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3 Mar 2016

Belarus president: Every person has the right to speak up

Belarus president: Every person has the right to speak up

MINSK, 3 March (BelTA) – Corporate executives and government officials should not forget that every person has the right to express her or his own opinion. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the statement while making personnel decisions on 3 March, the press service of the head of state told BelTA.

“Our government system is strict, very strict. People feel it. But it doesn’t mean that we should force our citizens to form ranks and march somewhere while discouraging them from making any missteps and from speaking up. We must not do such things,” stressed the President. “You should not be afraid of letting people say what they think in a proper place: in a conference, while talking to colleagues, or directly to you. We will only benefit from it. But at their workstations people should stay quiet and follow the technological requirements. They have to turn up at work on time and do the things according to the technology. If they see something wrong, they should notify their superiors and are free to make suggestions. I just want you to remember that people are free to talk, to discuss, and to suggest.”

“Don’t clamp down too hard. Our people are smart. They understand how they should live and work and we should support it in our people,” added Alexander Lukashenko.

The President pointed out that Belarus occupies an advantageous geopolitical location in the center of Europe yet the country is open on all sides. “We don’t have to do anyone’s bidding. Our national interests should be the primary concern. But it is necessary to see the world around us and to see where it is moving. We will not be able to avoid the movement. We have to polish, possibly reform, and improve the system we have created,” said the head of state.

“Certainly, times are complicated,” stated the President. “Well, what can we do? Time has chosen us. This is why we have to live in this time, doing our jobs and producing results.”

The head of state noted that it is necessary to properly carry out the spring sowing campaign in these complicated conditions. “I don’t want you to exaggerate the problem. You just need to keep things in order everywhere. We need order everywhere! Don’t put too much pressure on people. Let them work and demonstrate their best qualities. But technological process specifications must be observed. Your entire work should be focused on observing the technology,” said the President.

“I don’t understand what else is needed. We have fertilizers and seeds. We have everything. Farmers already say they don’t need any more machines. But we need order,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko gave instructions to make the necessary amounts of fertilizers for agriculture to avoid draining the country’s foreign exchange reserves by importing the merchandise that Belarus can make on its own.

“In other words, we need to start working on basic matters. After resolving these issues you will find the 25% prime cost reduction I’ve been talking about. As far as agriculture is concerned, let me tell you, we can find much more than 25%. We can find huge resources over there,” believes the head of state.

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