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The Belarus Constitution

The Constitution of the Republic of Belarus
The Constitution of the Republic of Belarus

The Constitution of the Republic of Belarus forms the basis for the country’s legislative system

The modern Belarus Constitution

The current Constitution was drafted in 1994 and amended in 1996 and 2004. It is also known as the Fundamental Law of the State and is the 5th Constitution in Belarusian history.

The Belarus Constitution centresaround 3 key elements:

  • the regulation of rights and freedoms
  • the establishment of a new state mechanism
  • the reworking of new laws and a new justice system

Rights and freedoms of the people of Belarus

The Belarus Constitution guarantees the following rights to the people of Belarus:

  • the right to health treatment (free in state institutions)
  • the right to social welfare for the elderly, sick, disabled and non-earning households
  • the right to a free general education for all
  • the right to free professional technical  training

Democracy in Belarus

The Constitution plays a key role in modern Belarus government and democracy.

It guarantees free elections, including national and local elections and referenda.

According to the Constitution of Belarus, the following bodies and individuals are elected on the basis of free, direct votes by secret ballot:

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