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Unique freestyle skiing center opens in Minsk

Unique freestyle skiing center opens in Minsk
5 Apr 2015

Belarus has been among the leading freestyle countries for many years. The country’s sports stars include Olympic champions and medal winners Alexei Grishin, Dmitry Dashchinsky, Alla Tsuper, Anton Kushnir, young athletes Denis Osipov, Maxim Gustik, Stanislav Gladchenko, Anna Guskova, and Alexandra Romanovskaya. Head coach of the Belarusian national team Nikolai Kozeko has earned international fame. Along with the glorious victories of the Belarusian aerial skiers, another big event happened in the history of this spectacular and extremely difficult sport – the opening of the unique freestyle skiing center in Minsk.

The center with a glass-domed roof opened in April 2015. Unmatched in the world, it comprises a freestyle training center for jumping into the water, a sport and wellness water zone, banyas, a fitness center, and a recreation zone. It can accommodate about 500-600 clients and 200 athletes at one time. Its stands are designed for 3,000 spectators.

The new Minsk Freestyle Skiing Center provides ideal conditions for training and hosting international competitions in synchronized swimming, diving, and freestyle skiing. Athletes can train here all year round regardless of the weather. The center has a swimming pool fitted with a special heating system and an air safety cushion making the entry into the water smoother, springboards for single, double, and triple somersaults, and diving towers. The main aerials water ramps with a special polymeric coating were designed by Belarusian engineers using advanced technologies. By the way, Olympic silver and bronze medalist Dmitry Dashchinsky was the first to make a somersault off the ramps. The center is also equipped with an elevator that quickly transports the athletes to the take-off position...

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Sports and Wellness Complex Freestyle
Freestyle skiing center
Unique freestyle skiing center opens in Minsk
Sports and Wellness Complex Freestyle
Sports and Wellness Complex Freestyle
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