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30 Sep 2018

Belarus Events Calendar: October 2018

Photography Month in Minsk

This year the project will be held for the fifth time and will take place in Minsk, Brest and Grodno. Apart from 18 expositions of fine art photographers from 10 countries, the forum will offer lectures, master classes and discussions involving photographers and curators from Belarus, Poland, Germany, Russia and France. The anniversary edition of the Photography Month promises a diversity of themes and concepts – from wedding traditions of China in 1985-2005 (Thomas Savin) to portraits of Native Americans and pictures of the Wild West by Edward S. Curtis.

When: 6 September – 6 October
Where: Art venues of Minsk, Brest and Grodno

2018 UEFA Nations League in Minsk

Dinamo Stadium in Minsk, which reopened after a major makeover in June 2018, will host its first matches of the UEFA Nations League. The new European international football tournament is planned to replace a big part of friendlies and secure the UEFA Euro 2020 berths for many teams. According to the draw ceremony held in Lausanne, Switzerland in January, Belarus will play in League D. Belarus will hold the first round of fixtures for the main trophy, the Nations League Cup, on the home ground: vs San Marino on 8 September, and vs Moldova and Luxembourg on 12 and 15 October. According to head coach of the Belarusian national team Igor Kriushenko, the team is full of energy and hopes to have revenge in the forthcoming match against Luxembourg.

When: 8 September, 12 October, 15 October
Where: Dinamo Stadium, Minsk

Big Hungarian Circus in Gomel

Fast and graceful horses, striped zebras, slow camels, a huge elephant, a funny river horse and sweet lamas – the program of the Big Hungarian Circus promises a great number of exotic ‘artists’. The draw of the show is a breathtaking act that involves simultaneous juggling with hands and feet. This circus skill is called Antipode. Another impressive act will include acrobatic stunts under the dome of the circus. One of the most popular circus characters – clowns – will work their magic to keep everyone entertained.

When: 15 September – 14 October
Where: Gomel State Circus, Gomel

8th international theater art festival TEART

Depressurization is the slogan of one of the country’s largest theater forums. This year’s TEART festival will feature nine performances, a Belarus Open showcase of the country’s best ten productions, and TEART School, during which one will be taught to “listen, see, and speak”. Artists from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belgium, France, Finland, Vietnam, and South Korea will perform on stages of Belarusian theaters.

When: 20 September – 16 October
Where: Minsk

Belarus and the Bible exhibition in Belarus' National Library

The Belarus and the Bible exhibition in the National Library features the Bibles of different faiths in different languages. They are the monuments of global importance, many of which have never been shown in Central and Eastern Europe. Valuable rare books from the UK, USA, Israel, Korea aged 5,000 years have been brought into one exposition for the first time. Among the most significant works are the Belarusian artifacts: handwritten Torahs, Gospels, Apostles of the 16th -21st centuries, the publications of the Belarusian first printer Francysk Skaryna and his followers, translations of biblical texts into Belarusian and European languages and examples of artistic design of the Holy Scripture by the best masters of the 16-21 centuries.

When: 20 September – 21 October
Where: National Library of Belarus, Minsk

Japanese Autumn 2018 Festival in Belarus

The 6th edition of festival of Japanese culture called as Japanese Autumn in Belarus will be running in several Belarusian cities from September till November. The festival will open with an exhibition of Japanese graphics of the 1970s at the National Art Museum of Belarus. The program of the festival features numerous lectures and master classes, concerts and film screenings, exhibitions and sports competitions, and many more events. Belarus will host many Japanese musicians and artists, masters of tea ceremony, ikebana, karate and Aikido.

When: 20 September – 29 November
Where: Borisov, Minsk, Grodno, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Gomel

Montparnasse Artists From Belarusian Towns

Marc Chagall, Faibich-Schraga Zarfin, Ossip Lubitch, Robert Guenine, Eugeniusz Zak, Pinchus Kremegne, Ossip Zadkine, Michel Kikoine are famous artists - natives of Belarus who gained fame in the 20th century as members of the famous School of Paris. For the past century since the First World War, their works have been items of interest for wealthy collectors. The talented inhabitants of Montparnasse, Paris southern suburb, went down in history as the outstanding Fauvism, Modernism, Cubism and Expressionism artists. The new exposition in the History Museum presents 100 works dating from 1915-1970 made by the famous artists-natives of Belarus. As part of the exposition the museum will offer lectures by the School of Paris researchers and also screenings of the documentaries about the artists.

When: 21 September – 14 October
Where: National History Museum, Minsk

Weeks of Germany in Belarus

Belarus will host the Weeks of Germany for the 15th time already. This year they will be held in eleven Belarusian cities. The program includes numerous concerts of classical and rock music, while Minsk will host the XJAZZ Festival for the first time. The admirers of cinematography will enjoy many interesting movies, including modern short films, German feature films with Russian subtitles and also documentaries. The Weeks of Germany will also feature master classes on Bavarian cuisine. The event will also see a conference on renewable energy and the Minsk Urban Forum, thematic photo exhibitions, lectures, meetings and discussions with German cultural figures and artists.

When: 23 September – 18 November
Where: Minsk, Baranovichi, Borisov, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Molodechno, Pinsk and Polotsk.

International Music Day in Belarusian Philharmonic

The International Music Day, which is traditionally celebrated on 1 October, will open with a cycle of concerts "Classics for All" in the Belarusian State Philharmonic by the Belarusian State Symphony Orchestra under the baton of  Belarus’ People's Artist Alexander Anisimov. The program will start with the overture "Glee on the occasion …" by Vyacheslav Kuznetsov. The composer was inspired by the Belarusian folk songs and the talent of the orchestra musicians. The program will continue with the classic "Scheherazade" famous for its combination of exciting oriental rhythms and charming love languor tunes and Tchaikovsky's symphonic poem "Francesca Da Rimini", which Cclassical devotees loved from the very first performance in 1876. The poem has been included in the program of the leading orchestras all over the world. The program will wrap up with Tatyana's Letter scene from Tchaikovsky's opera Eugene Onegin to be performed by soloists Irina Krikunova and Natalia Rudneva.

When: 1 October
Where: Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, Minsk

Malaya Bronnaya Theater in Minsk

The Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya will bring the romantic drama Cyrano de Bergerac directed by Pavel Safonov to Minsk. The drama is based on the same-name play by the French playwright and poet Edmond Rostand. The performance was nominated for the prestigious Star of Theater Award as the best performance of the 2014-2015 season. According to the director’s idea, the minimalistic stage design by Marius Jacovskis will immerse the audience into the world of art that exists beyond time, where people on the stage transform space and where objects change their destiny. Starring are Olga Lomonosova and Grigory Antipenko. A special character is the music by Faustas Latenas which responds only to the remarks and the mood of the heroes ...

When: 1 – 2 October
Where: Central Officers House, Minsk

Autumn Salon with Belgazprombank in Minsk

The fourth season of Autumn Salon with Belgazprombank will feature the biggest art exhibition ever arranged in Belarus. It is similar to the legendary Paris salons at the Champs Elysees that bring together the most talented artists of our time on an annual basis. In just a few years Autumn Salon has become a platform for Belarusian contemporary art. Thanks to the education program (lectures, meet-the-artist events, master classes, interactive excursions, quests, and classes for children), the event has gained wide popularity. Last year the exhibition was attended by about 10,000 people, but this is not the limit! By the way, this year has set a record for applications to participate in the Minsk exhibition. The wonderful art project is expected to bring together 124 young artists selected by professional jury from more than 450 candidates from all over the country country.

When: 5 October – 4 November
Where: Art-Belarus Gallery, Palace of Art, Minsk

Russian Ballet. Ilze Liepa’s Stories in Bolshoi Theater of Belarus

The dance recital of People’s Artist of Russia Ilze Liepa in the Bolshoi Theater offers world choreography masterpieces performed by leading ballet dancers from Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The program of the recital is a mixture of genres – from the best of the ballet (Pas de Deux from The Sleeping Beauty, a duet from Carmen Suite, Pas de Deux from La Sylphide and Don Quixote) to true-life stories from the famous ballerina who was raised in a home where everything had to do with dancing.

When: 6 October
Where: Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater, Minsk

Minsk to host 13th Yuri Bashmet International Music Festival

The 13th installment of Yuri Bashmet International Music Festival offers to enjoy the masterpieces of the world classical music performed by modern vocalists and musicians. The opening concert will feature Grammy award winners Moscow Soloists Chamber Ensemble under the baton of People's Artist of the USSR and Russia Yuri Bashmet. The opening day of the festival will also feature a premiere of a concerto for viola and piano and orchestra called Landscapes of Vanishing Memory (by Master Arnolt Shlik). The piece is dedicated to Yuri Bashmet and Rostislav Krimer and will be premiered by the protagonists themselves. The guests will also enjoy the musical show “The Devil, the Soldier and the Violin” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of renowned composer Igor Stravinsky. It will feature not actors but famous personalities of our time: journalist Vladimir Pozner, rock musician and poet Andrei Makarevich, world-renowned violinist and conductor Dmitry Sitkovetsky. Many-timer winner of the world and European rhythmic gymnastics championships, the leader of the Belarusian national team Yekaterina Galkina will be featured during a concert of the East-West Chamber Orchestra

When: 7 – 20 October
Where: Palace of the Republic, the Belarusian State Philharmonic, Minsk

Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya’s Circle of Friends Exhibition in Mogilev

Following a five-year makeover the memorial museum of Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya reopened in Mogilev in September. The museum welcomes first visitors with a renewed exposition featuring the painter’s famous landscapes. The National Art Museum teamed up with the Tretyakov Gallery to display more than 20 works of artists from Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya’s circle of friends, colleagues and supporters. The masterpieces of the Russian treasury include Isaac Levitan’s Over Eternal Peace, Igor Grabar’s February Azure, Alexander Moravov’s Men. The focus of the exhibition is Byalynitsky-Birulya’s works. Among the exhibits is his student work From Pyatigorsk Suburbs, his Winter Dream that received the bronze medal at the international exhibition in Barcelona in 1911, and also his well-known landscapes Cloudy Day and Blooming Garden.

When: 11 October
Where: Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya Museum, Mogilev

Extreme running: Bison Race in Logoisk

Extreme running with an obstacle course in the mountain skiing complex Logoisk is a chance to race through thick and thin for 12km. The track features over 40 obstacles – cold water, wooden barriers, containers with mud, mounds of plastic tires, outdoor monkey ladders, and even grass set on fire. A genuine three-day survival festival for fans of extreme leisure, sportsmen, and all those, who want to test their endurance.

When: 12–14 October
Where: The mountain skiing complex Logoisk, Minsk Oblast

Night running in Brest

Running is definitely getting more and more popular in Brest: after the local half-marathon active lifestyle fans will try their strength in the first ever night run. The track is 7.4km long and goes all the way from the Francysk Skaryna riverfront to Brest’s downtown and back again. The event is expected to gather 500 runners. Not only the best athlete will be awarded. The organizers will present a valuable gift to the owner of the best illuminated costume. Vehicle traffic will be restricted along the track for the sake of safety.

When: 13 October
Where: Brest

Vladimir Vysotsky’s commemoration night

Songs of the famous bard will be performed by Artur Fedorovich and Pavel Narochansky to the accompaniment of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus. The show “I will certainly come back” is dedicated to the 80th anniversary since the birth of Vladimir Vysotsky, a cult figure of the 20th century.

When: 18 October
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Maksim Galkin in Minsk

The talented humorist has prepared a whole bunch of one’s favorite parodies, comic numbers, songs, premieres, and unexpected surprises for the Minsk public. The lively effervescent humor and sincere monologues by Maksim Galkin will make the public happy in the Palace of the Republic on 20 October.

When: 20 October
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Kuklachev Theater in Minsk: Clown and Cats Show

Yuri Kuklachev Moscow Cat Theater, which opened its doors in the 1990s, is still unmatched in the world. The theater company features numerous cats. The Kuklachev dynasty is continued by the great artist’s son, Honored Artist of Russia Dmitry Kuklachev, who tours different countries with new shows. This time he will be telling the story of his dream of becoming a well-known artist in the Clown and Cats show. The new show is a variety of spectacular somersaults. The show features both cats and dogs.

When: 20 – 21 October
Where: Central House of Officers, Minsk

BrainStorm in Minsk

BrainStorm (Prata Vetra) is a well-known Latvian rock band. The story of four childhood friends who were fond of music and performed in their school hall developed into a successful joint music career. In 2000 they were the first to represent Latvia at the Eurovision and landed third in the song contest. Today the calling card of the popular boys’ band is lyric songs, a great sense of humor and charisma coupled with Renars Kaupers’ beautiful and recognizable voice timbre. BrainStorm will bring to the Belarusian capital their new, 13th, album Wonderful Day featuring songs in Latvian, Russian and English. BrainStorm in Minsk will perform both new songs and also beloved hits, including Maybe, Colder, My Star, Thunder Without Rain.

When: 21 October
Where: Prime Hall, Minsk

Peter Bence in Minsk

24-year-old Hungarian musician Peter Bence, the world’s fastest piano player, has gained popularity with his piano arrangements of Michael Jackson, Queen and Sia on his YouTube channel and Facebook page. The outstanding pianist started his career at the age of four. Today he is a successful musician, composer and music producer. He holds the world record for most piano key hits in one minute (765), according to the Guinness book of records. Thanks to his talent Peter Bence continued his studies in the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since 2012 he has been touring the United States, Europe and Asia with his album and solo program Awesome Piano, which the pianist will present in Minsk, too.

When: 22 October
Where: Minsk Concert Hall, Minsk

Stas Piekha Presents Anniversary Show Piekha.15

Famous Russian singer, grandson of People’s Artist of the USSR Edita Piekha rose to stardom due to the Star Factory. Season 3 project. It was there where he performed his debut songs One Star and Let Me Go. The songs were written by his first producer Viktor Drobysh and were performed in duet with singer Valeria. After ‘graduating’ from the Star Factory, Stas Piekha released his solo album and took part in a number of music shows, like the Voice of the Country, Stars in Opera, Two Stars, Your Turn!, Hit, You Are Super! By now, the 38-year old singer has released 3 albums, 12 music videos, has sung with Valeria, Grigory Leps and Irina Dubtsova, has received the Golden Gramophone Award 10 times as well as the Song of the Year Award and the MTV Music Awards. The forthcoming tour celebrates the singer’s 15-year long music career. The artist will perform his best songs, like About You, She Is Not Yours, You Are Sad, Old Story, Line On The Palm, I Am With You, Happiness…

When, where:

24 October – Regional Community Center, Mogilev
25 October – Community Center of Railway Workers, Gomel
27 October – Palace of Arts, Bobruisk
28 October – Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Concert show Symphonic Kino

The year 2018 is a jubilee year for the music band Kino: the cult album Gruppa Krovi [blood type] turns 30, the legendary guitarist Yuri Kasparyan turns 55. A new view on songs by Viktor Tsoi will be presented in Minsk. Spectators will be able to appreciate an original interpretation of the rock music hit songs performed by the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus. The guitarist Yuri Kasparyan from the Kino music band will take part in the event. His contribution is expected to keep the original spirit of the songs intact.

When: 27 October
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Three Days Grace in Minsk

The new album Outsider will be presented and the best hit songs of the famous Canadian rock band will be performed in Minsk on 27 October. The sixth disk by the music band Three Days Grace and the second disk by the talented vocalist Matt Walst are the key piece of work of the rock band of the last few years (the previous album Human was released in 2015). According to members of the band, the new release is dedicated to one key thought: it is time to take a break and take a step back away from the insanity of life. The album was created in an atmosphere of solitude and creativity: for the duration of this work the rock band moved into the farm of the drummer Neil Sanderson where the new tracks were born to the accompaniment of acoustic guitars around a campfire.

When: 27 October
Where: Prime Hall, Minsk

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