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Belarus Remembers: Towards 75th Anniversary of Great Victory

Belarus Remembers: Towards 75th Anniversary of Great Victory
6 May 2020

Seventy-five years ago, the spring month of May became one of the most joyful and important months for millions of people on the planet. The German Instrument of Surrender, signed at 22:43 on 8 May 1945 (on 9 May at 0:43 Moscow time), declared the long-awaited victory and put an end to the deadliest war in the human history. On 9 May, this news already spread far and made this day a symbol of hope for a peaceful future and a celebration, though marred by mourning over those who died on the frontline, were brutally killed in camps, or did not live through the hardships of the war.

Belarus suffered huge losses, with a third of its population dead. More than 800,000 out of more than 1.3 recruited soldiers never returned from the frontline, 209 cities and towns were looted and ruined, 9,200 villages were fully or partially destroyed by fascists during 140 punitive operations… Nowadays, Victory Day is one of the most respected holidays that brings together all generations of Belarusians. Over and over again, people turn to the history of their families and their land and think back to the heroic events from the chronicles of the Victory.

Only a couple of days are left to the day that will mark the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The international patriotic campaign “To the Glory of the Common Victory!” is about to conclude. It will culminate in the ceremony to place capsules with soil from all memorial sites in Belarus and abroad to the crypt of the All-Saints Church in Minsk. Other projects, both new and long-lasting ones, have been running in the anticipation of 9 May. Within the framework of the large-scale “Belarus Remembers. We Remember Everyone” campaign, officials, representatives of mass media outlets, public associations, and companies are taking part in commemorative events to lay flowers at war memorials in various parts of the country.

The On Air marathon “Belarus Remembers. Flowers of Great Victory” has united people of various generations, Belarusian celebrities and actors of the Drama Theater of the Belarusian Army who demonstrate excerpts from Aleksei Dudarev’s plays and recite poems about the war. During the “Flowers of Great Victory Project”, activists of the youth movement tidy up memorials and obelisks under the motto “Belarus Remembers. No one is forgotten. Nothing is forgotten”. Streets of the capital and other cities have been decorated with posters and videos of BelTA’s internet project “Destinies Folded in Triangle” that uses real soldiers' letters folded into a triangular shape, postcards and cards sent from the front line.

Find out more about Belarus’ preparations to the anniversary of the Great Victory in our story.



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