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Festivals in Belarus

Festival of National Cultures in Grodno
Festival of National Cultures in Grodno

 Interesting festivals and celebrations are held all over Belarus all the year round. Among them are music and theatrical forums, festivals of folk culture, traditional crafts and national cuisine, splendid balls, knights tournaments and medieval re-enactment shows, unusual environmental festivals…

While travelling in Belarus, make some time to visit these festivals. Our guide will tell you about traditional cultural and tourist events. To learn more about the dates and the forthcoming events, please visit our regularly updated calendar




  • International Festival of Ancient and Modern Chamber Music (St. Sophia Cathedral, Polotsk)
  • International youth theater forum M@rt-contact (Mogilev)










Belarusian Holidays and Rites

Every year Belarusian towns and villages and ethnography museums host numerous ancient folk festivals and amusements.

In winter the residence of Father Frost in Belovezhskaya Pushcha will host New Year and Christmas celebrations, conduct interesting caroling rituals which still exist in Belarus. Some rites have survived only in individual communities. They are:

In spring Belarusians celebrate Maslenitsa (Pancake Week) and an unusual holiday Gukanne Vyasny (Calling of Spring). The main celebrations will take place at:

One of the most popular folk festivals Kupalye (Kupala Night) is celebrated in numerous towns and villages, ethnography museums in summer. The biggest festivals are:

Apart from that, an original rite Rusalye can be seen in Lyuban District of Minsk Oblast and Khoiniki District of Gomel Oblast in June.

In autumn Belarus hosts the traditional harvest festival Dazhynki. Celebrations take place in every district. The main Dazhynki festival is held in one of Belarus’ district capitals.

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Visiting Belarus without a visa: 5 days for citizens of 80 countries
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