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11 Apr 2014

Belarus president approves of revived Slutsk belts

Belarus president approves of revived Slutsk belts

MINSK, 11 April (BelTA) – The decision to revive the production of Slutsk belts in Belarus was the right one. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the statement as he visited the Slutsk-based company Slutskiye Poyasa on 11 April, BelTA has learned.

“Nearly weight off my mind. I am convinced that we did the right thing by reviving these ancient belts. Although they are not cheap to make, it was worth it. It will stay part of history for centuries,” said the head of state.

Representatives of the Slutsk Belts History Museum noted that the spiritual riches of the Belarusian nation are the key legacy that has to be taken care of and transferred to young Belarusians. “Color revolutions miss us because we do things like this,” said the President. “We don’t do it to avoid color revolutions but for the sake of the future, for children, for revival”.

Alexander Lukashenko was made familiar with the technology used to make belts as good as ancient Slutsk belts and souvenirs. The head of state was told that all the products the company makes are in demand. The company has plans to expand the product range and make products for church.

In the company’s Slutsk Belts History Museum the President was made familiar with the technologies used to make belts since the 18th century. Alexander Lukashenko was presented the first Slutsk belt the company has made, which is a replica of one of the original belts. The manufacturing process involved gilded threads and natural silk threads. The copy is 350cm long, 33.5cm wide, and weighs 500g. The belt will be delivered for storage to the Palace of Independence today.

Lukashenko visited the Slutsk-based company Slutskiye PoyasaAddressing the weavers, Alexander Lukashenko noted their job was a hard one. “It is good that women make these beautiful belts. The belts store the warmth, beauty and energy of our women,” said the head of state. “The salary must be below what you should earn because the work is so hard,” said the President. “I think things will change by the end of the next year. It is necessary to gradually start exporting, raising prices little by little and reach world prices. The state has invested huge resources into the enterprise and did so at not the best of times. The merchandise you make has to sell. Mobilize and find customers. It might be necessary to sell more things that are in demand”.

Alexander Lukashenko left a note in the distinguished visitors’ book of the Slutsk Belts History Museum. “It is symbolical that the second birth of the belts happened here, in Slutsk. It is a tribute to the craftsmen of the past and a vivid testimony of the talent of their descendants, whose mastery is as good as that of their glorified predecessors,” the note reads.

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