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Anniversary celebrations at Zubryonok children’s center

Anniversary celebrations at Zubryonok children’s center
16 Aug 2019

Belarus’ national education and recuperation center Zubryonok is one of a kind, Deputy Premier Igor Petrishenko said at a solemn event to mark the camp’s 50th anniversary.

The vice-premier read out a welcoming message of the Belarusian president and fulfilled an honorable mission – he handed over the Honorary State Banner of the Republic of Belarus to the Zubryonok staff in recognition of their services to culture, social field, education, upbringing and recuperation of children. In addition to that, two employees of the center were honored with the Certificate of Merit of the Council of Ministers. Another two professionals received lapel badges of the Education Ministry from the hands of Education Minister Igor Karpenko.

A clarion call heralded the beginning of a solemn assembly. About 770 people representing various generations gathered in Friendship Square. The gathering gave a start to traditional international and national festivals, competitions and conferences: the 7th edition of the international research conference “50 years together: Social partnership as a tool to build a comprehensive multi-vector and open education process”, the 15th edition of the international youth forum Friendship Without Borders, the international festival of games Playing with Children, the international festival of children’s art Two Countries One Destiny.

Taking part in the events are children vacationing in the center and guests of honor, including former employees and people who spent time in the center while kids, as well as partners and friends of the center. They all were introduced to a 400-strong team of the center, including camp counselors. 

“Camp counselors play a key role in the education and recuperation process. We plan to set up a training center here to enable camp counselors to share best practices with each other,” Igor Petrishenko said.

After the solemn gathering, the guests visited a local lore center. Here in the Year of Native Land children can learn more about the history of the Naroch area. On 16 August a new interactive program was presented to visitors. This program is meant to study the Belarusian lifestyle of the late 19th century – early 20th century.

The festivities will continue throughout 17 August and will focus on children vacationing in the center. They will take part in a solemn gathering and the international festival of games, mingle with other children and employees of the camp and dance at a disco party. The program also features a concert starring Belarusian pop stars. It will wrap up with a laser show and fireworks.

The book Country of Childhood, Joy and Dreams will be presented during the anniversary celebrations. An excursion across the facilities of the center will be held and cooperation agreements will be signed.

Established in 1969 Zubryonok incorporates 58 buildings and 167 structures on the area of 76 hectares. There are plans to build a culture and sports center with amusement rides, a 150-person dormitory for the staff, a hangar for boats and catamarans and to improve the beach area.

The center is open all the year round. It can accommodate 700 children throughout the year and 1,250 children in the summer season. Every year the center provides recuperation services to over 16,000 school children who excel in academics and public life. The capacity of the center has doubled compared with 2009. In 2018 the center welcomed children from 23 states. By September it will host children from 20 countries. Children from Egypt, China, India, Poland, Syria, Vietnam and Japan were invited to the center by the Belarusian president.

The center is expanding and improving its educational program. For example, last year it launched the Junior Plus program with laboratories in chemistry, physics, biology and environment, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, 3D modeling and information technology. In 2019 the center will implement at least 44 educational projects and hold more than 50 international and national gatherings, forums and competitions.

Deputy Premier Igor Petrishenko
Deputy Premier Igor Petrishenko
Anniversary celebrations at Zubryonok children’s center
Anniversary celebrations at Zubryonok children’s center
Anniversary celebrations at Zubryonok children’s center
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