menu of the food court, drop into cocktail bars with a chill-out area, visit the Local Food Market with fresh farm products, learn how to cook new dishes from chefs, and purchase unique things at the arts and crafts market. Visitors will also be invited to enjoy interesting films in the open-air cinema, DJ sets and live music concerts. Entertainment and great locations for instagram photo shoots will be part of the program.

When: 18-19 June, 23-24 July, 3-4 September
Where: Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2B Surganova Street, Minsk

Vytoki. A Step Towards Olympus festival

The cultural and sports festival Vytoki. A Step Towards Olympus that was first held in 2021, is gaining steam. The second season of the festival will be held in six towns across the country - Rechitsa, Stolin, Novogrudok, Gorki, Polotsk and Kopyl. The concept of the festival is to offer activities and entertainments for all kinds of audiences, adults and children alike. The program of the festival provides for dozens of sports activities, excursions, concerts of young vocalists and popular artists, Belarusian Brands exhibition, fashion shows, and food courts featuring national cuisine. In the Year of Historical Memory, each town strives to present itself in an interesting way, therefore visitors will be offered excursions to iconic sights, as well as theatrical performances and history quests. The main organizer of the project - the National Olympic Committee of Belarus - invites you to take an active part in all sports competitions of the festival. By the way, each participating town will highlight those sports that made the biggest progress in a particular region.

Where and when: Gorki, Mogilev Oblast: 22–23 July
Polotsk, Vitebsk Oblast: 12–13 August
Kopyl, Minsk Oblast: 26–27 August

‘Artist and City. Mikhail Savitsky’ project in Minsk

For eleven years the project "Artist and City" has been introducing the audiences to outstanding representatives of Belarusian art. Since last year, the exhibition has moved to the pedestrian Komsomolskaya Street in the center of Minsk. This summer season the project presents Hero of Belarus - People's Artist Mikhail Savitsky, whose 100th anniversary is celebrated in 2022. The exhibition features 34 works: 15 - by Mikhail Savitsky and 19 - by graduates of the Creative Academic Workshops of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture, which was set up in Minsk in 1981 thanks to Mikhail Savitsky’s  efforts. The exhibitions displays works by well-known artists of the country: Viktor Alshevsky, Igor Barkhatkov, Vladimir Goncharuk, Viktor Dubrava, Roman Zaslonov, Vladimir Kozhukh, Yuri Krupenkov.

When: 30 June – 30 September 
Where: Komsomolskaya Street, Minsk

‘Beauty and Fashion. 20th Century’ exhibition in Grodno

The history of ups and downs of the 20th century captured in accessories, jewelry, outfits, shoes and even perfumes is on display at an exhibition in Grodno's New Castle. The exposition is based on items from the retro collection of Belarusian Tatiana Fedosova. According to the owner, each exhibit is valuable not because of expensive fabrics or designer names, but in stories that are told by dresses, handbags or bottles that witnessed many events of the 20th century. Among the gems of the collection are a wedding costume made of batiste of 1918, a dress of Hollywood diva of the 1930s Kay Francis, a hat with feathers of the 1930s from the Krupskaya Moscow poultry farm, a Schiaparelli horsehair hat of the 1950s, a dress from the wardrobe of the American Pratt family of the 1920s, "trophy" dresses of the 1940s from Germany. A special draw of the exhibition is a evening dress by British fashion designer Murray Arbeid, who created dresses for Princess Diana.

When: 20 July - 23 October
Where: Senators' Hall, New Castle, 20 Zamkovaya Street, Grodno

TheatreHD: Broadcasts of the world's best performances in Minsk

In August the Minsk cinema houses will continue screening the world’s best productions, including drama, opera and ballet, and documentary films as part of the #АртЛекторийВкино project (art lectures on screen) about outstanding artists.

When: August
Where: VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen, Tsentralny cinema house, Falcon Club Boutique Cinema, Minsk

International festival SPRAVA 2022

The two-day international interaction festival SPRAVA, which will be held at a campground on Chereiskoye Lake, will bring together people of creative professions: musicians, artists, architects, historians, and craftsmen. According to the organizers' idea, every year they create a new cultural space. The festival is held in a picturesque place near the ruins of one of the first Uniate churches in Belarus. Participants of the summer festival SPRAVA are in for lectures, yoga, free movement practices, drawing master classes, performances and concerts.

When: 5-7 August
Where: Chereiskoye Lake, Belaya Tserkov, Chashniki District, Vitebsk Oblast

Honey fest in Zelva District

An unusual fest to celebrate the summer and healthy sweet delicacy will be held in the agro-town of Borodichi, Zelva District. In the run-up to the Savior of the Honey Feast Day, which is one of the beautiful traditional holidays of August, beekeepers already begun to harvest the honey of the summer 2022 and will share its unique aromas and tastes with guests. Artisans will conduct master classes.

When: 6 August
Where: Borodichi agro-town, Zelva District, Grodno Oblast

Linen Merry-Go-Round 2022 Festival

Flax is not only a traditional symbol of Belarus, which adorns the country's coat of arms, but a truly national treasure. Fabrics, clothes, towels, dolls-amulets.. Belarusians make a lot of unique products from "northern silk". A special festival in its honor is held in the summer. This year’s program includes a wide range of events: music performances, arts and crafts exhibitions and workshops, an open-air exhibition dedicated to linen, themed zones, a linen parade and a fashion show, tastings of flax treats. The main character of the festival is Klyusymka, a mythological field spirit.

When: 6-7  August
Where: Korma, Gomel Oblast

Medieval Culture Festival 2022 in Mstislavl

Knight's Fest, the festival of medieval culture in the town of Mstislavl, offers an unusually rich program this year: thematic interactive games, activities, arts and crafts fairs, excursions, historical quests and knightly battles. From 11.00 to 12.00 guests will be welcomed at the outposts of the town. The streets of Sovetskaya, Pirogovskaya, Kalinina and Yurchenko will be lined up with artisans fairs and attractions. The festival will officially open in the central square of the town at 12.00, with the main action to unfold on the historical Zamkovata (Castle) Hill. This will feature a medieval culinary contest, a theatrical program "Hunting in the Grand Duchy" from the equestrian historical club Golden Spur, a show of stilt walkers from the fire circus Kresiva, buhurts and a jousting tournament on foot 3x3 and 1x1, a concert of the folk group khmelnoy Vir and a master class in medieval dances, tactical buhurts to capture the banner and protect the king, spectacular mass battles and an archery tournament. The evening program of the festival will continue with knightly equestrian fun games and a concert, exhibition performances and a stunt show of the Scottish Infantry club. Next on the program are a performance of a gymnast with hula hoops, a circus antipode program, and a concert of the KaZ group from Minsk. A spectacular reenactment ‘storming of the castle’ will start at 21.20. The most spectacular part of the holiday in the ancient Mstislavl will happen under the starry sky. The Kresiva fire circus, the Adamant band, the Maori fire show, the Troll Bends Fir band from Saint Petersburg, a medieval disco and open-air film screenings will last almost till dawn.

When: 6 August
Where: Mstislavl, Mogilev Oblast

Golshany Castle festival

This history festival will be held at the walls of the famous castle for the 11th time. This place served as a setting for the mysterious detective story Black Castle Olshansky by Belarusian literature classic Vladimir Korotkevich. This time the meet-up will be held under the motto “From the past to the present”. The festival will begin with an organ music concert in the St. John the Baptist Church and a theatrical procession from the center of Golshany to its major tourist attraction - the former residence of the Sapieha family that was re-opened after renovations a year ago. The grand opening is scheduled for 17:00. The festival will proceed with shows by historical reenactment clubs Clan MacVitan and Verush, a performance by the Nevrida group, an equestrian show by the Sekerzh club, a concert of participants of the X-Factor Belarus and a fire show Magic of Fire. Other activities will include themed interactive sites, food courts, a children’s entertainment area, as well as sightseeing tours of the North Tower of the castle and tourist attractions of Golshany.

When: 6 August
Where: Golshany Castle, agro-town Golshany, Oshmyany District, Grodno Oblast

Polesie Loach festival

The Polesie Loach gastronomic and environmental awareness festival will debut this year in Pinsk District, home to the landscape reserves Middle Pripyat and Prostyr. The festival will take place in the village of Gorodishche, in the Tishina eco-tourism complex. The name of the festival deserves a separate mention. Loach is an endemic fish species that was once used as currency in Polesie. Now this fish is on the verge of extinction, and one of the goals of the festival is to raise awareness of this fact, to highlight respectful attitude to nature. One of the most spectacular parts of the festival will be a fish soup cooking competition. Ten teams will compete in cooking the most delicious soup, yet not from loach, but from pike, roach, crucian carp, carp and other river fish species. Other activities will include master classes, a fair of traditional arts and crafts, boating and kayaking. There will be a concert, a show by the Emergencies Ministry, the Living Statues show, a disco. The Belarusian state ensemble Pesnyary will be the headliner of the concert. Children will be able to play on the playground and in an adventure park.

When: 6 August
Where: Village of Gorodishche, Pinsk District, Brest Oblast

Bakshty Charm rural culture festival

If you want to go back to the basics and get a glimpse at how our ancestors lived and celebrated holidays, you need to visit the Bakshty Charm rural culture festival. Visitors will be able to see a traditional Belarusian village, its way of life, authentic rituals and singular culture represented by folk songs, dances, and handicrafts. The program of the festival features a theatrical performance, a concert of local folklore groups, an entertainment and game program, a master class on folk dances, a fair of traditional arts and crafts, an exhibition of items of rural lifestyle.

When: 7 August
Where: Village of Bakshty, Ivye District, Grodno Oblast

Open-Air Ball in Gomel

A large-scale celebration of Gomel’s 880th anniversary is scheduled for 10 September, however various events to mark this date have been held for several months already. One of such events is an open-air ball on the embankment of the Sozh River. Participants will gather near the famous Swan Pond that used to be the bed of the ancient Gomeyuk stream. Not far away is the main tourist attraction of the city - the Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches that hosted lavish balls centuries ago. However, the upcoming modern-day ball promises to be just as impressive. Ladies will don ball gowns, gentlemen will wear classic suits. The program of the ball consists of two parts. The dance part will include the following music pieces: Grand March, Acquaintance at the Ball , Watercolor Waltz, Cross-Step Waltz, Figured Waltz, Danube Waves, Pas-De-Grace, Bohemian Polka, Polka Troika, Pas D'espan, Australian Waltz, Russian Waltz, other types of waltz as well as artistic performances.

When: 10 August
Where: Sozh River embankment, Gomel

Ivye Tomato Festival

The Ivye Tomato Festival is once again ready to surprise its visitors with a variety of tomato tastes and unusual entertainment. The event will feature the Ivye de Tomateiro battle and a power extreme show. The program will include the Plav-Tomat floating race, and a family competition for the best “cherry tomatoes” costume.  The festival will also mark the founding day of the town of Ivye with a culinary pizza contest Our Margarita and a lesco tasting event Made in Ivye. The Ivye biggest tomato competition will take place this year again: local tomatoes often weigh up to one kilogram. Performing at the concert stage will be the symphony orchestra of the Grodno Oblast Philharmonic Society and the cover-band Sherlock Holmes. The festival will offer a day of fun with a variety of interactive and children's areas, shopping stalls and a tomato market. The evening entertainment will feature a retro-party, the Tomato Boom disco, a fireworks display.

When: 13 August
Where: Ivye, Grodno Oblast

Sporovskiye Senokosy scything festival 2022

The Sporovskiye Senokosy festival will welcome the best scythemen from different countries in the Sporovsky Reserve in Pripyat Polesie for the 15th time. The mission of the festival to draw the attention to the problem of overgrowing marshes. For example, it creates great difficulties for the aquatic warbler, which is included in the national Red Book, and this rare bird abandons the area. Organizers invite both experienced and beginning scythemen to take part in the festival. The main condition which needs to be observed is that a team must consist of two persons. Up to ten teams are able to play swamp football.

When: 13 August
Where: the village of Vysokoye, Bereza District, Brest Oblast

Sea Festival 2022 on Augustow Canal

The Augustow Canal is a unique hydraulic engineering structure and is a favorite vacation spot for residents of Grodno Oblast and numerous visitors of the region. The Sea Festival has been celebrated in the area of the Dombrovka sluice since 1920. The festival is a so-called reenactment of the festivities held back in the times of Stefan Batory. The canal has been hosting Anything that Floats race after the tradition was revived in 2017. The participants compete not only in speed, but also in the originality of their vessels and costumes. The “land” entertainment is no less impressive. For example, the swamp football tournament features men's and women's teams competing on a field where mud can reach up to the knee.

When: 13 August
Where: Augustow Canal, Grodno Oblast

Call of Polesye festival

About 5,00 visitors are expected to attend this year’s Call of Polesye festival at the open-air museum in Lyaskovichi. Homemade dishes and local cuisine will be displayed by Gomel and Brest farmsteads. The festival will feature an ethnic zoofest and a contact zoo. There will be a separate area called Partizansky Krai to celebrate the Year of Historical Memory. Visitors will be invited to enjoy a boat trip on the Pripyat River. Guests from Nizhny Novgorod will present a water show. The program will also include the Strongest Polesye Resident competition and the Polesye Beauty contest.

When: 20 August
Where: Pripyatsky National Park, the agro-town Lyaskovichi, Petrikov District, Gomel Oblast

Ruzhany Gate festival

The legendary Sapieha Palace in Ruzhany, once compared to Versailles, is becoming an increasingly attractive museum and tourist spot. The entrance gate with a sculpture of St. Anne has been restored. Restoration works have been also completed in the east and west wings and a museum was opened there in 2011. The Eastern Building is currently under reconstruction to house a theater, a hotel and a restaurant in the future. Come to the Ruzhany Gate festival to enjoy the place and its atmosphere. The program of the festival will include the Ruzhany Invites concert featuring Brest Oblast bands and singers, theatrical shows, a knight show, a concert featuring the X-factor Belarus TV project finalists, the performance of the Biaseda ensemble and the Drozdzy band, the City of Artisans, a fire show, a drummer show, tours around the museum and a fireworks display. 

When: 20 August
Where: Sapieha Ruzhany Palace, the village of Ruzhany, Pruzhany District, Brest Oblast

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