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31 Jul 2018

Belarus Events Calendar: August 2018

The Artist and the City exhibition

The 7th edition of the Artist and the City project will traditionally be focused on the best representatives of modern Belarusian art. This year's draw is the art of famous surrealist Georgy Skripnichenko, who is often referred to as one of the key figures of the national art of the 1950s. In 2005 the University of Cambridge named him The Person of the Year. For the general public this is a unique chance to see the whole collection of the ‘Belarusian Dali’. The artist did not like to exhibit his works. Sometimes he continued to work on some of them for 40 years! The exhibition will travel to Vitebsk from Minsk after the City Day celebrations.

When: 17 May – 8 September
Where: Yakub Kolas Square, Minsk

Celebrations of national cultures in Minsk’s Upper City

The new tourism season began in the Upper Town in May and a series of festivals meant to demonstrate cultures and traditions of various countries was launched in the first days of summer. There are 15 countries in the spotlight this year: Sweden, Russia, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, South Korea, Ukraine, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Israel, and Azerbaijan and – for the first time ever – Estonia and the UK. Concerts and impressive performances, exhibitions and fairs, national cuisine and beverages are mandatory but, certainly, each country surprises visitors in its own way.

2 June – Swedish Culture Day
9 June – Multiethnic Russia Day
16 June – Great British Festival
21 July – Estonian Culture Day
28 July – Greek Culture Day
4 August – Lithuanian Culture Day
5 August – Polish Culture Day
18 August – Ukrainian Culture Day
19 August – Korean Culture Day
25 August – Armenian Culture Day
1 September – Georgian Culture Day – the Tbilisoba Festival (by the way, it was the Georgian culture festival, which began the series of national culture festivals in Minsk’s Upper City in 2015)
9 September – Italian Culture Day
15 September – Moldovan Culture Day
16 September – Israeli Culture Day
22 September – Azerbaijani Culture Day

Where: the Upper Town, the historic center of Minsk (Svobody Square, Kirilla and Mefodiya Street, Gertsena Street, Zybitskaya Street)

СINEMASCOPE #SHHH summer cinema project

After the summer festival of silent movies and modern music KINEMO, the Zair Azgur Memorial Studio is launching a new project: Cinemascope #Shhh. Lovers of classical movies are invited for open-air evening screenings in the cozy atmosphere of the museum’s courtyard. Thanks to special wireless headphones working on a radio frequency, the project promises silent atmosphere and thus fits perfectly into the urban environment never disturbing the peace of residents of nearby houses. The project will focus on the world’s best movies by such well-known directors as Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Jim Jarmusch, Woody Allen, David Lynch, Ridley Scott, Walter Salles.

When: 24 July 30 August
Where: Zair Azgur Memorial Studio, Minsk

International Orthodox Youth Festival Hodigitria

The international festival, which turned 15 last year, gathers Orthodox youth from the neighboring Slavic countries of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, in Vitebsk. Thanks to the devotion to the Christian values and traditions, the Hodigitria forum has become a bridge of friendship and an extensive creative platform uniting hundreds of talented poets, authors, performers and musical groups. The festival 2018 will start will qualifying rounds, youth sections and concerts at the Druzhba camp in the village of Vorony. The festival will continue with a concert in the community center in Ruba and a gala show and awards ceremony on the stage of the Summer Amphitheater in Vitebsk. The festival will wrap up in Russia’s Smolensk, where, according to the program, participants of a large religious procession will arrive four days later.

When: 31 July 9 August
Where: Vorony, Ruba, Vitebsk (Belarus); Smolensk (Russia)

Renae Rain live in Minsk

Jazz-soul diva Renae Rain will debut in Minsk with a two-hour concert of her best songs in many different styles: from soul-jazz, jazz-rock and even acid jazz to world classics. Renae Rain’s unique performing style is the fusion of African and British cultures. The singer has earned fame for an amazing mix of soul, blues, rhythm-and-blues and jazz tunes, pan-African music and R'n'B rhythms. Judging by the reviews of reputable critics, Minsk audiophiles are in for an elegant, fascinating, cozy concert of the singer’s songs and famous hits from Frank Sinatra, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Al Jarreau and Amy Winehouse...

When: 1 2 August
Where: Evgeny Vladimirov Jazz Club, Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Viva Braslav Open Air 2018

Braslav District is famous for its picturesque glacier lakes (the region is called the “country’s blue necklace” for a reason) and flamboyant summer festivals. One of them is music festival Viva Braslav Open Air. Last year it set a new attendance record over 21,000 people! This year visitors will again see popular hip-hop, pop-rock and electronic music bands from all over the world. Performing on the biggest stage in Braslav will be Belarusian and foreign celebrities: R&B queen Bianca, Ivan Dorn, ALEKSEEV who represented Belarus at the Eurovision 2018, Jay Hardway, Dannic, Stadiumx, Skrudgy, Artem Pipovarov, Malbec and Susanna, Sergei Bobunets (former front man of the Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii  band), Arston, NUTEKI, NIZKIZ, CMC$, Kill the Buzz, Intelligency…
3 5 August
Where: Drivyaty Municipal Beach, Braslav, Vitebsk Oblast

International Military History Festival Afghan Sky

The open-air military museum Stalin Line invites you to see a breathtaking reenactment of Operation Trap, a large-scale Soviet offensive against Mujahideen that took place in Afghanistan in August 1986. The offensive operation will be reenacted by military history reenactment clubs using warfare of that period. Apart from that, visitors will be able to see real pillboxes, as well as the country’s biggest exposition of military equipment, aircraft and weapons from various periods. There will be interactive platforms where children will be able to explore a tank from inside and to have a ride in an armored vehicle.

When: 4 August
Where: Stalin Line Complex, Minsk District

Rock Za Bobrov festival

Founded 11 years ago, Rock Za Bobrov is one of the biggest music events in Belarus. Every year it is recognized among the best festivals in Eastern Europe. Dubbed as Belarusian Woodstock it features live performances by famous artists, among them DDT, Lyapis-98, Splin, Beasts, NOIZE MC and J:Mors. This year rock music fans will be offered lots of music and also a huge dance floor with a VIP area and a food court, twice as big as last year.

When: 4 August
Where: Borovaya airfield, Minsk

Knights’ Fest in Mstislavl

The festival of medieval culture takes place in an ancient town of Mstislavl which history began over 880 years ago. Tourists often compare it to Russia’s Suzdal, while famous Belarusian novelist Vladimir Korotkevich called it Diamond Town. The town and the surrounding area boast a number of unique landmarks from various periods: Castle Hill, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, building of the former Jesuit Collegium, Carmelite Church and the Holy Dormition Monastery of Pustynki that is 700 years old. For two days the streets of the town will turn into decorations for medieval events that will be reenacted by military history clubs from Belarus, Russia and Poland. Spectators will certainly enjoy knights’ tournaments, horse shows and archery performances. They will be able to listen to traditional music performed by folk bands, dance medieval dances and see a fire and light show.

When: 4 5 August
Where: Mstislavl, Mogilev Oblast

Sprava community engagement festival

International community engagement festival Sprava is meant to celebrate Belarus’ historical and natural landmarks, modern art and music. The organizers promise to turn a peninsula near Lake Chereiskoye into a new cultural venue for one August weekend. The festival is meant for architects, historians, artists, artisans and musicians. Participants will be able to explore the wilderness around the lake or go hiking along local trails, visit an improvised open-air movie theater, buy organic products at a farmers’ fair, do sports, take part in numerous master classes and enjoy good music. By the way, the festival offers a diverse music program featuring jazz, folklore, choir music, noise and ambient.

When: 4 5 August
Where: Lake Chereiskoye, Chashniki District, Vitebsk Oblast

Classical Music at Minsk Town Hall

The venue of the traditional open-air summer festival Classical Music at Minsk Town Hall is near the Town Hall in the historical heart of Minsk. The fourth edition of the festival will present a fusion of classical and modern music with such projects as Classics NEXT, From Baroque to Modern Music, Minsk Festival Orchestra, Classical Music Meets Rock. Participating in the festival will be the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, the orchestra of the Belarusian State Academic Music Theater, the Nemiga Orchestra, the Sonorus Kapelle, the Minsk Youth Chamber Orchestra. Taking to the stage will also be violinist Maimuna, Belarus’ entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

When: 4, 11, 18, 25 August
Where: near Minsk Town Hall

Musical Saturdays at Radziwill Castle

Nesvizh is immersed in music. Every Saturday in August visitors to the castle are greeted by a courtier and court musicians to the sounds of drums and bagpipes. Here the guests can learn the main steps of old dances, participate in a competition for a place in the palace choir, play “free piano”, stroll through the ancient bastions and unravel “Secrets and mysteries of the Radziwill Castle” by participating in the same-name quest.

When: every Saturday of August
Where: National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve at Nesvizh

Sea Fest on the Augustow Canal

The Augustow Canal has been favored by holidaymakers for a long time already. It was initially designed for transporting goods, but after decommissioning it was turned into a tourist landmark. In 1920 the canal hosted the first Sea Fest to reenact the festivities that took place in the times of Stephen Bathory. In 2017 the Sea Fest made it to the events calendar of the Augustow Canal. This fest might become an annual event again. The program of the festival offers a number of all-the-wall entertainments, like swimming “on whatever turns up” and a bog football championship and a literary bay, as well as more conventional activities like fairs, food stalls with Belarusian traditional cuisine, master classes, performances and a disco.

When: 11 August
Where: Dombrovka Sluice, Augustow Canal, Grodno Oblast

A-Fest in Minsk

The Loshitsa Park will host one of the biggest summer festivals in Belarus, A-Fest, once again. Organizers of the event promise to hold the festival in keeping with the best European traditions. Its headliners will be British singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Yann Destal from the French new-disco duo Modjo and the Belarusian band Bez Bileta. There will be various entertainments for the guests of the festival and a huge food court.

When: 11 August
Where: Loshitsa Park, Minsk

Slavic cuisine festival Pansky Bazar

The new food festival Pansky Bazar will showcase traditional Slavic dishes like kolduny, kletski (dumplings), cabbage rolls, borsch, pancakes, vareniki, draniki (thick potato pancakes). The first editions of the festival were a success in Minsk in May and June. This time Minsk chefs will present their own variations of folk dishes, arrange tasting sessions and master classes for cooks and amateurs of ancient traditions. Guests of the festival will be also entertained with knights tournaments, medieval dances, funny contests and quests, visit the artisans fair, try to make bast shoes, and even look for a needle in a haystack. Visitors will also enjoy performances of ethnic music bands Stary Olsa, Palats, Znich and many more.

When: 11 12 August
Where: Dreamland entertainment park, Minsk

Arts and crafts festival Dribinskiye Torzhki

Since ancient times Dribin District has been the land of people making true wonders from wool like painted felt boots, hats, mittens and decorations. Artisans from the town of Dribin, Mogilev Oblast, have been keeping ancient technologies, traditions and even the secret language of local felters for centuries. This language is the national legacy which might be included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. The annual fair, a.k.a. torzhki, which is held since the 19th century will showcase this ancient craft as well as other Belarusian folk arts and crafts like pottery, cooperage, woodcarving, making straw and bead decorations, weaving and embroidery. The festival will also have an open-air bakery, a meeting with famous poets and writers, various contests and performances of local artists.

When: 16 18 August
Where: town of Dribin, Mogilev Oblast

2nd international festival VAGFest 2018

The international car festival VAGFest 2018 featuring VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT cars will kick off on 18 August. The central event of the VAGFest 2018 festival will be the exposition of original, customized and restored cars made by the Volkswagen Group and brought to Logoisk from all over Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Baltic countries. Visitors to the event will be offered in car maintenance master classes, numerous contests and test drives. Besides, the official stage of the 3rd EMMA Belarus car audio championship will take place during the festival.

When: 18 19 August
Where: Logoisk ski resort, Minsk Oblast

2018 FIG BSB Bank World Challenge Cup for Rhythmic Gymnastics

Minsk will host the FIG World Cup for the third time. The competitions will be held at Falcon Club. Ahead of them, on 15-16 August, the Palace of Rhythmic Gymnastics, which was inaugurated in March 2018, will play host to the Crystal Rose junior competitions. The event will once again welcome the best athletes from around the world. Last year Belarus field a team of Yekaterina Galkina, Alina Gornosko and also Anna Gaidukevich, Maria Kotyak, Margarita Ovadinskaya, Anastasia Rybakova, Anna Shvaiba and Arina Tsitsilina. They won ten medals.

When: 17 19 August
Where: Falcon Club, Palace of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Minsk

Lida Bike Festival

One of the biggest events of the motor season 2018 will be the international bike festival, which will welcome speed lovers in the city of Lida for the 12th time. Every year the motor fest expands in scale, bringing together hundreds of bikers from Belarus, CIS and non-CIS countries. In 2017, the motor festival was held for the first time in Lida and Shchuchin. Two concert venues will make it possible for both headliners and local musicians to perform at the festival. The program of the Lida Bike Festival 2018 will include a parade of bikers, an exhibition of vintage and elite motorcycles, an open-air rock concert, a laser and fire show and a disco.

When: 24 26 August
Where: Beryozka holiday camp, 15km away from Lida (Belagruda village)

Gannensky Kirmash fair 2018 in Zelva

This year Gannensky Kirmash (St. Anna’s Fair) will mark the 760th anniversary of Zelva. In the 18th century, when Zelva belonged to Sapieha princes, the local fair would host some 5,000 merchants from all over Europe. Gannensky Kirmash was Europe’s second biggest horse trading fair after Leipzig. The fair in Zelva was resumed in 2010. This year the fair will feature Zelva anniversary celebrations, a festival of food and street theaters, an art and architecture plein air, contests and open-air exhibitions, including an exposition of robotics technology and  drones.

When: 24 25 August
Where: Zelva, Grodno Oblast

Augustow Canal in Culture of Three Nations

Augustow Canal, a well-known engineering and tourist spot, invites to celebrate the folklore culture of three neighboring countries: Belarus, Poland and Lithuania. The venue near the Dombrovka Sluice will include an improvised performing stage, an arts and crafts fair, and workshops in pottery, weaving, needlework and art painting. Augustow Games will feature sport competitions and contests, such as sack-races, pillow fights and many more. Augustow Open Air will entertain visitors in the evening.

When: 25 August
Where: Dombrovka Sluice, Augustow Canal, Grodno Oblast

Vitebsk Entertainment Industry Festival RUDYCON

A multi-genre entertainment festival, similar to the world-renowned Comic Con, will draw together fans of comics, popular TV shows, video games,  anime and manga for the second time. Interactive technology will recreate popular fantasy worlds. Cosplay fans will display the best costumes of beloved characters, while visitors will get a chance to transform into a well-known hero as part of role-playing games.

When: 25 26 August
Where: Vitebsk

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