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28 Feb 2019

Belarus Events Calendar: March 2019

Park of Magic Lights

An exhibition of lighting installations is open 24/7 in the evening time: Here you can enjoy the magic show of lights. More than 30 compositions, among which there is a dynamic tunnel, a 10-meter “waterfall”, “The Eiffel Tower”, “a volcano”, create a cozy atmosphere of magic Christmas evenings. You can continue an evening stroll by visiting the mirror maze.

When: 1 January – 31 March
Where: Dreamland Park, Minsk

Magic Show

The popular festival of magicians will bring together in Grodno the best magicians from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland. The program includes competitive events where participants will demonstrate skills in such nominations as mental and stage magic and micromagic and also master classes, unusual entertainment and a gala performance which will feature famous illusionist Vadim Savenkov from Moscow.

When: 2-3 March
Where: Grodno regional drama theater, Grodno

Maslenitsa in Belarus

Maslenitsa is a sun festival that has its roots in pagan times. This beautiful and very jolly week signals the exit of winter and heralds the coming of spring. By visiting Belarusian ethnographic museums, you can feel the atmosphere of the sunny holiday. It is about noisy celebrations, tasty treats (with pancake being the most important dish on the table), festive songs and dances, masquerades, sleigh rides, folk games and, of course, burning the effigy of winter!

When, where:
2 March - Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle in the village of Ozertso
9 March - Museum of Old Folk Crafts and Technologies Dudutki 
9 March - Festivalny country club, Orlovshchina Khutor, Volozhin District

Exhibition from Alexandre Vassiliev in Minsk

Fashion historian, stage designer and theater critic, collector, host of the Modny Prigovor [Fashion Verdict] TV program Alexandre Vassiliev invites visitors to experience the atmosphere of a ball. The new exhibition, based on the personal collection of the artist, features over 100 spectacular images created by the world's leading fashion designers and fashion houses throughout the century: from 1915 till 2015.

When: 3 March – 30 May
Where: Belarus National History Museum, Minsk

Master and Margarita production in Minsk

Art critics describe this theatrical adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s famous novel as “the most mystical production of our time”. This play directed by Sergei Aldonin (who plays the part of Voland) abounds in music, pantomime and visual reincarnations. On 3 March, the Palace of the Republic invites you follow the characters into the Patriarchal Pond district, the chambers of Pontius Pilate and the master's cellar and at the same time admire Ekaterina Klimova in the role of Margarita.
When: 3 March
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Mireille Mathieu in Minsk

Mireille Mathieu’s charm, unique voice and awesome music will take the audience to Paris, a city of charming atmosphere of romance and love.

When: 4 March
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Diana Arbenina and Nochniye Snaipery in Minsk

The Best In 25 Years tour program will be presented by the Nochniye Snaipery (Night Snipers) band with Diana Arbenina, a Belarus-born singer-songwriter, as the lead vocalist. Minsk will be one of the first places in their tour itinerary. The audience will hear new releases and old-time hits, like 31st Spring, Fly My Soul, Wake Me Up, Sad People…

When: 9 March
Where: Palace of Sport, Minsk

Mysteries and Riddles of Princes Radziwill

The quest dubbed as Mysteries and Riddles of Princes Radziwill will be held in the castle once owned by the well-known Radziwill magnates. Visitors will be able to sneak into the places that tourists are usually not allowed to enter. Visitors will see the princely rooms, go down to the dungeons, take a peek behind the closed doors and find out the secrets of the Nesvizh residence. 

When: 9 March
Where:  National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve Nesvizh, Minsk Oblast

Alexander Serov in Minsk

People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Serov will give a big concert timed to the International Women’s Day on 10 March. The Minsk audience will be able to hear his unique and mellifluous baritone voice performing much-loved hits and new releases.

When: 10 March
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Concord Orchestra

The world’s first dancing symphony orchestra is coming to Minsk with its new show Symphonic Rock Hits. Led by Italian conductor Fabio Pirola, the orchestra will perform famous tracks by Linkin Park, Queen, Scorpions, Metallica, System of a Down, Evanescence, Depeche Mode, Deep Purple, Nirvana, Roxette, Aerosmith, Muse, Rammstein… The program is called Griffon Wings, as the band will wear themed costumes. The musicians will rock the stage with stunning music and choreography.

When: 12 March
Where: Minsk Concert Hall, Minsk

National Tea Championship

The country’s leading tea experts, baristas, bartenders and tea lovers will get together for the 5th edition of the National Tea Championship. Visitors will be able to watch tea ceremonies, listen to experts, taste different tea varieties, take part in master classes and learn about alternative ways of serving tea in restaurants and secrets behind tea cocktails…

When: 12–14 March
Where: Skating Stadium of Minsk Arena

Healthcare of Belarus International Medical Forum

The country’s biggest healthcare expo will be held for the 26th time. It will draw domestic and international healthcare experts, medical equipment producers and pharmaceutical companies. The forum breaks attendance records every year – in 2018 it was visited by over 10,000 specialists! This year the event is timed to the centennial anniversary of the national healthcare system.

When: 12–15 March
Where: Football Manege, Minsk

Millennium Festival in Brest

About 3,000 participants from seven countries – Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Spain, Portugal and Venezuela – will take part in the Millennium Festival timed to the 1,000th anniversary of Brest. This festival-contest will feature dancing, singing, music, theater and art. Taking part in the festival will be contestants aged three years and older.

When: 14–17 March
Where: Brest

Prime Orchestra Sympho Show

The Prime Orchestra Sympho Show is bringing its program World Hits to Minsk. The orchestra, together with a DJ, a rock band and several soloists, blends symphonic and electronic music for a new interpretation of the world hits (The Prodigy, Bon Jovi, Elton John, A-Ha, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode).

When: 15 March
Where: Minsk Concert Hall, Minsk

Unfiltered Cinema Festival in Minsk

Art house and auteur cinema lovers are invited to attend the international festival Unfiltered Cinema, which rose from public screenings as part of the Cinema Perpetuum Mobile forum in Minsk. The three-day event will feature competition screenings (works not longer than 35 minutes), creative meetings and master classes from outstanding filmmakers.

When: 15–17 March 
Where: Minsk

Dmitry Koldun in Minsk

Dmitry Koldun, winner of four Golden Gramophone awards, the National Music Award and the Singer of the Year 2018 title according to RU TV Belarus, will give a concert in the Belarusian capital on 19 March. The concert will feature both “golden” hits and new songs such as Moi Dom and Davai Sygrayem v Lyubov. 

When: 19 March
Where: Minsk Concert Hall, Minsk

Natalia Oreiro in Minsk

The prominent Uruguayan singer and actress Natalia Oreiro, who snatched the hearts of millions of fans after the TV series Wild Angel, is coming back to Minsk as part of the large-scale Unforgettable Tour 2019. The grandiose two-hour show will feature new songs and old hits such as Cambio Dolor, Me Muero De Amor, De Tu Amor, and Como Te Olvido…

When: 21 March
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

International Youth Theater Forum М

Mogilev is welcoming spring with its international youth theater festival. This year, the forum will feature a large-scale program of 23 plays by 23 theaters from ten countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Israel, and others. The theater forum will open with Tartuffe by Masterskaya St Petersburg State Theater (Russia).

When: 21–27 March
Where: Mogilev Oblast Drama Theater, Mogilev

Grigory Leps in Minsk

Russian singer Grigory Leps, who has many devoted fans across the CIS, will give a concert in Minsk on 22 March. The singer, whose songs often top music charts, will bring his new hit Amen about one’s pain and loneliness after parting with the loved one.

When: 22 March
Where: Minsk Arena

Gukanne Vyasny Festival

One of the most joyful and lyrical rites on the Belarusian folk calendar, Gukanne Vyasny (Spring is Calling), dates back to the pagan times and celebrates the awakening of nature from winter’s cold. Visitors to the ethnographic centers and museums will be able to take part in the rite, dancing master classes, games and enjoy folk music.

When, where: 
23 March – the Dudutki Museum of Ancient Crafts and Technologies
30 March – the Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle in the village of Ozertso

Polina Gagarina in Minsk

On her birthday the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 participant, with her strong voice and unimaginable charm, Polina Gagarina will present a spring show in Minsk. She promised that everything will be tiptop: modern digital decorations, impressive numbers accompanied by choreography with the author’s touch, impeccable sound, stylish costumes, and, of course, hit songs – Dramy Bolshe Net, Obezoruzhena, and Vyshe Golovy…

When: 27 March
Where: Minsk Arena

Bi-2 music band in Belarus

Shura and Lyova from Bi-2 love experimenting and surprising people with new projects. This time they will perform while accompanied by a symphonic orchestra conducted by Felix Aranovsky. The evening program will feature tracks from the Gorizont Sobytiy album and rare tracks from previous disks: for instance, the single Moi Rok-n-Roll will be heard differently thanks to the duo with the finalist of the TV show Golos Tina Kuznetsova.

When, Where:

29 March – Minsk Arena
31 March – Ice Palace, Gomel

Asian culture and cosplay festival FreeTime-Fest

A festival of modern youth culture, which borrows the best traits of anime festivals and fantasy fiction conventions, will gather fans of various fancies, which are popular in Eastern Asia, in Gomel for the fifth year in a row. Participants of the festival will cosplay their favorite characters and internationally recognized performers, will stage performances on the stage, and will participate in singing and dancing contests.

When: 30 March
Where: Gomel

TedxMinsk conference Awakening of the Mind

Internationally popular TEDx conferences have been held in Minsk since 2009. This year’s TedxMinsk event will be built around the theme Awakening of the Mind. Both Belarusian and foreign speakers are expected to make their reports during the conference, including Psychology Professor from the City University of New York, Belarusian Anastasia Lipnevich, the World Bank resident representative in Belarus, Brit Alex Kremer, the Russian-Israeli writer, fashion theorist Linor Goralik.

When: 30 March
Where: Yanka Kupala Theater, Minsk

INACHE (differently). A half-marathon with melting distance and children’s race

Arranged by the charity organization Wings of Angels, the inclusive half-marathon will take place in Loshitsa Park on 31 March. Melting distance means that runners will have to turn back at half the distance and run back along the track they already know. Those, who manage to run for half the distance, will get a blue cape of leadership and will get the right to turn back other runners. Thus, the distance for less trained runners will “melt” since they will have to run a shorter distance to reach the finish line. Children will be able to run special shorter distances. They will also enjoy activity zones and sweet prizes.

When: 31 March
Where: Loshitsa Park, Minsk

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