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Belarus Events Calendar

March 2017

Paintings from Maciej Radziwill’s collection on display in MinskPaintings from Maciej Radziwill’s collection on display in Minsk

Heritage of Belarus: Restored Architectural Values art project

Belarus in 


World Heritage ListFor several years, Minsk residents and guests have had a chance to learn more about Belarus’ outstanding landmarks, the uniqueness of which is recognized throughout the world. This year, the open-air gallery has brought together over 100 reproductions depicting the architectural heritage, among which are towns halls, manors, palaces and parks, Orthodox and Catholic churches which have been restored over the past decade in different regions of the country. The authors of the art project are well-known photographers, journalists, winners of the Spiritual Revival Award (2005) Alexander Alekseev and Oleg Lukashevich, who released the album "Heritage of Belarus" in 2004. The album sold over 42 million copies from 2004 to 2014 and became a real sales hit in the history of the national book publishing.

When: from 21 May 2016
Where: Chelyuskintsev Park, Minsk

New show at Belarusian circus

New show at Belarusian circusThe new program “Show of Giant Fountains. Amazing City” will give a start to a new circus season 2017 wil feature over 600 colorful fountains and a laser installation rising from the heart of the arena to a height of 18m, and spectacular acts by the world stars. The world's only touring circus with singing fountains debuted in Minsk in 2015. Its performance won the hearts of even the most discerning viewers. The current program will feature wirewalkers, trampoline gymnasts, jugglers, and also performing bears, monkeys, cats and, of course, the duet of clowns Dolly & Domino performed by honored artists of Russia Lada and Alexander Sarnatskys.

When: 4 February  30 April
Where: Belarusian circus, Minsk

Paintings from Maciej Radziwill’s collection on display in Minsk

Paintings from Maciej Radziwill’s collection on display in MinskThe unique project The Radziwills: The Fate of the Country and the Family” offers a look into the past of the nation through the story of one of the richest and most powerful princely dynasties of Europe. The exhibition brings together paintings, drawings, portraits, miniatures, fabrics and art medals from the private collection of Prince Maciej Radziwill, an aristocrat, businessman and public figure. The exhibition presents the portraits of famous representatives of the family by famous European artists. Some of these portraits may have survived in a single copy. The exhibition also includes the portraits of the Radziwill representatives from the holdings of the National Art Museum of Belarus which were kept in Nesvizh Castle until 1939.

When: 15 February – 16 April
Where: National Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk

Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya exhibition in Minsk

Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya exhibition in MinskBelarus’ biggest art gallery invites art connoisseurs to the exhibition dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the birth of People’s Artist Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya, one of Belarus’ greatest landscape painters of the first half of the 20th century and one of the founders of the memorial landscape genre. The exhibition features the painter’s most significant works from the Belarusian National Art Museum: currently it holds more than 460 studies and paintings drawn throughout the artist’s life. Airy, translucent and deeply lyrical works of the 1930s-1940s memorial series such as The Lenin’s Hills, Ilyich’s Favorite Alley, Alexander Pushkin’s Memorable Places, as well as landscapes of the artist’s favorite summer cottage Chaika (Sea-Gull) and its surroundings deserve special attention.

When: 16 February – 14 March
Where: National Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk

Vladimir Mulyavin. Great Maestro’s Legacy expo in Minsk

Vladimir Mulyavin. Great Maestro’s Legacy expo in MinskLegendary singer, People’s Artist of the USSR and Belarus Vladimir Mulyavin went down in the history of the 20th century music as a talented composer, original performer, founder and art director of one of the most popular folk-rock bands, Pesnyary. The 75th birthday of the singer was widely celebrated across Belarus and beyond its borders last year. The celebrations included music events, presentations, and meetings. In the early 2017 an exclusive exhibition project in Minsk invited the fans of the “Belarusian Beatles” to take a glimpse of the backstage life of the legendary band. The exhibition demonstrates the process of creating scenic outfits. Vladimir Mulyavin took an active part in the process himself. The exposition includes original costumes that created an inimitable style of Pesnyary and 17 sketches. The best part of the exposition is made up of music manuscripts, photos, posters and, perhaps, the most “soulful” rarity, Vladimir Mulyavin's favorite double-necked guitar.

When: 22 February – 9 April
Where: National History Museum of Belarus, Minsk

Renat Agzamov’s Cakes expo

Renat Agzamov’s Cakes expoWell-known confectioner and trendsetter in the cake industry Renat Agzamov is a holder of numerous awards and titles, among which is the title of the Russian champion and prize-holder of the World Confectionary Championship, a member of the Olympic national team and the Council of the Russian Chef Guild. Today almost none of big events of the Russian celebrities do without his sweet masterpieces. In Minsk Renat Agzamov will showcase his artworks for the first time. The total weight of his exhibits exceeds two tonnes, while some of his giant cakes are up to two meters high! An Intellectual Confectioner seminar will be held as part of the event. The famous chef will share his knowledge about the basic products in confectionary cooking and also his cooking secrets.

When: 3 March – 2 April
When: Galleria Trade Center, Minsk

Kevin Mahogany in Minsk

Kevin Mahogany in MinskThe International Jazz in Minsk project continues the series of concerts by world’s jazz stars. The successful debut of renowned American vocalist, guitarist and composer Allan Harris in the Belarusian capital will be followed by a show by Kevin Mahogany recognized by many music enthusiasts and influential magazines as the world’s number one jazz singer. He became popular after the release of the self-titled album Kevin Mahogany in 1996. Other milestones of his biography include recording of a soundtrack for Robert Altman’s Kansas City and participation in the project Eastwood After Hours: Live at Carnegie Hall. The show in Minsk will feature pieces from Kevin Mahogany’s albums and repertoire of the world’s jazz stars Nat King Cole, Johnny Hartman, Eddie Jefferson, Joe Williams, and of course the world-famous jazz love songs My Funny Valentine, My One And Only Love, Sophisticated Lady, Nature Boy, Teach Me Tonight, I’ll Never Stop Loving You…

When: 5 March
Where: Big Hall, Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, Minsk

Minsk Spring Tango Festival 2017

Minsk Spring Tango Festival 2017One of the largest Argentine tango events in Europe, Minsk Spring Tango Festival gathers some 300 professional and amateur dancers from 20 countries in the Belarusian capital every year. This year’s edition will treat the aficionados of this elegant and passionate dance that originated in the slums of Buenos Aires to an eventful program and meetings with world-class professionals. The time between the day and evening milongas will be traditionally filled with relaxation, pre- and after-party events, and also workshops by most established international instructors, founders of tango schools. World-class tango dancer Emilio Cornejo will be one of them. The festival will culminate with the Grand Milonga and live music by Russia’s Orquesta Pasional on Saturday.

When: 10 – 12 March
Where: Chizhovka Arena, Minsk    

National confectionery art tournament CandyBattle

National confectionery art tournament CandyBattleThe national tournament CandyBattle will gather over 500 confectioners from the country’s most prestigious hotels, restaurants, and cafes, bakeries, hypermarkets, and retailers, including small businesses and self-employed confectioners, in Minsk for the first time ever. The panel of judges will be chaired by the prominent Russian confectioner Renat Agzamov. The judges will select 11 best works in the following nominations: an exclusive wedding cake, sugar flowers, chocolate products, a 3D cake, goods made from marzipan, an artistic composition made of pastry, conventional bread, marshmallows, works made from caramel, desserts, carving confectionery, and candy bars. The winner will get a trip for two to the Culinary World Cup 2017 in Luxembourg.

When: 11 – 12 March
Where: President Hotel, Minsk

Belarusian folk rite Spring Calling

Belarusian folk rite Spring CallingThe Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle in the village of Ozertso invites you to attend one of the most ancient and beautiful folk rites — Calling of Spring. For one day visitors will be able to hear live amateur songs also dubbed as vesnyanki. In the past when the weather got warm enough, Belarusians would sing special drawling melodies and symbolic words to call in spring and its faithful companions — birds. Visitors will be able to dive deep into an atmosphere of ancient rites. They will be able to listen to amateur folk music bands, participate in folk games, amusements, and round dances. They will be able to watch the burning of the wheel on the river, create their own birds out of straws, paper, and dough. Most delicious Belarusian dishes will certainly be on the menu.

When: 18 March
Where: The Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle, the village of Ozertso, Minsk District

Premiere of Kim Breitburg’s musical Jane Eyre

Premiere of Kim Breitburg’s musical Jane EyreAfter the success of theater projects Blue Cameo and Dubrovsky in the Belarusian State Academic Music Theater and the musical Casanova, the renowned composer, Honored Figure of Arts of Russia Kim Breitburg will present the premiere of the musical Jane Eyre based on the world-famous novel by English writer Charlotte Bronte in Minsk. Karen Kavaleryan’s libretto will tell the story of a young orphan who had to cope with many difficulties and who found love and happiness with Sir Edward Rochester. The spectacular and dynamic musical with the romantic plot, wonderful music and dances was staged by choreographer and Kim Breitburg’s wife Valeria Breitburg.

When: 19 March
Where: Belarusian State Academic Music Theater, Minsk

Celentano Tribute Show in Minsk

Celentano Tribute Show in MinskOver the course of his career the Italian pop singer, composer, actor and movie director Adriano Celentano has released 41 albums in 150 million copies and has acted in over 40 movies, including The Taming of the Scoundrel, Madly in Love, The Con Artists. Due to the unusual manner he moves on stage he is sometimes called Molleggiato to describe spring in his step. The modern Celentano Tribute Show has gained popularity in various countries across the globe. Starring in the show is Adriano Celentano’s talented lookalike Maurizio Schweizer, who recreates shows by the magnificent Celentano with utmost precision. The program that Belarusian viewers will see combines the best compositions and unparalleled hit songs of the 1970-1980s, including Susanna, Confessa, Il Tempo Se Ne Va, Soli, Amore No…

When: 19 March
Where: Minsk Concert Hall, Minsk

International Youth Theater Forum M@rt.kontakt

International Youth Theater Forum M@rt.kontaktThe International Theater Forum M@rt.kontakt has become one of the key cultural events in Belarus’ calendar. This time Mogilev welcomes 20 theaters from 10 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and, finally, Austria and the USA, this year’s newcomers. During a week-long event, the audience will see 22 classical and modern productions. Mogilev Regional Drama Theater will present a one-man performance Blue Blue produced by young director Igor Kazakov. The performance based on a work by Vladimir Korotkevich features the winner of the 2016 National Theater Award Nikolai Steshits. According to the tradition of the forum, the jury panel will consist of young theater experts, and the press-conferences and discussions will provide for the converse between participants, spectators, critics, and journalists.

When: 21 – 27 March
Where: Mogilev, Mogilev Regional Puppet Theater, Mogilev Regional Drama Theater, Mogilev Concert Hall, the Museum of Ethnography

Horeca RetailTech expo in Minsk

Horeca RetailTech expo in MinskHoreca RetailTech expo is the international fair of the newest tendencies in the HoReCa sector. First held in 1992, the expo was awarded with the badge of quality by The International Union of Exhibitions and Fairs of the CIS and Baltic States. This year the major event of Belarus’ hospitality industry will bring together restaurant business managers, directors and owners of cafes, bars, pizzerias, coffee shops, leading experts of food industries, technologists, chefs, sous-chefs, barmen, managers, retailers, representatives of hotels and tourist facilities managers.  The fair will focus on the latest trends in food industry, Belarusian and foreign technologies, secrets of efficient management, motivation and service in the industry. The program of the event will feature international conferences, roundtable discussions, presentations, workshops, seminars, tastings, and the bar industry expo Minsk Spirited Bar Show.

When: 21 – 23 March
Where: Minsk, Indoor Football Arena

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili in Belarus

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili in BelarusThe Georgian ballet Sukhishvili which is often called the eighth wonder of the world was the first folk dance group in history to ever perform at Milan’s La Scala. After the concert at one of the largest theaters in the world, the curtain was raised 14 times beating Enrico Caruso’s record of 11 times. Performances of the Sukhishvili ballet at the Metropolitan Opera, the Broadway Theater, the Royal Albert Hall and dozens of other world famous halls were a success thanks to the unique combination of Georgia’s dancing and folk traditions, the energy of artists and brand-new technologies. The dance company includes 500 dancers. The new program presented in various cities of Belarus will feature the best performances of the theater which is now led by the third generation of the Sukhishvili-Ramishvili dynasty.

When, where:

23 March - social and cultural center in Gomel
24 March – Palace of the Republic, Minsk
25 March – Culture Palace of Trade Unions in Brest

April 2017Belarus Events Calendar: April 2017

Bi-2 band in Minsk

When: 2 April
Where: Minsk Arena, Minsk

6th international festival of short films Cinema Perpetuum Mobile

When: 5 – 9 April
Where: Minsk

Nargiz Zakirova in Minsk

When, where:

5 April – social and cultural center in Gomel
7 April – Prime Hall, Minsk

Ennio Morricone | John Williams | Hans Zimmer music in Minsk

When, where:

7 April – social and cultural center in Gomel
8 April – social and cultural center in Brest
9 April – Minsk Concert Hall

Coffee Fest Belarus 2017 in Minsk

When: 8 – 9 April
Where: trade and entertainment center Galleria, Minsk

Konstantin Raikin. Poetic solo performance Over the Sky Farce

When: 13 April
Where: Minsk Concert Hall

Imany in Minsk

When: 26 April
Where: Prime Hall, Minsk

International caravan meeting 2017 in Minsk

When: 29 April – 1 May
Where: Minsk National Airport

Cycling carnival VIVA, Rovar! in Minsk

When: April
Where: Minsk

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