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11 Aug 2018

Lukashenko tests Belarusian super harvester

MINSK, 11 August (BelTA) – Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko tested the Belarusian grain harvester Palesse GS2124 in the fields of OAO Aleksandriyskoye on 11 August, BelTA informs.

The head of state voiced his intention to see the vehicle in action during his visit to Gomselmash on 10 August.

“These harvesters are for the farms that have learned how to get the soil ready. This is really the harvester of the future,” the president said. He drew particular attention to the need for greater localization in the production of machinery and the training harvester operators.

Alexander Lukashenko also got familiar with other Gomselmash novelties: harvesters GS3219 and GS19R.

The president stressed that enterprises should exploit the equipment with care. For this, harvester operators and machine operators should be sent to see how these vehicles are created. “This is a very important thing, Therefore, it is necessary for at least the country’s largest farms do such things. The same should be done at MTZ and MAZ, he stressed.

A proposal was voiced to develop continuity among harvester operators. Earlier, for example, there was such a practice when they took their children to work, but after several tragic accidents this format was turned down. Alexander Lukashenko instructed to look into the issues to boost continuity among the workers of the agricultural complex and at the same time enhance safety rules. “Submit suggestions and we will launch the process on 1 January,” he said.

The president was also interested in operation of OAO Aleksandriyskoye.

Alexander Lukashenko was told that the enterprise does well in general, but at the same time it is seriously affected by a large credit burden. “We need to work out a mechanism, a certain procedure for repaying loans for such farms, so that they could operate, develop and pay off loans,” the head of state said.

He was also updated on the harvesting process in other agricultural organizations of Shklov District and Mogilev Oblast in general. Special attention was paid to lagging enterprises, improvement of their activities.

The president discussed with experts the specifics of the agricultural holding company Kupalovskoye, possible ways to reorganize the manufacturing process.

The harvester GS2124 is based on the model KZS-1624 with a number of high-tech innovations, for example, the ability to operate via a satellite. Besides, the harvester is equipped with a precision farming system that determines the amount of the crop harvested from a certain area, and forms a field yield map. The remote monitoring system makes it possible, in particular, to send an emergency message to the service center. The video review system allows for a better control over grain unloading. The straw separator system makes the harvester’s working speed reach 6-8 km/h (against the usual 3-3.5 km/h).

The Belarusian harvester goes on par with its foreign analog Lexion 770.

Three GS2124 prototype models are currently tested in the Belarusian fields, including in OAO Aleksandriyskoye.

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