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Presentation of jewelry with Belarusian diamonds in Minsk

Presentation of jewelry with Belarusian diamonds in Minsk
4 Mar 2017

While Belarusian geologists keep on searching for natural diamond deposits, the scientists offered another option for jewelry connoisseurs. Belarusian diamond jewelry was presented in one of Minsk stores in the run-up to International Women’s Day celebrated on 8 March. It was another bright event marking the Year of Science in Belarus.

OOO AdamasInvest specialists “grow” gems whose parameters and properties do not differ from the natural ones. The technology is unparalleled in Belarus, being applied only by five companies in the world. Jewelry with Belarusian diamonds costs 2 to 2.5 times cheaper than similar foreign products and is as good in terms of quality and looks.

During the presentation OOO AdamasInvest General Director Maksim Bord talked about the history of the company based under the aegis of a research center of the Belarusian State University in Atolino, Minsk Oblast. He also spoke about the unique production technology of producing top-notch gems and the prospects of export of Belarusian diamonds and brilliants to India and the USA. Maksim Bord presented an exclusive collection featuring the diamonds of rare and fancy colors

Belarusian diamonds and the first people to see the Belarusian artificial diamonds in our photo report…


Belarusian diamonds
Belarusian diamonds
Jewelry with Belarusian diamonds
Belarusian diamonds
Presentation of Belarusian diamonds and brilliants in Minsk
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