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27 Oct 2020

Lukashenko: Protesters have crossed the red line

Lukashenko: Protesters have crossed the red line

MINSK, 27 October (BelTA) – Belarus is bracing itself up for terrorist threats, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a meeting to discuss the preparations for the Belarusian People's Congress on 27 October, BelTA has learned.

The meeting started later than planned. “We have had to discuss very important issues now, because in addition to the recent developments in our society and changes, including in connection with the preparations for the Belarusian People's Congress, there are some other very important issues that should be tackled in order for us to move on. Therefore, I had to reschedule my day,” the head of state explained.

He said that it was about the current developments, the response of the authorities to the situation. “You probably remember when I said that we must act carefully although we are going through a tense period and these protesters hang out in the streets (mostly or virtually only in Minsk). We have seen the radicalization of the remaining protesters. We clearly see the organizers and those who embody these ideas. Back then I said that we should act cautiously, since they did not yet cross the red line. The last few days have shown that they have crossed this red line in many ways,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“Well, how can we treat the fact that they have already started blocking the automation in the railway and locking the rails? This can lead to serious railway accidents, disasters and the death of many people. These are the actions of organized criminal groups with signs of terrorism. Terrorist threats are looming,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

The head of state added that there were reports that several traffic lights were cut off in Minsk. “They are destroying and smashing what has been created by the entire state in Minsk for many decades or years. Most importantly, people are sick and tired of all this,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

He emphasized that the government is worth its name if it knows how to defend itself and its people. “Therefore, when the red line is crossed, the government must respond,” he added.

“As to these calls from Poland and Lithuania for ultimatums and strikes (yesterday I gave instructions to the prime minister and virtually everyone in attendance): you do not have to reason with anyone - workers, students, doctors, teachers, civil servants. Now is the moment when everyone has to choose the path to follow,” the president said.

“If workers do not want to work, we are fine with that. However, there are only a few of those who do not want to. If students come to study, they should study. If students want to study, let them do it. Those who went out to join unauthorized street actions in violation of the law should be deprived of the right to be a student. Please, send them, as I said, to the army or to the street. Let them walk, but in this case they must be expelled from the university. The same is about teachers who behave in a disgusting way in universities, though such teachers are few,” he said.

“I want to reiterate: do not ask anyone or reason with anyone; it is futile. In a best-case scenario we will marginalize them, but they will come on the scene again. Therefore, let them decide where they want to live, how they want to live and what to do,” Aleksandr Lukashenko added.

He drew attention to the fact that the organizers of the protests in Belarus have already passed 7-8 stages described in the guidelines for color revolutions. “There is very little left. The next stage is radicalization. It is taking place now. Not even an information war, but a terrorist war has been launched against us in several directions. We must stop it,” the Belarusian leader said.

Using the occasion, he addressed parents of school and university students: “Take away your children from the street, otherwise you might regret it later. We will deal with the rest to the fullest extent of the law,” the president added.

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