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14 Aug 2019

Lukashenko talks to Kostyukovichi residents, explains reasons for coming

Lukashenko talks to Kostyukovichi residents, explains reasons for coming

KOSTYUKOVICHI, 14 August (BelTA) – At the end of the working trip to Kostyukovichi District, Mogilev Oblast, where the prospects to further develop southeast regions were discussed, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko talked to Kostyukovichi residents, BelTA informs.

The head of state made a special emphasis on the responsibility of everybody for the future of the native town and the region. The state, in turn, will provide support where necessary. “Everything depends on us. Life is moving faster and faster today, like an express train or an aircraft, if you are lagging behind, you will lose touch, no one will wait for you, and we will drag behind. It is inadmissible. Now we have everything to live well. You should do your best at work, and the government and I will always support you. If you want,” the Belarusian leader said. “I am convinced that the majority of people in Kostyukovichi and other regions want to live well and raise children.”

“We cannot rip apart this territory,” the president emphasized.

Kostyukovichi residents met with the head of state near the district executive committee where the session to discuss the development of southeast regions of Mogilev Oblast took place. One person asked to pay more attention to the region and to help, another person thanked for what has been already done in recent years, some people had personal requests. One woman even presented her own books to the president.

Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed to look into all the issues and to report on the results to him. He also explained reasons for coming to Kostyukovichi. “Four years ago I gave an instruction to sort things out in southeast regions of Mogilev Oblast. In four years’ time I came to the region to see the progress with my own eyes,” he explained.

According to the head of state, intermediate inspections showed little progress. “We will step up efforts to implement this program. We will revise it, decide what we need to build in these seven regions to give jobs and decent salaries at the country’s average level of Br1,000,” the president said.

The resolution of housing issues will also be in the spotlight. But it will be tied to the creation of jobs and production development. As a result, there will be progress in the social sector, healthcare, construction of kindergartens, etc.

“We have come to terms. And we will see progress this year and in 2020. I think you will see it,” the Belarusian leader said.

At the same time, Aleksandr Lukashenko focused on issues which solely depend on people, particularly, on discipline, law and order. “Discipline is very low. I do not want to say that everyone is bad. But thefts are a big problem. As president, I am even ashamed to talk about it. People steal everything, starting from diesel oil and petrol. For example, some people have recently tried to steal grain. And they don’t feel ashamed at all, they don’t even hide it. They take it as if it is their own. We will root such things out,” the president assured.

“We will not solve problems without proper discipline and organization. If you want to improve things here, and things should be better here (you have a wonderful place for life)… Wonderful hardworking people! We must give them an opportunity to work and make money,” Aleksandr Lukashenko concluded.

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