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27 Sep 2015

Lukashenko: The world has come to the UN Summit more divided than it has ever been

NEW YORK, 27 September (BelTA) – The world has come to the UN Summit more divided than it has been over the past three decades, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko noted with regret when speaking at the plenary meeting of the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Summit, BelTA informs.

“The planet has been rocked by numerous armed conflicts and terrorist acts. It is sad that the growing global threats do not receive the adequate response,” the Belarusian leader said.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the balance of power that was lost with the disintegration of the Soviet Union has never been restored. “There is no balance of power. There is no peace, no stability. This is a systemic crisis. In any system the power acts unchecked if it is the only power. In this situation it aspires only to its prosperity and solves its problems at the expense of others,” the President of Belarus believes.

“The policy of hegemonism and national egoism leads to a wide use of pressure, sanctions, restrictions and military actions. As a result we lose trust in each other,” the Belarusian head of state stressed.

In his words, mutual estrangement is a feature typical of not only big countries. “Many do not even want to understand traditions, culture and beliefs of other nations,” said the President.

“It is clear that the rebalancing of power is a long way to a multipolar world. We will approach this goal if we act, not wait idly,” the Belarusian leader believes.

“We need to acknowledge that we are different and that every nation, every country has a right to choose its own development path. Our diversity is key to the common progress and the success of each of us. Such an approach will let us restore trust in our international life,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

According to the President of Belarus, to achieve this it is necessary to meet, engage in a dialogue, and find solutions and ways towards constructive cooperation. “The history teaches us that any state that strives for the sole leadership role without regard to the interests of others is ultimately doomed to failure and self-destruction. Any advantage at the expense of someone else is short-lived and flawed. The conventional wisdom says that you cannot build your happiness on someone else’s pain,” the Belarusian head of state noted.

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