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Tank Crewman Day in Minsk

Tank Crewman Day in Minsk
9 Sep 2018

The latest Tank Crewman Day set a new record – for the first time in the seven years since the festival was established, it attracted some 200,000 people from ten countries. The Tank Crewman Day was another long-awaited gift for Minsk residents in anticipation of the 951st anniversary of the city. Camouflage, tanks (real and virtual ones), 70 sites with amusements and various kinds of interactive entertainment, over 100 food courts, a magnificent concert, and a salute to crown the celebration made Pobedy Park look like a huge festival venue.

The CIS’ largest gaming zone had 200 computers out in the open to allow gamers to wage tank battles on a unique map, which has recreated Minsk of the 1960s in the virtual world. The map was presented by Wargaming Company this summer. It features Minsk’s places of interest, which have been recreated using historical data. Tank Crewman Day visitors could watch the battles using a tabletop AR technology, which allows projecting episodes from the game onto any surface.

Visitors could see an entire lineup of genuine military hardware ranging from Great Patriotic War veterans – T-34-85 and IS-2 tanks – to the modern combat tank T-72B3, which was used during the International Army Games 2018. Not far from the tanks visitors could see the modern armored truck Volat V-1 of Belarusian make and two high-tech mobile vehicles for navigation and topography and navigation and geodesy.

Fans of artillery and heavy vehicles were even offered to engage in “tank matrimony”: swear an oath and get certificates of a genuine gamer and a girlfriend-in-arms.

Those, who prefer active leisure to cybersport, were invited to a special playground created by the Minsk European Games Organizing Committee (MEGOC). Anyone could try their hand at new sports there such as petanque and could talk to prominent Belarusian athletes.

Kids were invited to appreciate theatrical performances, quests, and master classes. Apart from that, the little ones were invited to become motorists: 459 kids were issued their own stylized driver’s licenses by the Minsk City Traffic Police Department.

At the end of the day visitors could appreciate invigorating tracks from the music bands Tantsy Minus and IOWA. The concert ended with vinyl sounds of funk rock and hip hop by the BoomBox music band and a salute.

Tank mania in the city: Coverage of the entertaining battles in our photo gallery!

Tank Crewman Day in Minsk
Military hardware on display
Tank Crewman Day in Minsk
Military hardware on display
Military hardware on display
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