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29 Oct 2018

Giving more power to Belarusian youth organization BRSM suggested

Giving more power to Belarusian youth organization BRSM suggested

MINSK, 29 October (BelTA) – It is necessary to give powers and authority to the Belarusian youth organization BRSM through legislation. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the statement as he met with BRSM representatives on 29 October, BelTA has learned.

Alexander Lukashenko said: “To some degree we don’t pay enough attention to our youth movement. We have to fix the issue right away. BRSM members should put forward proposals based on their own experience albeit small one about what we can do and what they want. The government should respond to the proposals with laws, decrees, and executive orders in order to give authority or, mildly speaking, rights to this youth organization.”

The president made it clear that the initiative should come from young Belarusians. He mentioned the development of advanced technologies in Belarus as an example: the government did not tell IT companies how they should grow but heard out their proposals and implemented the best ones.

“You’ve made the right choice by joining our youth organization. Now you should make the organization combat-effective, in a good sense,” Alexander Lukashenko told those present. “There are many of you but you are not all the young Belarusians. You should become a center of attraction for the other people of your age and for all the children of Belarus, an example of active and serious participation in the country’s life so that other people would follow you.”

Alexander Lukashenko pointed out that avoiding any formalism is the most important thing in these matters. “Don’t you ever try to force people to join your organization. It will not matter whether all the young Belarusians are members of the organization or not. It is important for you to be able to influence the young people outside the BRSM. If you want young Belarusians to follow you, you should live the life young people live now. If you fence off young Belarusians from you, you will be worthless, you will wreck the future of the youth organization. You should do what young Belarusians do these days and be half a step, one step ahead of them in order to lead them,” noted the president.

“We need fewer slogans and more concrete deeds. Don’t spread your efforts too thinly. Don’t try to do everything and be everywhere, you will fail. Determine the most important goals. As you develop, you will add other areas you can pull off,” said the head of state. “Don’t try to accomplish something you cannot… Struggle is in progress today. A dreadful confrontation. Errors must not be allowed to happen because adversaries will use them mercilessly. They will do everything to make you stumble and fall. This is why you have to be careful. Let’s hold counsel together.”

As new areas of work Alexander Lukashenko suggested setting up work teams of young Belarusians because the country lacks manpower in production sector, agriculture. “You will be welcomed at the new BelGee factory, at BelAZ, at clothes enterprises, and other ones. It will be your contribution to making the national economy stronger. Focus on building a huge facility. Call it a youth project in order to leave your mark on the history of modern Belarus,” added Alexander Lukashenko.

“Every one of you should understand that nothing can be gained without hard, backbreaking labor and trials. There is no easy way to earn one’s living,” stated the head of state. “You should get more involved in state administration. If you have serious proposals, we can discuss them today. Smart and wise ideas will be heard and taken into account.”

Alexander Lukashenko wished young Belarusians to be resilient, uncompromising, and hard-edged in protecting every thing native: the land and the people, the country’s history and memory, culture and traditions. “But stay honest and orderly. Just be good people. Only then we will preserve our Belarus,” he concluded.

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