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30 Jun 2016

Belarus Events Calendar: July 2016

Kupalye festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends)Kupalye festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends)

Vintage bicycles exhibition in Minsk

Vintage bicycles 

exhibition in MinskThe international project “Whole life in one bicycle”, which was presented for the first time at EXPO 2015 in Milan, invites you to learn more about the history of a bicycle – a unique means of transport and one of the greatest inventions, which has made the life of European urban dwellers and villagers much easier. The visitors to the exhibition will learn many interesting facts about the life and daily routine of representatives of various professions: a priest, a doctor, a fireman, a baker, a milkman, a tailor and a barber, and the role which the bicycle played in their lives. The exclusive collection, with the youngest bike of about 60 years old, belongs to Maurizio Urbinati from Italy. He has been collecting vintage bicycles with an interesting story for the past four last decades.

When: 18 February – February 2017
Where: National History Museum, Minsk

Talking Machines: History of Sound Recording


Machines: History of Sound RecordingThe exhibition invites you to travel back in time to the accompaniment of “talking machines” - mechanical record players, gramophones and phonographs – in the interiors of the old manor in Loshitsa. The collection of rarities where the oldest gramophone dates back to 1900 belongs to Igor Borisevich from Minsk. The exhibition features more than 50 record players of the late 19th - early 20th centuries from England, Switzerland, France, Germany and the United States. Many of them were manufactured by the well-known companies: Pathe, Edison Gem Phonograph, His Master’s Voice… All exhibits have been restored and are in a working order: visitors can learn interesting facts from the history of the inventions of Thomas Edison, the Pathe brothers and Emile Berliner and listen to their favorite tunes by playing the old machines.

When: 9 April – 9 July
Where: Loshitsa Park, Minsk

Painter and the City. An exhibition of reproductions by Valentin Gubarev

Painter and the City. An 

exhibition of 

reproductions by Valentin 

GubarevThe Painter and the City project has become famous thanks to reproductions of pictures by the great artists such as Marc Chagall, Kazimir Malevich, and Nikolai Seleshchuk. You are cordially invited to get familiar with the art of an outstanding contemporary, a representative of Belarusian naive art Valentin Gubarev. For two decades his works have been on display in the famous French gallery Les Tournesols while staying largely unknown to the general public in the home country. The open-air exhibition will feature reproductions of 30 pictures that resemble caricatures. The pictures reflect the everyday life of provincial towns and their residents. According to the painter himself, he likes the spirituality of common folks, who build their life according to their own passions and interpretations of beauty

When: 26 May – 9 September
Where: Yakub Kolas Square, Minsk

Heritage of Belarus: Restored Architectural Values art project

Belarus in 

the UNESCO World Heritage ListFor several years, Minsk residents and guests have had a chance to learn more about Belarus’ outstanding landmarks, the uniqueness of which is recognized throughout the world. This year, the open-air gallery has brought together over 100 reproductions depicting the architectural heritage, among which are towns halls, manors, palaces and parks, Orthodox and Catholic churches which have been restored over the past decade in different regions of the country. The authors of the art project are well-known photographers, journalists, winners of the Spiritual Revival Award (2005) Alexander Alekseev and Oleg Lukashevich, who released the album "Heritage of Belarus" in 2004. The album sold over 42 million copies from 2004 to 2014 and became a real sales hit in the history of the national book publishing.

When: from 21 May
Where: Chelyuskintsev Park, Minsk

Mysteries and Secrets of the Radziwills Quest


and Secrets of the Radziwills QuestThe famous princely residence in Nesvizh invites tourists to take part in a series of interactive quests "Mysteries and Secrets of the Radziwill Palace." Tourists will be offered to take an exciting journey through the magnificent halls, and get acquainted with the history of one of the most influential dynasties of Europe of the 15th – 18th centuries. The participants of the quest will be accompanied by Prince Anatoly Wilhelm who was the first to restore the Nesvizh Palace in the 19th century after decades of desolation. To pass through the levels of the fascinating quest, the participants will have to find answers to tricky questions, solve historic puzzles, and visit the places usually closed for tourists: princely chambers, underground labyrinths, towers and defensive fortifications.

When: 30 May – 27 August
Where: National historical and cultural museum-reserve at Nesvizh, Minsk Oblast

Mir Couture exhibition in Mir Castle

Mir Couture 

exhibition in Mir CastleAn exclusive exhibition of French fashion designer Denis Durand Couture, dubbed as the Cannes Festival trendsetter, will open at Mir Castle, one of the most beautiful landmarks of Belarus, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 2013 Belarusian theater and cinema stars walked the red carpet of the 20th International Film Festival Listapad in exquisite gowns from the famous Frenchman. This time the exhibition visitors will see 15 splendid evening and wedding attire, including dresses made from Belarusian handmade fabric. The collection will also include items created in cooperation with famous Minsk dress designer Apti Eziev, and also jewelry and accessories from Belarusian designers: clutches, purses, leather and metal headwear …

When: 3 June – 3 September
Where: Grodno Oblast, Mir village, Mir Castle

International Festival of Silent Movies and Contemporary Music Kinemo 2016

International Festival of Silent Movies and Contemporary Music Kinemo 2016The 4th edition of the international open air festival of silent movies in Minsk will show the masterpieces of the 1920-30s by the recognized masters of international cinema. Horror movies will be in the spotlight of the festival. Among them will be the legendary horrors Phantom of the Opera, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Monster. The program will also include short movies by Robert Flory, Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton. According to tradition, silent movies will be accompanied by live music and original compositions by the tapeurs in the interpretation of modern Belarusian and foreign musicians.

When: 16 June-14 July
Where: courtyard of the Zair Azgur Memorial Museum, Minsk

Art Islands on Komsomolskoye Lake in Minsk

Art Islands on Komsomolskoye Lake in MinskIn 2015 Art Islands project became the largest open-air museum of installations which was visited by around 500,000 fans of contemporary art. The new exposition presents the art works of Belarusian masters: 15 exclusive art objects whose height exceeds five meters, and weight reaches 40 tonnes. Among the most interesting are the gigantic cocoons on trees, a tricycle, an allegory of modern city and birdhouse for thoughts. Visitors can travel back in time and space, embrace nature, immerse in the mystical world and feel the influence of the artificial world, participate in a philosophical quest, and even dance with shadows.

When: 23 June-10 September
Where: Island of Komsomoltsev, Komsomolskoye Lake, Minsk

Budslav Fest 2016

Budslav Fest 2016In 2016 the Catholic fest in honor of one of the most revered national shrines – the Icon of the Mother of God in Budslav included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the revival of Minsk-Mogilev Archdiocese. The celebrations, which will be held under the motto Hope for Divine Mercy, will be, for the first time, attended by Papal Legate Cardinal Christoph Schonborn. The program includes divine services, Eucharistic procession with a copy of the Image of the Mother of God of Budslav, a musical in honor of the Year of Charity, and the youth program, which by tradition will be organized in a tent city of pilgrims.

When: 1-2 July
Where: agro-town of Budslav, Myadel District, Minsk Oblast

Open Air Music Festival BRIDGE 2016

Open Air Music Festival BRIDGE 2016The large-scale open-air rock festival BRIDGE has recently gained wide popularity with the Belarusian audience to become a major venue to bring together world-renowned rock bands and musicians, including Hurts, Bullet For My Valentine, Kasabian, Guano Apes, Lumen, Leningrad, Zemfira… This year the open air festival will be held in a one-day format for the first time. Its program will feature the best Belarusian and foreign performers: Nochnye Snaipery, Brunettes shoot Blondes, Super Besse, 7000$, Rekord Orkestr and Dai Darogu!". The music festival will be headlined by Russia’s famous rock band DDT led by its irreplaceable frontman Yuri Shevchuk and U.S. rockers Skillet, a two-time nominee of the Grammy Awards.

When: 2 July
Where: Borovaya Airfield, Minsk

Kupalye festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends)

Kupalye festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends)The nationwide festival Kupalye in Alexandria will take you on a journey around the Belarusian culture, traditions and customs. The forum will feature events to mark the Year of Culture and the 500th anniversary of the Belarusian book printing. The 16th Century Drukara Pavilion will display a printing machine of the 16th century. Visitors will also be invited to try themselves in making a calligraphic etching on the page of Francysk Skaryna’s Bible. The festival will hold its first competition for the best Kupalye outfit. Folk bands, singers and craftsmen from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will present their culture at the trade show City of Friendship. Alexandryiskaya Vandrouka excursion will familiarize you with every creative venue of the project. The festival will wrap up with a gala concert Kupala Tale, featuring Belarusian and foreign singers, Kupalye bonfires, spectacular fireworks and a laser show.

When: 9 – 10 July
When: Alexandria agro-town, Shklov District, Mogilev Oblast

International Friendship Marathon Druskininkai-Grodno

International Friendship Marathon Druskininkai-GrodnoEurope’s only cross-border marathon will be held in its 6th year and wil bring together 120 athletes from 12 countries:  Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, the UK, Egypt and Norway. The statistics of this year’s forum participants is impressive: among sprinters are 21 women and 99 men. The majority of runners are Belarusians: 73 athletes will compete for the friendship marathon trophy. This year the starting point of the route will be Lithuania’s renowned resort town of Druskininkai. Marathoners will cover 42.195km to finish on the other side of the border in the center of the ancient Grodno.

When: 10 July
Where: Druskininkai (Lithuania) – Grodno (Belarus)

Music show Golden Collection of Musicals

Music show Golden Collection of MusicalsGolden Collection of Musicals invites enthusiasts of the genre to enjoy a combination of acting, singing and dance which are different facets of theatrical art. The show will explore the history of the genre and present music from popular foreign movies, such as The Phantom of the Opera, Cabaret and Evita, and pieces by famous composers Maksim Dunayevsky, Gennady Gladkov, Alexei Rybnikov, and others. Golden Collection of Musicals will feature best music theater performers, winners of international competitions Dmitry Yakubovich, Ilona Kazakevich, Yelena Dubrovskaya, Shamkhal Khachaturyan, Yulia Shpilevskaya, Denis Nemtsov, Yekaterina Degtyareva, Nikita Zolotar, Svetlana Matsiyevskaya, Alexander Osipets, Darya Novik, Eduard Vainilovich, Yulia Shishko, and Alexandra Voitsekhovich.

When: 14 July
Where: Palace of Culture of Trade Unions, Minsk       

International Arts Festival Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk

International Arts Festival Slavonic Bazaar in VitebskThe jubilee 25th edition of the international festival Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk, one of Belarus’ most renowned cultural brands, will bring together performers from 28 countries. This year, the festival will be themed around the Year of Culture in Belarus and the 71st anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The official opening ceremony will take place on 14 July. The art forum will open with a festive procession in the central streets of Vitebsk. The flag of Slavonic Bazaar will be raised next to the flags of the participating countries. The Summer Amphitheater will host the opening and closing ceremonies, the concerts Union State Invites, Vitebsk Gathers Friends, and 25 Moments of Summer, the final of the contest of young pop singers Vitebsk 2016, solo concerts by popular performers, humor and entertainment projects. Events celebrating the 75th anniversary of the birthday of People’s Artist of the USSR and Belarus Vladimir Mulyavin will be in the spotlight.

When: 14 – 18 July
Where: Summer Amphitheater, theatrical and concert venues across the city, Vitebsk

TravelFest 2016

TravelFest 2016The second travel festival TravelFest 2016 invites those who like travelling, new impressions, and extreme adventures. The tourist festival will include meetings with experienced travelers, a travel market featuring maps, books, travel guides, and necessary equipment. The event will also have a great entertainment program with lotteries and a concert of popular Belarusian singers and bands. All money collected during the event will be donated to the volunteer movement Razam Lepsh (Together Is Much Better) for socially important projects.
When: 16 July
Where: Zhukov Lug recreation center, the village of Zhukov Lug, Minsk Oblast

Cherry Festival in Glubokoye

Cherry Festival in GlubokoyeBelarus’ cherry capital, Glubokoye, will host an original festival which has become a landmark event of the region. A traditional festival will open with a costume procession with the participation of a cherry queen. The program of the festival will also include a sports festival Cherry Elite 2016, a strongman contest, power extreme and armwrestling competitions Cherry Hit, an artisans’ fair Cherry Market, concerts Cherry Melodies of Glubokoye, Cherry Kaleidoscope, and Wreath of Friendship. Guests of the festival will take part in a cherry selfie quest across the town’s historic places, compete in the Cherry Couples contest, and listen to the poems by local author Anna Shakola in a cozy cherry garden.
When: 18-23 July
Where: Glubokoye, Vitebsk Oblast

8th international festival of medieval culture and music Our Grunwald

8th international festival of medieval culture and music Our GrunwaldOne of the largest military history festivals in Belarus will feature a large-scale historical re-enactment of the Battle of Grunwald (1410) which put an end to more than 200 years of Teutonic invasions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The festival will include knights’ tournaments, infantry and equestrian tournaments (melees), competitions of squires, archers and halberdiers, rock and folk concerts, music and dance performances of bands from Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine. Besides, guests of the festival will be able to take part in knights’ tournaments and enjoy medieval entertainments, attend master classes with artisans, and buy souvenirs.
When: 23-24 July
Where: Dudutki Ethnographic Museum, Minsk Oblast

Art picnic Freaky Summer Party 2016 in Minsk

Art picnic Freaky Summer Party 2016 in MinskThe project Freaky Summer Party 2016 will last two days this year. The project invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of a true urban holiday. Creative "islands" will be arranged in the amusement park Dreamland to offer plein air, music scenes, a children playground and about 50 areas for a variety of games and entertainment. Guests of the Edutainment section will be able to attend lectures on urban planning and urban business: well-known speakers will talk about how the modern metropolis can be effectively used and will share the secrets of doing business in the Belarusian capital city. Visitors will surely enjoy art installations, street-art master classes, market accessories, games, contests, wild parties and concerts by Belarusian artists.

When: 23-24 July
Where: Dreamland, Minsk

7th International Bard  Music and Fishing Festival

7th International Bard  Music and Fishing FestivalThe international Bard Music and Fishing Festival has been held since 2010. Once again it will gather outdoor enthusiasts, singer-songwriters and musicians on the banks of the picturesque Chigirinskoye reservoir. For the first time a youth art tent camp will be arranged as part of the forum as well as the intellectual quiz What? Where? When? directed by the well-known Ukrainian TV presenter, cook and bard Boris Burda. The famous German musician and social activist Tino Eisbrenner will act as a guest of honor and will perform in the gala concert Another Format. An Alternative to Popular Songs. Professional musicians and singer-songwriters from nine countries will take part in the gala concert. The guests include the bard duo Sergei Nikitin and Tatiana Nikitina (Russia), musician, writer and director Jiri Vondrak (Czechia), a laureate of the Grushinsky Festival and the Petersburg Chord Pavel Fakhrtdinov (Russia)…

When: 29-31 July
Where: The village of Grudichino, Bykhov District, Mogilev Oblast

International sports and music festival Viva Braslav 2016

International sports and music festival Viva Braslav 2016The international youth open-air festival VIVA BRASLAV has become the hallmark of Braslav District within a few years. Braslav District is a land of scenic lakes and islands often described as "the blue necklace of Belarus”. By tradition, the festival of sport and music will begin at the central beach of the city with beach football and volleyball competitions among men and women as well as an extreme cross-country race. In the evening guests will be offered a music program and a night disco by the world’s top DJs. The headliners will be popular Russian performers – the duo Matisse & Sadko, MOT and the Nogu Svelo band as well as foreign guests, representatives of progressive house music Sick Individuals and Julian Calor, the young Belarusian duo MAGIC SOUND. The appearance of the new stage AQUA STAGE will be a pleasant surprise for romantics and music lovers.

When: July 30
Where: The city beach Drivyaty, Braslav, Vitebsk Oblast

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