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13 Nov 2018

Belarus president urges local executives to be more proactive in making decisions

Belarus president urges local executives to be more proactive in making decisions

MINSK, 13 November (BelTA) - Local executives should be more proactive in making decisions, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said as he made new appointments on 13 November, BelTA informs.

“There should be discipline. But do not be lackadaisical. It is important to be proactive in making decisions. You have big professional experience, life experience. Take actions. Don’t wait for the sun to shine, don’t wait that anybody will give you anything. Rely on yourselves,” the head of state said.

Alexander Lukashenko remarked that the new executives are up-and-coming young specialists. “It is very good. The only thing I want to ask: don’t be too preoccupied with paperwork. You are executive personnel, do not curry favor even with your bosses. You should make decisions and be responsible for them. Deputy governors and heads of local administrations are crucial people for the development of our country,” the Belarusian leader emphasized.

When approving the appointment of new local executives, Alexander Lukashenko asked about the situation in certain regions.

Considering the appointment of Ivan Rebkovets as the chairman of the Pinsk City Hall, the president asked why he decided to move to Pinsk from Minsk. “He said that he likes this town, his native town. He understands that he can be of much use there,” Head of the Belarus President Administration Natalya Kochanova answered.

“I am very happy when people return to their hometowns to sort things out there. I cannot say that Pinsk is a troubled town, but it is a very important place. We will analyze the state of affairs there and modernize it. You will have a lot of work there, and we will support this process,” the president responded.

Former chairman of the Nesvizh District Executive Committee Gennady Solovey was recommended for the post of the first deputy chairman of the Gomel Oblast Executive Committee by Vice Premier Mikhail Rusy. The head of state asked about the reasons for this decision.

In this regard, Natalya Kochanova explained that Gennady Solovey has a huge experience of work in agriculture, and has been in charge of the region for many years.

“A good specialist in agriculture was needed there, and, perhaps, we will look into this matter at the end of the year. I am aware of it. The vice premier recommended you, so there will be big responsibility on you,” Alexander Lukashenko said. “A fresh look, new ideas are needed, especially in the south of the country. There are different climatic conditions, different soil in Gomel Oblast.”

The president approved the appointment of Andrei Baranovsky as the chairman of the Oktyabrsky District Executive Committee. “It is good when people do not stick to big cities, and choose to work in smaller ones,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

Yuri Derkachev, who was appointed chairman of the Chechersk District Executive Committee, was asked about his work in Dobrush District.

“From your perspective, why the project to build a factory coated and uncoated paperboard at the branch of the Dobrush Paper Mill has been stumbling?” the Belarusian leader asked.

Yuri Derkachev pointed out that the enterprise is the local economic mainstay, and expressed confidence that the facility will be launched soon. “The dormitories have been built. Everything is ready to receive new personnel. There have been some hiccups with the adjustment and launch of the equipment. The issue is being addressed at the level of the ministry. We are looking for an organization that could adjust the equipment,” he said.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that the relevant projects, including the one in Dobrush, should be monitored closely. The status of implementation of a number of important investment projects will be reviewed early next year.

The head of state also spoke about the challenges facing Nikolai Korotin (former director of the design institute Mogilevgiprozem) who has been appointed first deputy chairman of the Mogilev Oblast Executive Committee. In the new post he will primarily oversee agriculture. “The industry is facing a lot of challenges. But as I have said, you are a capable person. What you have done around Mogilev, in the radius of 50-70km, can be compared to Grodno Oblast. This shows that you know how to work. It is necessary to scale up this experience around the entire region,” the president said.

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