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31 Jan 2020

Belarus Events Calendar: FEBRUARY 2020

Belarus Events Calendar: FEBRUARY 2020

Schraga Zarfin. Leading to the Light

Schraga Zarfin’s solo exhibition in Minsk, organized to mark the 120th anniversary of the birth of the bright representative of the Paris school and a native of Belarusian Smilovichi, is the first one in the post-Soviet space. One of the major themes in his art was landscapes of France, which became his second homeland. The artist sought to depict spiritual and philosophical problems. He was also a successful designer. He was hailed by his contemporaries as a virtuoso of fabric design. He designed a series of sketches for the budding Coco Chanel. In Minsk, art connoisseurs have an opportunity to see 52 works made by the artist in different years. The exhibition includes paintings from the collection of the A-100 Group of Companies, from the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, from the Center for the Creativity of Children and Youth of Smilovichi and private collections.

When: 6 December 2019 – 19 February 2020
Where: National Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk

Chronicler of Fates expo at National Library

The chronicle of the 20th century in portraits of its personalities – politicians, scientists, airmen, polar explorers, performers, artists, writers, poets, ballerinas – was created by distinguished photographer and native of Minsk Moses Nappelbaum (tens of thousands of works). He created the images that are well-known to many thanks to textbooks, including those of Alexei Tolstoy, Sergei Yesenin, Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, Maxim Gorky, Sergei Eisenstein, Dmitry Shostakovich, Galina Ulanova and others. The exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the master’s birthday presents the reproductions of the photographs, the memoirs of Ida, his eldest daughter, and his book “From Craft to Art”.

When: 13 December 2019 – 15 January 2020
Where: National Library of Belarus, Minsk

Maria Guleghina to perform solo recital in Bolshoi Theater of Belarus

The press has described her as "The best Tosca of her time", "the soprano with Verdi flowing through her veins","vocal miracle". “The tours of the opera diva are scheduled for several years in advance. But she found time to come to Minsk,” the theater said. Maria Guleghina began her professional career in the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus, and a year later made her debut in La Scala and then the Metropolitan Opera, Covent Garden, Gran Teatre del Liceu, Vienna State Opera and other major opera venues of Europe, America and Asia. The singer's voice of amazing beauty, outstanding acting abilities made her a welcome guest on the most famous stages of theaters of the world.

When: 1 February
Where: National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus, Minsk

Visual Art Festival at Belarus’ National Art Museum

Belarus’ major art museum presents its new project as an attempt to step beyond the restrictions of an ordinary exhibition. Apart from seeing the paintings, the visitors will be able to talk to the artists, get acquainted with the stages and intricacies of the creative process which leads to the emergence of a work of art. The guests of the festival will be offered some master classes in graphic design, oil painting, sculpting, patchwork, levkas icon painting, alternative filming and photo printing techniques. Besides, on this day visitors will be able to attend some open classes in drawing, oil painting and graphic design where everyone can try their hand at any art technique.

When: 1 February
Where: National Art Museum, Minsk

Water Extravaganza and Fantasy Park at Belarusian State Circus

The unique Water Extravaganza and Fantasy Park program which combines remarkable circus acts of various genres, a fountain show and a laser lighting display will take place at the Belarusian State Circus from 1 February until 10 May. The visitors will see 200 tons of water rising up in hundreds of water jets that reach the dome of the circus alongside epic waterfalls. The program will feature tame sea lions, bears, dogs and monkeys, equilibrists on a trapeze, acrobats on a trampoline, strength athletes, air gymnasts, clowns and many others.

When: 1 February - 10 May
Where: Belarusian State Circus, Minsk

Nargiz to perform in Minsk

Nargiz, one of the most extraordinary singers on the modern Russian pop music landscape, will play a massive solo gig at the Palace of the Republic on 1 February. She wins hearts with her mysterious aura, symbolic tattoos all over her body, her five octave voice and incredibly powerful charisma. “Every new gig is like a new life to me. It is my path. Only my audience and their energy help me uncover new dimensions of my personality,” says the singer.

When: 1 February 2020
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Creation of the World ballet in Bolshoi Theater of Belarus

Valentin Elizariev has choreographed a new production of the Creation of the World ballet that premiered at the Minsk Bolshoi Theater in 1976. The idea for the production emerged in 1971 after the premiere of the same-name play by Natalia Kasatkina and Vasily Vasilyev at the Kirov (Marrinsky) Theater featuring Mikhail Baryshnikov. Then, according to composer Andrei Petrov, Elisariev's work was named the country’s most successful ballet. Speaking about the relevance of the play, Valentin Elizariev says that “a man of today will always be interested in the biblical theme”. To further explore it, he took into account the individuality and creative abilities of the present-day actors.

When: 2 February, 1 and 27 March
Where: Belarus’ Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater, Minsk

Minsk International Book Fair

Minsk International Book Fair is one of the largest in the post-Soviet countries. It starts the international calendar of book forums and showcases the books published in Belarus over the past year.  Numerous events will take place at sites around the exhibition complex, bookstores, libraries and museums in Minsk. The program includes presentations, autograph sessions, meetings with writers, master classes, etc.

When: 5-9 February
Where: Exhibition complex at 14 Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk

Cirque du Soleil – Crystal in Minsk

The famous Canadian troupe will bring Crystal, the first show on an ice rink in the 35-year history of the circus, to Minsk. Kurt Browning, a four-time world champion figure skater, joined the creative team as the skating performances senior designer. The authors of the script emphasize that Crystal steps beyond the traditional format of an ice rink show and creates a unique spectacle. The new program will offer countless surprises for the audience thanks to the combination of figure skating prowess with the power of sophisticated circus acts. Crystal cannot be labeled a classic performance staged by Cirque du Soleil, but it aims to impress the audience of all ages by giving everyone an opportunity to find themselves in a wonderful fairy tale, get inspired by the brave and gentle heroine and start to believe that even the wildest dreams can come true.

When: 7-9 February
Where: Minsk Arena

J:Mors. Symphonic Concert

The J:Mors band will play a massive gig at Prime Hall accompanied by the symphonic orchestra of the Belarusian TV and Radio Company. The setlist will include their best hits and new songs with alternative arrangements. The performance will feature a combination of guitar riffs with the saturated classic sounding of string and brass sections. The maestro Alexander Sosnovsky will be conducting the orchestra. “We have a special attitude to concert programs featuring an orchestra: just like a bottle of expensive cognac, it is kept in a safe hiding place and is dished out only on special occasions. This time the orchestra will have a different lineup, so we are adjusting the arrangements to suit their specific style. So we promise you a renewed sounding and setlist,” says Vladimir Pugach.

When: 14 February
Where: Prime Hall, Minsk

Northern Dogs 2020 sled dog race

Logoisk District will host spectacular international sled dog competitions again. The event will bring together the best mushers and their dogs from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland. The competitions will include three races: 1.5km, 3.5km, and 7km. Participants will have to face sharp turns and snow-covered slopes. Spectators will also be invited to visit entertainment and photo zones, take a sled dog ride, and get a consultation about taking care of sled dogs.

When: 16 February
Where: Ekspeditsiya Picnic Hotel, Logoisk District, Minsk Oblast

Kolozhsky Blagovest Orthodox Church Music Festival

The Kolozhsky Blagovest festival was named after one of the most ancient churches of the Grodno diocese and the Belarusian Orthodox Church, the Kolozha church of Sts. Boris and Gleb. The festival traditionally attracts performers from Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, France, Serbia, Moldova, Georgia, Romania and other countries. The festival is held in the format of a contest, and both adult and children’s church and secular choirs are invited to participate. The festival’s international jury includes experts in church singing – priests with musical education, teachers of higher musical educational establishments, choir leaders and composers.

When: 19-22 February
Where: Grodno

Russian Impressionism exhibition at the National Art Museum

Russian Impressionism that got popular at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries brought about a new look at the national art which traditionally delivered  a philosophical approach coupled with beautiful shapes. Visitors of the country’s biggest art gallery will have a chance to see the works of that epoch (paintings, drawings and sculptures). Many of them were left neglected  in warehouses for 20 to 75 years. The exhibition offers a look at impressionism as an art movement and a creative method widely used in the 20th century.

When: on 1 November 2019-20 February 2020
Where: National Art Museum, Minsk

Boris Ravich’s exhibition Faith. People. Countries

Israel's photo correspondent Boris Ravich first took a camera into his hands when he was 13. Today he is a winner of the Gaudi Awards, the award of the international company Orange, the Bulat Okudzhava Awards, medals and diplomas of more than 500 international exhibitions, including in Tokyo, Madrid, Tashkent, Florence, and Bratislava. Today he works with the big series like Terror, A Bench, People and Churches, A Woman in A Big City. Portrait, however, remains his favorite genre. The new exhibition will invite its visitors on a trip along the streets of Vienna, Minsk, Tbilisi, Barcelona and Paris.

When: 17 January – 3 February
Where: National History Museum of Belarus, Minsk

GEAGRAFIJA at National History Museum

The exhibition project GEAGRAFIJA will feature the works created by modern Belarusian painters during travel and various plein-airs. Among the painters are Anton Vyrvo, Vasily Peshkun, Vitaly Gunaza, Mikhail Krot, Pavel Khodorovich, Roman Korshunov, Vladislav Petruchik. Visitors will get a chance to enjoy the bright colors of the East and the North, winding streets of ancient cities, the mountain landscape diversity, and various moods of the sea.

When: 24 January-9 February
Where: National History Museum of Belarus, Minsk 

Arkady Berin concert in Minsk

Arkady Berin, an outstanding Belarus-born conductor, marks his 75th anniversary. His journey into the music world started in Minsk in 1968 when he got a job with the Belarusian State Conservatory. During his work in the conservatory, he trained more than 70 conductors. The anniversary concert in Minsk will feature a duo of the maestro with Maxim Vengerov, a talented violinist who won numerous awards including the Grammy Award. This concert will be a real treat for lovers of classical music!

When: 6 February
Where: Belarusian State Philharmonic, Minsk

Education and Career 2020 international expo

Where to study? How to find a job? These questions are haunting every school leaver,  student and university graduate. The Education and Career 2020 expo will be held for the 18th time already. It will help young people make a career choice, decide on a higher learning institution to apply to, choose a country for post-graduate education and learn more about student life in Belarus.

When: 13-15 February
Where: Palace of Arts, Minsk

Minsk Winter Jazz 2020 festival

Minsk Winter Jazz 2020 invites you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of jazz. The three-day festival in the OK16 cultural hub promises a plethora of fresh ideas, meetings with interesting people and a great vibe. The festival will open on the world’s most romantic day, 14 February. Naturally it will be all about love. UK’s Cleveland Watkiss and the soul band Dee Tree will present classical jazz music and their own music pieces. A new program will be presented by Apple Tea, Belarus’ most famous jazz band dubbed as ‘Belarus’ best jazz export’. The second day of the festival will be titled From Europe With Love. The tone will be set by the Vocal Improvisation Workshop  with Cleveland Watkiss. It will feature fledgling Belarusian musicians who will perform in the morning. The evening program will star Vincent Peirani, an award-winning French jazz accordionist, vocalist and composer, as well as Poland’s  band Algorhythm and Belarusian trio of Anatoly Taran. The third day will be all about jazz. All That Jazz is the logo of the music laboratory. In the evening, ‘laboratory experiments’ of the European trio Phronesis will be followed by a performance of Belarusian musician Pavel Arakelyan and The Outsiders.

When: 14-16 February
Where: OK16 cultural hub, 16 Oktyabrskaya Street, Minsk

Maslenitsa 2020 in Belarus

Shortly before spring Belarusians celebrate the cheerful holiday of Maslenitsa that symbolizes the farewell of winter and the joyful expectation of spring. In the past the holiday was linked with the Slavic cult of the sun. Since then round golden pancakes representing the sun have become the symbols of the holiday. As a rule, the celebrations last for a week. The Maslenitsa Week is all about fests, fairs, games, theater performances, ancient rites, masquerades, visiting family and friends, home-made treats and dishes, sleighing, and, of course, burning the Maslenitsa effigy that represents winter.

When: 24 February – 1 March
Where: towns and villages across Belarus

Dmitry Koldun in Belarus

Famous singer, musician, and composer Dmitry Koldun won the hearts of the audience in the times of the Fabrika Zvyozd [Star Factory] talent show. He ranked fifth with the song Work Your Magic at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, Belarus' best result so far. The artist is a four-time winner of the Golden Gramophone Award, ranks high in hit parades, gives concerts to a full house, and continues releasing singles. His upcoming concerts in Belarus will feature a lot of famous songs, such as Tsarevna and Chuvstva Bez Tepla.

When, where:

29 February – Brest Oblast social and cultural center, Brest
7 March – Minsk Concert Hall, Minsk
5 April – Gomel Oblast social and cultural center, Gomel  

Max Barskih in Minsk

One of the singers that frequently go on tours and get inserted into radio charts – Max Barskih – owns such prestigious international awards in the field of popular music as MTV EMA and M1 Music Awards. In 2013 his single Ya Boleyu Toboi (I Wanna Run) became the official soundtrack for a Pepsi commercial. Last year the singer gave over 250 performances in 15 countries on three continents. After a successful world tour in 2018 he is about to go on a new one and intends to visit the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Baltic and CIS states. This time Belarusian music lovers will be able to hear hit songs from the new album Sem [Seven] – Nezemnaya, Strannaya, and Berega…

When: 29 February
Where: Minsk Arena

MGC: Live 2 Fight

Representatives of the best single combat schools of Belarus and Europe, including the brothers Yevgeny and Mikhail Dolgolevets, who will debut in the professional league, will come out onto the Falcon Club Arena in Minsk. Europe’s best kickboxer of 2018, Belarusian Maksim Spodarenko (73kg) will fight against the 2019 world champion, winner of five belts, Azerbaijani Ramal Aslanov. The Armenian tiger Zhora Akopyan (73kg) will try to get back his own from Rafal Dudek from Poland. The women competition will be focused on the fight of Aleksandra Sitnikova (Belarus) vs Kamila Balanda (Poland). The event will also feature a clash of the top Belarusian team fighters – the silver prizewinner of the 2019 world championship Pavel Shelest vs the silver award winner of the 2017 world championship Yevgeny Myagkov.

When: 29 February
Where: Falcon Club Arena, Minsk

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