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30 Jun 2017

Belarus Events Calendar: July 2017

Kupalle in BelarusKupalle in Belarus

International expo "Ultima ratio regum. Belarus in the Northern Wars in the mid 17th – early 18th centuries”

International expo "Ultima ratio regum. Belarus in the Northern Wars in the mid 17th – early 18th centuries”

A large-scale international project, which took two years to prepare, brought together the largest galleries of Belarus, Lithuania and Sweden such as the National History Museum, the Sela Birzai Region Museum and the Army Museum, Stockholm. The slogan "Ultima ratio regum" was not an accidental choice as a war considered to be an ultima ratio in interstate conflicts, and this inscription was featured on the French cannons since the Louis the Thirteenth. Visitors to the Mir Castle Complex will make a journey into the time of the Northern Wars which happened in the center of Europe in the middle of the 17 - early 18th centuries and which involved such powerful nations as Rzeczpospolita, Sweden and Russia. The exposition features engraved portraits, plans, maps, coins, medals and military banners, inclduing the banner of Hetman Krzysztof Radziwill.

When: 21 April – 24 September
Where: Mir Castle Complex, Grodno Oblast

Artist and City project in Minsk

Artist and City project in MinskThe project Artist and City featuring the copies of the best paintings of famous artists will open a new season in Minsk. It has something new in store for us this time! In previous years, visitors of the open-air gallery saw one-artist expositions dedicated to world-famous Marc Chagall, Kazimir Malevich, Nikolai Seleshchuk, Valentin Gubarev. The Artist and City 2017 project will feature a constellation of talented artists. The exposition named The Golden Collection of the Belarusian Fine Art which will traditionally adorn the Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk for four months will showcase the best works of 35 renowned artists representing various generations and artistic genres. These include Ruslan Vashkevich, Leonid Khobotov, Vladimir Savich, Zoya Litvinova, Anatoly Baranovsky… Besides, in 2017 the Artist and City project will become one of the largest triennial projects of the Belarusian art. It may become a major event in the cultural life of Belarus and will be dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of Marc Chagall.

When: starting from 27 April
Where: Yakub Kolas Square, Minsk

Great Rembrandt exhibition in Minsk

Great Rembrandt exhibition in MinskA large-scale project "Great Rembrandt" invites art lovers to enjoy original etchings by the greatest representative of the Dutch Golden Age. The exhibition includes 69 original Bible-themed etchings, genre scenes and portraits from Eliza Moretti’s private collection. Rembrandt studied graphics all his life. It took him years to create some of his masterpieces. The gem of the collection is the famous etching "Christ Healing the Sick" that the artist worked on for 7 years! The size of the miniatures is amazing: one of the largest of them, "Jesus before Pilate", is only several tens of centimeters large.

When: 5 May – 3 July 
Where: National Art Museum, Minsk

New program in Belarusian circus

Nebyvalshchina (Fantastic Story) in the Belarusian circus The new program Nebyvalshchina (Fantastic Story) in the Belarusian circus offers an array of entertainment routines, breath-taking stunts, amazing animal acts, and comic performances. The new show also features acrobats on swings, aerialists, comic acrobats, the folklore and acrobatic group Rusichi under the lead of Honored Artist of Russia Igor Mayorov, and the clown, Honored Artist of Russia Andrei Averyushkin. The special draw of the show will be the unique routine by Honored Artist of Russia Sergo Samkharadze, who was the first in the world to have tamed buffaloes so that they let predators to ride on their backs.  

When: 26 May – 30 July
Where: Belarusian circus, Minsk


22nd international festival of spiritual music Magutny Bozha (Almighty God)

International festival of spiritual music Magutny Bozha (Almighty God)Magutny Bozha 2017 festival will make part of the celebrations timed for Mogilev’s 750th anniversary. The festival’s program features concerts of classic music and change ringing, theater performances, conferences, exhibitions of spiritual literature, "meet the artist" events and workshops as well as traditional vocal and choir competitions. This year the symphony orchestra and choir of the Mogilev City Chapel will perform Requiem by the renowned organist and composer Osip Kozlovsky in the artist’s birthplace, Slavgorod. The Sistine Chapel Choir, one of the world’s oldest choirs, is set to give a performance, too.

When: 26 June–3 July
Where: Mogilev

14th international folk art festival Wreath of Friendship

International folk art festival Wreath of FriendshipThe international folk art festival Wreath of Friendship will bring together representatives of 25 countries, including such newcomers as Norway, Hungary, Greece, and Japan, in the 2017 Capital of Culture of Belarus – the town of Bobruisk. Throughout its history, the festival has been attended by 245 performers from 38 countries. And there is more to come! The fascinating festival will open with a dramatized procession along the central streets of the town. The program of the festival will also include concerts and creative meetings, a traditional evening of friendship with a presentation of national food and drinks, the contest of wreaths symbolizing the festival, and an exhibition of souvenirs. Guests of the festival will enjoy dramatized performances and entertainment shows, artisan fairs, the tasting of various cuisines…

When: 29 June-3 July
Where: Bobruisk, Mogilev Oblast

Project “Art Islands” at Komsomolskoye Lake in Minsk

Project “Art Islands” at Komsomolskoye Lake in MinskIn 2015 the maiden project “Art Islands” became the country’s largest open-air museum of installations and gathered around 500,000 contemporary art enthusiasts. This year’s exposition dedicated to the 950th anniversary of Minsk features works of Belarusian and foreign artists. All in all, it presents 11 exclusive art objects which are more than five meters high and weigh several dozen tonnes! Among the most interesting is the legendary Battle on the Nemiga River, the interactive Locator made from vines, the floral Flower Bed and the transparent three-meter Screen by the German Tape That group. Visitors can take a journey in space and time, visit the planet of love, see miniature “life forms”, catch a glimpse of the everyday life of Minsk residents, listen to the city’s secrets, and also try on giant glasses...

When: 15 June – 17 September
Where: Komsomolskoye Lake, Minsk

Heritage of Belarus. Celebrating the 950th Anniversary of Minsk

Heritage of Belarus. Celebrating the 950th Anniversary of MinskHeritage of Belarus, a unique fence art project that has been running for several years already, turns urban space into a museum and introduces fans of photography to the famous sights of Belarus. In the run-up to Minsk’s 950th anniversary, the authors of the project, well-known photographers, journalists, and winners of the award for spiritual revival (2005) Alexander Alekseyev and Oleg Lukashevich, invite Minskers to make a fascinating journey to the historical places of the Belarusian capital. The art gallery on the fence of Chelyuskintsev Park, features 40 reproductions depicting the architectural landmarks, including town halls, Orthodox and Catholic churches, manor houses with luxury interiors, items of decorative and applied arts, mural paintings.

When: 15 June 2017 – June 2018
Where: Chelyuskintsev Park, Minsk

Belarus Independence Day 

Belarus Independence Day The country’s main national holiday, Independence Day, will mark the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazis. By tradition, on 3 July all regional and district centers in the country will host commemoration meetings, wreath and flower ceremonies at obelisks and memorials. The celebrations will include theatrical processions, sport and cultural events, exhibitions and fairs across the country.

The Belarusian capital will host a huge parade which, alongside with the hardware of the Armed Forces of Belarus, will feature the latest products of the country’s leading companies: Geely cars, Palesse harvesters, BELARUS-4522 tractor, MAZ trucks, and exposition of Atlant and Horizont goods and products of the petrochemical industry…

The highlight of the Independence Day celebrations in Minsk will be a gala concert and a spectacular fireworks at the Minsk Hero City Stele. The nationwide campaign Let’s Sing the Anthem Together will gather thousands of Belarusians in the central squares of different cities.

When: 3 July
Where: squares, prospects, concert venues, parks and public gardens of Minsk and other cities of Belarus

Ivan Kupala Festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends)

Ivan Kupala Festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends)The Ivan Kupala Festival in Alexandria, which turns international this year, will invite visitors to get familiar with the Belarusian traditions and customs. Every year the festival that has already become one of the brightest cultural events in Mogilev Oblast expands the geography of its participants and sets new attendance records: in 2016 the forum was attended by more than 100,000 guests. The 2017 program will include concerts, theatrical shows, exhibitions, presentations, arts and crafts fairs, master classes… A circus and variety show Kupala Dream will be the draw of the festival. The show will feature more than 1000 performers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. Guests will also be treated to a festival of fireworks and a laser show on the bank of the Dnieper river.

When: 8 – 9 July
Where: Alexandria agro-town, Shklov District, Mogilev Oblast

7th International Friendship Marathon Druskininkai-Grodno

International Friendship Marathon Druskininkai-GrodnoFor the seventh time, Europe’s only cross-border marathon will bring together over 150 amateur and professional runners from 12 countries, including the Czech Republic, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United  States. Last year’s marathon drew participants from nine countries. The start and the finish points of the marathon will be different from those of the last year’s event. In 2016, the race kicked off from Druskininkai’s central square. This year, the runners will set off from the Neman Sports Center in Grodno. The participants will cover a distance of 42km and 195m within six hours and cross the finish line in Lithuania’s famous resort town of Druskininkai. The marathon is certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations. Apart from the overall winner, the marathon will also decide winners in several age categories.

When: 9 July
Where: Druskininkai (Lithuania) – Grodno (Belarus)

26th International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk

International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in VitebskThe 26th edition of the International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, one of the most famous cultural trademarks of the country, will be themed around the 130th anniversary of the birth of Marc Chagall. The Summer Amphitheater will traditionally host the opening and closing ceremonies, the final shows of the international pop song contest, the shows Golden Hit: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and Union State Invites that will mark the 30th anniversary of the legendary Syabry band, the tribute concert to People’s Artist of Belarus Alexander Tikhanovich, the show Alexander Zatsepin. There Is Only A Moment…, and the I Love Festival! concert that will feature Stas Piekha, Nyusha, Dmitry Koldun, Yuzari, Naviband, and others. The program also includes solo concerts of Grigory Leps, Stas Mikhailov, Valery Meladze, Yegor Krid, Ruki Vverkh band, and the rock band Splin.   

When: 13 – 17 July
Where: Summer Amphitheater, theater and concert venues, Vitebsk

Depeche Mode concert in Minsk

Depeche Mode concert in MinskThe world’s best electronic and synth-pop band, the legendary Depeche Mode is coming back to Minsk as part of Global Spirit Tour after a three-year break. The band’s spectacular shows and unique sound combining electronic music with rock and dance-pop have become its trademark over the last 30 years. The legendary trio will present their latest album Spirit produced by James Ford who has also worked with Arctic Monkeys and Florence and the Machine. The new program will feature the best Depeche Mode’s songs, among them the iconic Enjoy the Silence and Personal Jesus voted as one of the "100 Greatest Songs Ever" in Q magazine.

Where: Minsk Arena

Cherry Festival in Glubokoye

Cherry Festival in GlubokoyeThe fifth edition of the Cherry Festival will gather cherry enthusiasts from the CIS and non-CIS countries in the famous town of Glubokoye. This is the place where the plant breeder Boleslav Lapyr planted the first cold hardy cherry trees in Belarus. The festival has already become a regional hallmark. This year the event will offer sports and youth projects along with new events. The festival will open with a theatrical procession featuring a Cherry Queen in a “golden” carriage. The program includes photo exhibitions, presentations, spectacular Cherry Hit strongman competition, Cherry Wedding theater show, concerts of creative teams, contests of cherry pies and liquors, traditional exhibition of folk craftsmen Cherry Fair, cooking workshops and cherry meals tasting.

When: 18-22 July
Where: Glubokoye, Vitebsk Oblast

International sports and music festival Viva Braslav 2017

International sports and music festival Viva BraslavBraslav District, the land of picturesque lakes and islands, a.k.a. “the blue necklace of Belarus”, offers vast opportunities for recreation and ecological tourism and hosts many festivals. The traditional event of July is Viva Braslav, a big festival of sport and music, which drew over 13,000 people in 2016. The festival will begin on the central beach of Braslav which will be the venue for the men’s and women’s beach football and volleyball competitions, extreme cross-country cycling. In the evening the biggest performance venue in Braslav will host a concert of famous artists and art groups from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. The headliners of the festival will be IOWA, Swanky Tunes, L’One, Vicetone, Max Barskih. The concert will also feature such bands as Bez Bileta, Chaika, and Cocktail of Chaliapin.

When: 22 July
Where: Drivyaty beach, Braslav, Vitebsk Oblast

9th international festival of medieval culture and music Our Grunwald

International festival of medieval culture and music Our GrunwaldOne of the largest historical festivals in Belarus is dedicated to the famous Battle of Grunwald of 1410 which put an end to more than 200 years of Teutonic invasions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Partaking in the large-scale historical reenactment will be the representatives of Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland. The festival will have a diverse program with knights’ tournaments, mass infantry and cavalry battles, archers’ tournaments and a big rock and folk concert Feast After the Battle… Guests of the festival will be also able to try on the suits of armor and take part in knights’ tournaments, attend historical fencing, archery and crossbow shooting workshops, enjoy medieval amusements.

When: 22-23 July
Where: Dudutki ethnographic complex, Minsk Oblast

Eighth international Bard Music and Fishing Festival

International Bard Music and Fishing FestivalThe Bard Music and Fishing Festival has been held since 2010. Once again the festival will gather outdoor leisure fans, singer-songwriters, and musicians on the bank of the picturesque Chigirinskoye water reservoir. The forum will feature a contest of songs composed and performed by their authors, a cooking competition, the fifth open beach volleyball tournament, fishing contests, and the contest Queen of the Bard Music and Fishing Festival for prizes of the International Fitness Federation. The music will include solo concerts by Boris Blyakhman (Israel) and Vygantas Kazlauskas (Lithuania), an evening with the famous poet, composer, and singer-songwriter Yuliy Kim (Russia). A concert dedicated to the 85th anniversary since the birthday of the poet, fiction writer, screenwriter, and author of songs for the theater and movies Yuri Ryashentsev will be one of the main highlights.

When: 28-30 July
Where: the village of Grudichino, Bykhov District, Mogilev Oblast

Art picnic Freaky Summer Party 2017 in Minsk

Art picnic Freaky Summer Party in MinskThe project Freaky Summer Party 2017 will last for two days this year. Visitors are invited to dive deep into the ambiance of a genuine city celebration. The festival venue in the Dreamland Park will include several creative “islands”: a plein air, five music stages, 20 food courts, a children playground, and some 20 sites for interactive gaming and entertainment. In the Edutainment section visitors will be able to attend lectures on international media markets, advertising management, family business, and public catering in urban conditions. Visitors will be treated to art installations, workshops on street art, a fashion market, games, contests, parties, and concerts. The headliners include the music band Everything Everything, which has been recognized as a discovery of the year by the British newspaper The Times, and the Russian “Daft Punk” music band Tesla Boy. The concert will also feature indie and electro music performers: Антоха МС, Beissoul & Einius, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Mustelide, Coals, NOЁP, VÄG, Super Besse, Another Lips, Intelligency…

When: 29-30 July
Where: Dreamland Park, Minsk

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