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BELARUS’ HERITAGE: People’s Writer Ivan Shamyakin

BELARUS’ HERITAGE: People’s Writer Ivan Shamyakin
9 Feb 2016

His books sell millions of copies gripping the reader with intriguing plots and themes of much relevance and importance. They have been translated into many languages. Many movies and plays are based on Ivan Shamyakin’s works. He was given the title People’s Writer of Belarus in 1972. His books were recognized as classics of the Belarusian literature of the 20th century already during his lifetime.

Ivan Shamyakin’s creative legacy comprises 12 novels, 26 short novels, 10 plays, dozens of short stories, numerous articles and sketches, and diaries. By the way, it was only in 2014 that the work on the full collection of his works with scientific comments was completed. The daughters of the writer, Tatiana and Alesya, took part in this project. Everything that Ivan Shamyakin created over more than sixty years was put together in twenty three volumes. Over time some things turned irrelevant, became known as the “patina of the Soviet era”, but the writer’s talent and his reflections on eternal questions still keep readers of different generations in suspense. Ivan Shamyakin’s most famous and beloved works include: “Restless Happiness”, “Saleswoman and Poet”, “The Heart on the Open Palm”, “Deep Streams”, “Telamones and Caryatides”, “Wicked Star”, “I will Take Your Pain”.

Our photo gallery to mark anniversary of Ivan Shamyakin’s birth (the writer would turn 95 on 30 January 2016)…

On picture: Ivan Shamyakin, People's Writer of Belarus, Hero of Socialist Labor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

BELARUS’ HERITAGE: People’s Writer Ivan Shamyakin
Ivan Shamyakin and his family members in the village of Teryukha (1950s)
Ivan Shamyakin at the Week of Belarusian Literature in the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic, 15 September 1958
Belarusian writer Ivan Shamyakin. Minsk, January 1971
Writer Ivan Shamyakin gives autographs at an evening of poetry
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