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Become a partner in a humanitarian project

21 Jun 2022

‘Road Safety ABC’

‘Road Safety ABC’

Project name: ‘Road Safety ABC’ universal children's training ground to teach the road safety rules to children of preschool educational institutions of the town of Zelva

Applicant: Education Department of the Zelva District Executive Committee, Preschool Child Development Center No. 1, town of Zelva
15 Oktyabrskaya street, Zelva, Zelva District, Grodno Oblast
Phone: 80156472716

Organization brief:

The Education Department of the Zelva District Executive Committee coordinates actions to organize the educational process in Zelva District, to create conditions to provide high-quality education

Preschool Child Development Center No. 1 is an institution of preschool education for early and preschool age kids. The institution runs programs to provide preschool education, to develop cognitive and creative abilities of children. The center also provides health improvement services.

Contact persons:
Svetlana Zhebrak, head of the Education Department
Phone: 80156470361,
Lyudmila Mileshkevich, head of the Preschool Child Development Center No. 1
Phone: 80156472716

Project manager:
Tatyana Karavaichik, deputy head for Preschool Child Development Center No. 1 Phone: 80156472716

  • Project budget (in U.S. dollars): $40,000
  • Co-financing  8 000

Implementation period: 1 year

Project goal:
To improve safe behavior skills among preschool children and their parents. The playground “Road Safety ABC” is expected to bring together preschool children, parents, young traffic inspectors for joint activities aimed at practicing road safety skills through games.

Project objectives:
To draw public attention to the problem of child injuries in the town of Zelva.
To set up the playground “Road Safety ABC" for preschool children.
To use the playground "Road safety ABC" for thematic events (once a month) with the involvement of interested parties.

Project justification:

The low awareness of road safety rules among preschool children has caused an increase in road traffic accidents involving children in Grodno Oblast. According to the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Department of Internal Affairs for Grodno Oblast,  21 traffic accidents involving children were registered on the roads of Grodno Oblast in January-July of 2021. 17 children were injured, five died.   Reasons for these incidents were low awareness of road safety rules among children; lack of a developing environment for the formation of these skills; lack of sufficient examples of responsible safe behavior.

A survey of the parent community of the Yuzhny neighborhood of Zelva (82 families with preschoolers) showed that 75 families (90.4%) spoke in favor of setting up such a playground for their children which, as they believe, will promote the formation of road safe behavior skills in preschool children.

The playground for teaching preschool children the  road safety skills will be used not only by one neighborhood but by the town for thematic events with an aim to prevent road traffic injuries among children.

Why We?
Our center is located in the Yuzhny neighborhood which houses the District Safety Center which teaches fire safety skills in children. Our institution employs teachers of preschool education of the highest qualification category, who know the methodology of teaching preschool children. A playground is necessary to create a multi-level training environment for children of different ages: from a theoretical level to practical road safety skills.

Brief description:
- preparatory work: site preparation (cleaning the territory, leveling the soil);
 - asphalt pavement;
 - drawing road markings;
- installation of traffic lights and road signs.

- site arrangement:
1. Pedestrian crossing
2. Road network with traffic signs
3. Parking - a hangar for children's bicycles
4. Hospital
5. Traffic police
6. Gas station
7. Transport Stop
8. Forum (training ground) on the grounds of the institution for assembling pupils and holding events
Grand opening of the site. Road safety rules contest

After-project activities:
Practical road safety classes for children;
Events, competitions, role-playing games, theoretical and practical classes for preschoolers;
Regional events "Road Mosaic";
Involving parents, teachers, school children, young traffic inspectors, information services, and inspectors from the state traffic safety inspectorate into events and activities;
Raising road safety awareness in children and the parent community.

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