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25 Aug 2017

Lukashenko: No more easy money in sport

Lukashenko: No more easy money in sportMINSK, 25 August (BelTA) – The money that athletes and coaches are paid will depend on their performance and concrete results. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko gave the relevant instructions as he met with players and coaches of the ice hockey club Dinamo Minsk on 25 August, BelTA has learned.

Alexander Lukashenko said: “We have built a system to provide material and financial support to ice hockey players. The same approach will be used in every kind of sport, primarily in competitive sports.”

According to the president, as far as ice hockey is concerned, the bulk of the contracts and salaries will go to HC Dinamo Minsk and the national team. “They will have decent money. All the other ones should earn enough for a normal life by working in their clubs to provide for their families. Sport means work. They will not be paid $19,000 per month on average like some coaches were paid last season without winning the top spot,” noted the Belarusian leader.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed: “Just like in Canada, just like in the USA ice hockey players in the bottom league will not be paid much in order to encourage them to reach the top teams. People in those teams will be paid well. No crazy money will be paid anymore.”

Alexander Lukashenko stated that some coaches and heads of sport clubs used to live several times better than ministers by getting paid a lot. It is not normal when people are paid that much while they achieve no results, while they are ineffective and do no managerial work, noted the Belarusian leader. The practice has to stop.

The president explained that as part of the new system ice hockey players will be handsomely rewarded for performance. “A 100% increase in the annual salary for the first place. Let’s say, an 80% increase for the second place. A 60% increase for the third place and so on. But everything will be geared towards results. We cannot pay everyone equally because it offends the best athletes,” stressed Alexander Lukashenko.

“You have to work for your money. It is my principled approach. And the government has come up with concrete measures,” he noted.

Alexander Lukashenko specified that if money is earned from other sources like sponsor money, the club will own this money and can spend it on financial incentives among other things. “It is your money. Feel free to give it to the team and split among yourselves. Nobody else will touch it,” assured the president.

“Don’t worry about money if you do your job and play well,” the Belarusian leader made it clear. “We are going to only toughen these requirements later on. We will try to pay well good players, who fight for results, who work hard to set an example for others. Those, who fail to produce results, will be paid in kind.”

“Everyone, who works as part of the team and for the team, should not be offended,” concluded the head of state.

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