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15 Dec 2016
Belarus’ social and economic development program for 2016-2020 enacted
The program has been prepared by the government on the basis of the main provisions the fifth Belarusian People’s Congress had approved earlier. The document gives an assessment of development of the national economy in 2011-2015 in addition to formulating goals, tasks, priorities and expected results of the country’s social and economic development in 2016-2020...
29 Nov 2016
Belarus, Azerbaijan sign administrative agreement on pension coverage
The administrative agreement signed on 28 November determines responsible agencies (countries), the procedure of interaction in the calculation and recalculation of pensions...
4 Oct 2016
Improving national competitiveness named Belarus’ major priority for 2017
The document also specified key priorities of Belarus’ social and economic development in 2017. These are the macroeconomic balance, financial recovery of real production sector organizations, development of an efficient employment system, higher labor productivity, creation of new jobs...
4 Oct 2016
Monetary policy priorities for 2017 approved in Belarus
In 2017, Belarus’ monetary policy will retain continuity and will promote Belarus’ sustainable and balanced economic development by means of the price stability...
3 Oct 2016
Belarus Parliament approves 2017 budget bill in first reading
In 2017 the budget will retain its social focus. The priority areas for financing are healthcare and education. The draft budget provides for the family capital in the amount of Br457.8 million...
15 Sep 2016
Lukashenko approves new Minsk development plan till 2030
Major provisions of the new capital city development plan till 2030 refresh the policy of city planning and territorial development and revise the forecast targets. For example, the document envisages that the population will increase to 2 million and the housing stock will grow to 52,265 square meters...
25 Jul 2016
Forced migration legislation revised in Belarus
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko signed the law “Concerning the introduction of amendments and addenda to a number of laws of the Republic of Belarus on forced migration” which had been passed by the House of Representatives and approved by the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus...
25 Jul 2016
Culture Code signed in Belarus
The Code envisages the formation of a mechanism for the regulation of relations in culture and the elimination of existing drawbacks in legal regulation on the basis of operational legal institutes. The document also reduces the number of legal acts in culture and streamlines them...
2 Apr 2015
Belarus president signs ordinance to prevent freeloading practices
The ordinance includes an exhaustive list of categories of people exempt from the fee. In particular, these include legally incapable persons, disabled persons, underage persons, women who have reached the age of 55 years...
19 Mar 2015
Draft ordinance on employment submitted to Belarus’ Council of Ministers
The representative of the ministry stressed that the document aims to eradicate practices when officially unemployed able-bodied people get shadow incomes, do not pay taxes and enjoy all social benefits ...
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