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The Government in Belarus

Seat of Government. Minsk
Seat of Government. Minsk

From the Council of Ministers to the Council of Deputies, an overview of the Belarus national and local government system

The Belarusian Government – or Council of Ministers is made up of the Prime Minister of Belarus, his deputies and ministers.

The Government is accountable to the President of the Republic of Belarus and answerable to the Parliament.

The Prime Minister is proposed by the President and approved by Parliament.

Government powers are determined by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus

What does the Government of Belarus do?

Belarus’ Council of Ministers is responsible for the work of public agencies and ministerial bodies including:

  • public administration
  • ministries
  • KGB
  • military industry and front line troops
  • science and technology
  • customs
  • aviation
  • ministerial committees

The Government’s mandate covers:

  • national budget control
  • domestic and foreign policy
  • economic and social development programmes
  • national security
  • defence

How does local government work in Belarus?

Local issues are represented by the locally-elected Councils of Deputies. These local councils operate on 3 levels:

  • primary (villages and towns)
  • basic (towns and regional councils)
  • regional (oblast) (Regional Council of Deputies)

Deputies are elected for a 4-year term to deal with local issues and represent the local population in decisions on issues relating to:

  • health
  • education
  • social welfare
  • trade
  • transport

Local Councils of Deputies make decisions on local issues within the framework of national legislation.

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