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31 Aug 2018

Belarus Events Calendar: September 2018

The Artist and the City exhibition

The 7th edition of the Artist and the City project will traditionally be focused on the best representatives of modern Belarusian art. This year's draw is the art of famous surrealist Georgy Skripnichenko, who is often referred to as one of the key figures of the national art of the 1950s. In 2005 the University of Cambridge named him The Person of the Year. For the general public this is a unique chance to see the whole collection of the ‘Belarusian Dali’. The artist did not like to exhibit his works. Sometimes he continued to work on some of them for 40 years! The exhibition will travel to Vitebsk from Minsk after the City Day celebrations.

When: 17 May – 8 September
Where: Yakub Kolas Square, Minsk

Celebrations of national cultures in Minsk’s Upper City

The new tourism season began in the Upper Town in May and a series of festivals meant to demonstrate cultures and traditions of various countries was launched in the first days of summer. There are 15 countries in the spotlight this year: Sweden, Russia, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, South Korea, Ukraine, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Israel, and Azerbaijan and – for the first time ever – Estonia and the UK. Concerts and impressive performances, exhibitions and fairs, national cuisine and beverages are mandatory but, certainly, each country surprises visitors in its own way.

2 June – Swedish Culture Day
9 June – Multiethnic Russia Day
16 June – Great British Festival
21 July – Estonian Culture Day
28 July – Greek Culture Day
4 August – Lithuanian Culture Day
5 August – Polish Culture Day
18 August – Ukrainian Culture Day
19 August – Korean Culture Day
25 August – Armenian Culture Day
1 September – Georgian Culture Day – the Tbilisoba Festival (by the way, it was the Georgian culture festival, which began the series of national culture festivals in Minsk’s Upper City in 2015)
9 September – Italian Culture Day
15 September – Moldovan Culture Day
16 September – Israeli Culture Day
22 September – Azerbaijani Culture Day

Where: the Upper Town, the historic center of Minsk (Svobody Square, Kirilla and Mefodiya Street, Gertsena Street, Zybitskaya Street)

Belarusian Written Language Day in Ivanovo

In the onset of autumn, the ancient town of Yanov or today’s Ivanovo in Brest Oblast will become the center stage of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Belarusian Written Language Day. The celebrations will be dominated by the Native Land theme. A diverse cultural program of the festival includes a solemn ceremony to celebrate winners of the National Literature Award; a roundtable session that will draw novelists from 15 countries; a festival of books and printed press; the final stage of the national competition of young readers Live Classics. A series of events will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Primer. The sci-tech conference Ivanovo Readings will be organized by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The Road to Holy Places scientific and educational expedition with the Holy Light will be another traditional event of the Belarusian Written Language Day. 

When: 1-2 September
: Ivanovo, Brest Oblast

10th folk music festival Kamyanitsa

The anniversary folk music festival Kamyanitsa will surprise visitors of the famous outdoor museum with the scale (several stages will be deployed for the first time) and with musical novelties. This year’s open-air folk music festival will feature the most prominent Belarusian performers and bands. The number will include Stary Olsa, the “shamanistic” ethno-trio Troitsa led by Ivan Kirchuk, the rock musician Lavon Volski (in a duet with Pavel Arakelyan), the top lyrical musician Zmiter Voityushkevich together with WZ-Orchestra and the flamboyant folk music band Trollwald. The guests will include music bands from Russia and Ukraine – the music formation Testo from Saint Petersburg with their traditional folk tunes and the Lvov music band Joryj Kloc, which style is often described as Ukrainian rite hip hop, turbo folk music, or even Cossack break beat.

When: 1 September
Where: Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle, Ozertso, Minsk District

10th festival Vulitsa Ezha in Minsk

On the first autumn weekend the key street food festival Vulitsa Ezha invites Minsk chefs, bloggers, photographers, gastrophilists, and street food fans to participate in the tenth season of the gastronomic feast. The organizers promise a lot of pleasant surprises, for instance, new dishes in the food court, reports by prominent speakers in the auditorium, and – for the first time ever! – cookoffs between chefs of Minsk establishments and bloggers. Apart from that, handmade crafting and custom-made fans are invited to go to SARAFAN Market to buy custom-made souvenirs and gifts. Fans of healthy food and eco-friendly products are encouraged to go to the Local Food Market. Those, who appreciate the world of beauty, are invited to go to the beauty zone to be arranged by a Belarusian cosmetics brand. A concert program will begin in the evening: the Russian rock performer Nike Borzov, the Belarusian singers Ana Zhdanova and Lisa, the music bands Shuma, The Feedback, and Kokteil Shalyapina will be the headliners.

When: 1-2 September
Where: Dreamland, Minsk

2018 European Rowing U23 Championships in Brest

One of the main sport sights of Brest, the urban rowing canal, will host another international top-level tournament. The Brest rowing canal played host to the European Rowing Championships in 2009 and the World Rowing Junior Championships in 2010. The forthcoming European Rowing U23 Championships will welcome the best teams from 23 countries, including Belgium, the UK, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. The official opening is scheduled for 31 August. The program on 1 September will feature preliminary and repechage races. On 2 September the canal will host the 2,000m semifinal and final races.

When: 29 August – 2 September
Where: Brest rowing canal, Brest

Fire Festival MIFF 2018

The best fire theaters from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine will take to the ‘glaring’ stage of the International Fire Festival MIFF 2018. Participants will include fire performers from France and Italy who light up international events in Europe and America. The draw of the festival will be The Great Gatsby Broadway musical by the festival’s headliner THE BEST SHOW from Moscow. The audience will see dangerous fire breathing stunts performed by two-time Guinness World Records title-holder Zerg. Apart from the fire show that will star professional dancers, gymnasts and stunt performers, the organizers promise glaring installations, illuminated futuristic figures, and stunts involving live fire and light effects and grandiose fireworks.

When: 7-9 September
Where: Dreamland Park, Minsk

2018 UEFA Nations League in Minsk

Dinamo Stadium in Minsk, which reopened after a major makeover in June 2018, will host its first matches of the UEFA Nations League. The new European international football tournament is planned to replace a big part of friendlies and secure the UEFA Euro 2020 berths for many teams. According to the draw ceremony held in Lausanne, Switzerland in January, Belarus will play in League D. Belarus will hold the first round of fixtures for the main trophy, the Nations League Cup, on the home ground: vs San Marino on 8 September, and vs Moldova and Luxembourg on 12 and 15 October. According to head coach of the Belarusian national team Igor Kriushenko, the team is full of energy and hopes to have revenge in the forthcoming match against Luxembourg.

When: 8 September, 12 October, 15 October
Where: Dinamo Stadium, Minsk

Ancient Minsk 2018

The traditional history and culture festival Ancient Minsk will be the central event of the Minsk City Day celebrations. The program of the festival features medieval battles, an equestrian tournament and reenactment of an attack on a castle. Visitors will be able to plunge into several eras: there will be venues dedicated to Ancient Rome, Vikings, Principality of Polotsk, Middle Ages, Napoleon era, WWI and WWII. Apart from spectacular shows, the entertainments will include interactive venues, a fair, lectures about Minsk history, master classes in crafts and a concert.

When: 8 September
Where: Green patch at the crossroads of Pobeditelei Avenue and Masherova Avenue

Big sport festival

The program of the large-scale sports and fitness festival features competitions in power extreme, kettlebell lifting, streetball, master classes in volleyball, martial arts, chess and other sports. There will be an exposition of fitness equipment and bicycles, exhibition performances of the yachting team and the workout team, a roller ski race and a roller skating marathon. Taking part in the festival will be famous Belarusian athletes. The Palova Arena will host a 3x3 basketball tournament. Minsk will welcome six women’s teams from Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

When: 8 September
Where: Minsk, the Sport palace and the Svisloch River

Lidbeer 2018 festival in Lida

Hop, malt, water and Leningrad: the festival season will wrap up with LIDBEER 4.0. One of the country’s biggest open-air events will boast celebrities from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. The headliner of the show will be popular Russian band Leningrad. Other top performers will include ChuVstvo Poleta, Nizkiz, Animal Jazz and Vopli Vidoplyasova. The festival will offer numerous entertainment venues, a huge food court, a campsite and lounge areas at the walls of the Lida Castle overlooking the Lideika River.

When: 8 September
Where: Lida, Grodno Oblast

Minsk Half Marathon 2018

The Minsk Half Marathon boasts the Road Race Bronze Label status of the International Association of Athletics Federations and five stars of quality and safety of the European Athletics Association. This year over 35,000 people are expected to take part in the event. The route (the longest distance is 21.1km long) will go through the city’s main attractions . Gold medalist of the European Athletics Championships 2018 in Berlin Volha Mazuronak is also expected to join the race. The Dream Team of the marathon will include Sports Minister Sergei Kovalchuk, Ambassador of the UK to Belarus Fionna Gibb, Healthcare Minister Valery Malashko, Olympic bronze medalist Lyubov Cherkashina and famous media personalities, athletes and business people.

When: 9 September
Where: Pobeditelei Avenue, Minsk

Tank Crewman Day

The game development studio Wargaming will once again organize Tank Crewman Day, a holiday many have come to love. A gaming zone with 200 computers will be dedicated to Wargaming’s MMO World of Tanks. Visitors will be able to play the game, talk to developers, and learn about the unique in-game map, which has been inspired by Minsk of the 1970s. The map was revealed by the World of Tanks team on 31 July. The organizers promise that everyone will be able to find something to enjoy during Tank Crewman Day. The choice of entertainment includes master classes, interactive games for kids, art objects, photo zones, performances by the pop bands BoomBox, IOWA, Tantsy Minus, and festive fireworks.

When: 9 September
Where: Pobedy Park, Minsk

Belaya Vezha theater festival

Brest’s cultural calling card, the annual Belaya Vezha theater festival, has staged more than 570 plays from 58 countries over more than 20 years of its history. With every new season the geography and genre variety of the festival expands further. The playbill for 2018 will include the world classics, the experimental drama, the plastic theater, street performances and the puppet theater. This year the forum will feature 23 theater companies from 10 countries, including the UK, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Algeria and Armenia. This year’s out-of-competition program will include the project Belovezhka for children’s and youth theaters from around the country and abroad. Another novelty is plays in HD format. The TheatreHD project will take the audience to the UK capital to see Sadler’s Wells ballet The Car Man and the Hamlet: Cumberbatch production by the Royal National Theater.

When: 11–16 September
Where: Brest Academic Drama Theater, Brest

The first circus festival Idol Belarus

The world circus art festival Idol will come to Belarus for the first time ever! Upon the proposal of Edgard Zapashny, Director of the Great Moscow Circus, where the international forum has been taking place since 2013, Idol Belarus will take place in the Gomel State Circus. Guests from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Mexico, China, Canada, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan will demonstrate their skills and will share experience with colleagues from Belarus. Idol Belarus will have a lot of surprises in store, including the prominent names on the panel of judges. The judges will include the director and scriptwriter Eugene Chaplin, son of the famous movie actor Charlie Chaplin.

When: 13-16 September
Where: Gomel State Circus

9th international choreographic art festival Sozhsky Karagod

About 1,000 artistes from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, Serbia, and India will convene in Gomel for the 9th international choreographic art festival Sozhsky Karagod. Dancers will demonstrate their skills in various genres ranging from folk dancing to modern ballet. This year’s festival’s theme is time that never stops, the appreciation of every passing moment, and love for life. Besides, visitors will be able to spectate international ballroom dance competitions – cha-cha-cha, jive, rhumba, and other genres. A theatrical parade of the festival participants will be arranged as well.

When: 14-16 September
Where: Gomel

Cranes and Cranberries of Miory Land festival

The environmental festival Cranes and Cranberries of Miory Land, held since 2012, has already become one of the brands of Miory Land and the entire Vitebsk Oblast. This is the place to taste the most delicious autumn small fruit – cranberry and watch migrating birds. Every year over 4,000 gray cranes and dozens of thousands of ducks of different species make a stop in one of Belarus and Europe’s biggest raised bogs in the Yelnya landscape reserve during seasonal migration. To take a walk in local fields, watch flocks of birds, take memorable photos, participate in environmental games, choose the Miory Zhuravinka, select the best farmstead of Miory Land, buy souvenirs from local craftsmen and try cranberry drinks and sweets is a must-do program for an autumn weekend in Miory.

When: 16 September
Where: Miory, Vitebsk Oblast

Sax player Igor Butman in Gomel

People’s Artist of Russia, chief of the Moscow jazz orchestra, producer of 11 international festivals, including Triumph of Jazz, Aquajazz, SochiJazzFestival, WorldJazzFestival, Igor Butman is a legend in the music world. After the first performance in 1981 critics called him the revelation of the year. In two years he performed in the legendary orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem which is called the best big band in the country. Today the outstanding sax player performs in the best concert halls all over the world and is always open to experiments. One of them is a concert program which he will present together with the Gomel City Orchstra.

When: 16 September
Where: Gomel Oblast Social and Cultural Center, Gomel

15th international festival of student theaters Teatralny Kufar

The only international festival of student theaters in Belarus which has become one of the most prestigious festivals in Eastern Europe has brought together more than 250 art groups from over 65 countries throughout its history. The festival which received the Brand of the Year award in 2011 unites talented youth from all over the world. This year the festival will feature the best productions and debut projects of young playwrights from Belarus, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, Russia, Czechia, Croatia, Uzbekistan, Chile and Indonesia. The main prize of the forum, the Big Kufar, will be awarded to the best production after the viewers voting. Besides, the program of the festival will include discussions, creative meetings, acting and directing workshops, presentations of plays by KufarDramaLab.

When: 19-28 September
Where: lyceum of the Belarusian State University, Minsk

8th international theater art festival TEART

Depressurization is the slogan of one of the country’s largest theater forums. This year’s TEART festival will feature nine performances, a Belarus Open showcase of the country’s best ten productions, and TEART School, during which one will be taught to “listen, see, and speak”. Artists from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belgium, France, Finland, Vietnam, and South Korea will perform on stages of Belarusian theaters.

When: 20 September – 16 October
Where: Minsk

13th festival of modern East Asian culture in Minsk

The festival of modern East Asian culture, also known as Higan (meaning equinox in Japanese) before last year, has become the first forum to united Belarusian amateurs of graphic novels, computer games, street fashion, music and other things that are very popular in Eastern Asia. The central event of the youth festival which is held as part of the project Japanese Autumn in Belarus will be a bright cosplay contest. The program of the 2018 forum will feature Eastern vibes and surprises. Apart from traditional runway walks there will be stage productions and acts, dancing and song covers, exhibitions of drawings and photos, a show of jointed dolls and a book fair.

When: 23 September
Where: FalconClubArena, Minsk

31st national jogging festival Yazyl Ten

The national jogging festival Yazyl Ten which is included in the international calendar of tournaments and competitions has been a popular event for three decades. Every year this unusual forum brings together professional athletes and jogging amateurs of all ages from Belarus and other countries in the town of Starye Dorogi, Minsk Oblast. Partaking in the event will also be students of local schools, families, workers of nearby enterprises, representatives of local authorities. The 2018 program includes the Five-Hundred-Meter Race, the Corporate Race (2500m), the School Team Race (2500m), the Yazyl Ten (10km), the Family Relay (3x500m), and the Starye Dorogi Races (60m) for the youngest participants. Guests of the festival will also take part in contests, lotteries, quizzes, taste homemade food.

When: 28-29 September
Where: Starye Dorogi, Minsk Oblast

Olympia Classic Symphony Orchestra: Vivaldi. Four Seasons

A new music season in the Red Cathedral will open with a famous concert cycle Antonio Vivaldi: Four Seasons performed by the renowned symphony orchestra Olympia Classic under the baton of Mikhail Snitko, a student of famous conductors, People’s Artists of Russia Gennady Provatorov, Ilya Musin and Gennady Rozhdestvensky. Previously the orchestra presented memorable programs featuring the best film scores, the best waltzes in the world, and the big New Year concert of Johann Strauss’ music. This time the orchestra will perform one of the greatest and most magnificent pieces of music created by the famous Austrian composer in 1723 in one of the biggest churches in Minsk.

When: 30 September
Where: Red Cathedral, Minsk

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