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21 Mar 2017

Belarus president slams non-constructive opposition

MOGILEV, 21 March (BelTA) – Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko talked about reasons behind the recent increase in activity of various opposition structures in Belarus, including the so-called fifth column, as he met with Kronospan Company workers in Mogilev on 21 March, BelTA has learned.

“Don’t worry. We are not going to surrender the country to anyone. We will hold it safe together,” said the President. “The greatest shortcoming of the so-called fifth column is the fact that they are too far from people’s aspirations and needs.”

“They would like to stir up riots in Belarus. They dream of destroying the government and overthrowing the president. Why? Because the president does not let them pocket factories and does not allow private land ownership,” noted the Belarusian leader.

Speaking about the invigoration of opposition bodies in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko noted that among other things it happened after he met with Iosif Seredich, Editor-in-Chief of the opposition newspaper Narodnaya Volya. Iosif Seredich suggested that Alexander Lukashenko and the opposition should get together and discuss various problems and matters. The head of state said that he had not turned down the idea right away. Instead he believes that representatives of the patriotic opposition, who love their nation and the country, should be present as well. “I am not going to talk to the other kind — to the provocateurs. What would normal people think if the head of state lets provocateurs sit at the round table in the Palace of Independence?” said the head of state. “This is why I set my terms. And it blew up this opposition cesspool. Their leaders understood that they would not be able to talk to the president. Different opposition members would be able to.”

“They thought: Why different opposition members? We are the leaders, we get foreign funding. If different opposition members were chosen, then they would be paid,” Alexander Lukashenko contemplated the probable train of thought of a number of opposition representatives. “It is the underlying reason why our opposition has stepped up operations that much. Then, some sick people tend to be more active in spring, too.”

Alexander Lukashenko also remarked that the Western organizations that finance opposition in Belarus are ready to give money primarily for the sake of organizing riots in Belarus. “They need fights and bloodshed,” he said. Speaking about the presidential decree on preventing social dependency, Alexander Lukashenko stressed that those targeted by the decree represent a fair share of the street protesters.

“These are the reasons behind an increase in activity of our fifth column,” said the head of state.

Yet Alexander Lukashenko underscored that the situation in Belarus is controllable and things will not be allowed to get out of hand.

Lukashenko: Fifth column is trying to blow up the situation in Belarus

MOGILEV, 21 March (BelTA) – Representatives of the so-called fifth column are attempting to blow up the situation in Belarus. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the relevant statement as he talked to Kronospan Company workers in Mogilev on 21 March, BelTA has learned.

“There are some people bent on blowing up the situation in the country. I call them the fifth column. They are not an opposition,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

The head of state stressed that it is the president’s job to take care of security and defense. “I pay very serious attention to the matter,” he said.

This is why Alexander Lukashenko reminded about a number of serious incidents that have happened at the state border recently. “In all my years I can’t remember a night when five major incidents happened,” said the head of state.

“I am concerned about an increase in activity of the fifth column in Belarus… The fifth column and some other people are eager to stir up trouble in Belarus,” noted the Belarusian leader. “You should remember that there are thousands of provocation specialists like that in the world. They are certainly controlled by special services of certain countries.”

Alexander Lukashenko referred to Ukraine as an example: “These provocateurs are usually in demand in trouble spots. They are the ones that take shots and lead crowds. Panic and stampede ensue. People get furious with each other and strong feelings snowball out of proportion. Then people are offered weapons starting with knives and ending with firearms. Then these people, who allegedly came to get their due, become militants. There is an entire technology for staging color revolutions.”

According to the President, some parties believe that Belarus is ripe for a color revolution. “Some 200 people took to the streets in Mogilev to ask for jobs. When they were offered jobs, they dispersed. In other words, they didn’t need jobs. These people were organized together with the fifth column and this wave went all over the large cities,” stated the President.

“Some [foreign] parties saw that there is a demand for provocateurs in Belarus. An investigation will clear up things now. A criminal case has been opened. They have been trying to break into our territory using various means. It happened more than once and not only in 2017. They have been trying to smuggle pistols, machine guns or grenades into Belarus all the time,” said the President. “I saw the news on TV. Not everything was shown. I was concerned that an assault rifle without an identification number was found.”

According to the head of state, the fact testifies that the weapon has been made by an underground manufacturer. If it was used, its origin would be next to impossible to trace. “In other words, this is a bandit’s weapon. It is what I am most concerned about,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

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