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      July 2014

Kupala Night Nationwide Festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends)Kupala Night Nationwide Festival

Exhibition Ten Centuries of Belarusian Art

Exhibition Ten Centuries of Belarusian ArtFor the first time ever the country’s primary art museum will host an exhibition of the best examples of Belarusian art over the course of ten centuries — from the Byzantine Empire to the modern time. The exposition will feature unique works by Belarusian artists with international recognition, whose works have been returned to the motherland just recently. Visitors will be able to see pictures by Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine, and the famous picture Tomasz Zan’s Portrait by Walenty Wankowicz, the book Baton of Power (1667) by Symeon of Polotsk…

When: 27 March – 10 July
Where: National Art Museum, Minsk

Avant-gARTe exhibition in Minsk

Avant-gARTe exhibition in MinskThe majestic modern Belarusian art exhibition Avant-gARTe opened in Minsk in anticipation of the 2014 IIHF WC. For the first time the unique project has brought together works by famous avant-gardists of the 1910-1990s and the best works by modern authors. Visitors are invited to appreciate works by Marc Chagall, Aleksanteri Ahola-Valo, Nadia Khodossievitch Leger, Fernand Leger, Lyudmila Rusova… The organizers have divided the large-scale project Avant-gARTe into three expositions instead of one venue:

It is not the first time that the creative project The Artist and the City has been arranged in Minsk in the open air. In the past the venue has been used to exhibit works by world-famous painters of the 20th century Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malevich. This time the open air exhibition features 32 most interesting works by Belarusian graphic artists and painters.

When: 21 April–1 August
Where: Minsk
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Holography 2014 Exhibition

Holography ExhibitionThis unique exhibition of artistic holograms features 3-D images of Belarus’ halidoms, including the Cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk, Zhirovichi Icon of the Mother of God, as well as holograms of the ancient Eastern Orthodox halidom that has recently been brought to Minsk – the Gifts of the Magi. Besides, visitors will be able to see the smallest details of historical and architectural monuments of Belarus in the “Belarusian Treasures” section.

When: 25 April-6 July
Where: National History Museum, Minsk
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Circus of the Zapashnys Brothers in Minsk

Circus of the Zapashnys Brothers The legendary Circus of the Zapashnys Brothers in Minsk will present a captivating show Emotions… that comprises 12 numbers of various genres united by their color and influence on emotions. The program will feature a clown trio Group A, equestrian acrobats, acrobats on trampolines, a group of balance masters Four Graces, an equestrian show Ellada, gymnasts on pull-up bars, an aerial trapeze Furies. The show Among Predators by People’s Artists of Russia the Zapashnys Brothers will be the key part of the show: viewers will be able to see dangerous and captivating tricks performed by white tigers and Siberian tigers, African lions, and a unique trick by Edgard Zapashny in equestrian show Ellada, which entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2011.

When: 7 May – 27 July
Where: Minsk, The Belarusian State Circus

Back in BSSR Exhibition

Back in BSSR ExhibitionThose who are curious see how things were in the times of the BSSR will certain appreciate the new exhibition at the Minsk History Museum. The exposition features posters of the 1940s-1980s, household items, machines, and works of art dating back to the times of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. There is a section dedicated to representatives of the youth subcultures, like Stilyagi, hippy and the beat generation. Visitors will also see clothing, photos, books, underground press and records. The museum has also prepared themed concerts, retro-parties and presentations.

When: 8 May – 14 September
Where: Minsk History Museum, Minsk
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Project “Ballet Summer in Bolshoi Theater”

Ballet Summer in Bolshoi TheaterThe Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus invites you to dive into the atmosphere of Belarusian and international opera and ballet. For a week the theater will offer classic and modern productions, premieres of the Bolshoi Theater, evenings with legendary choreographers, concerts featuring soloists and dancers of the world’s leading collectives:

29 June – Premier of the Vitaut ballet
30 July – The Swan Lake featuring international ballet stars
2 July – The Don Quixote featuring international ballet stars
4 July – Choreography night with George Balanchine
5 July – Choreography night with Jiri Kylian
7 July – Guest appearance of the Georgian Ballet featuring People’s Artist of Georgia and Russia Nina Ananiashvili: productions Mysterious Garden, Sagalobeli, Margarita and Arman
9 July – Gala concert of international ballet stars

When: 29 June – 9 July
Where: Bolshoi Theater of Belarus, Minsk
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Coffer: A Century of Beauty Exhibition

Coffer: A Century of Beauty ExhibitionThe Coffer project brings together historical costume enthusiasts interested in secular fashion trends of the 19th century the exhibition features costumes for everyday wear, promenades, balls and soirees from the age of Empire to the age of Modern. The costumes have been made on the basis of sketches of original apparel and have been inspired by works of art and fashion editions of that time. There is a story behind every costume, a reflection of the owner’s destiny, character, and lifestyle. On weekends visitors are invited to attend lectures on the history of costumes and everyday life of the 19th century, dancing classes and creative meetings.

When: 1 June – 28 September
Where: Wing of the Loshitsa estate and park complex, Minsk

Kinemo 2014 Silent Cinema and Modern Music Festival in Minsk

Kinemo 2014 Silent Cinema and Modern Music Festival in MinskThe second open-air silent cinema festival in Minsk will introduce viewers to masterpieces of the 1920s created by recognized maestros of the international cinema industry: Jean Renoir, Sergei Eisenstein, Teinosuke Kinugasa, Fritz Lang… The inimitable environment of the last century’s cinema evenings will be created by movie soundtracks and original melodies performed by modern Belarusian musicians, including Yegor Zabelov, Viktor Semashko, Konstantin Yaskov, Maxim Krugly, Yekaterina Matokh, Vitaly Eppov, Andrei Tsalko, Dmitry Gorbach, and the music band Nagual…

When: 19 June, 3, 10, 17 July
Where: Courtyard of the Zair Azgur Memorial Museum, Minsk

Independence Day Celebrations

Independence Day CelebrationsThe nation’s key state holiday will be particularly symbolic and solemn this year as the country celebrates the 70th anniversary of one of the most important events in the country’s history — Belarus’ liberation from the Nazi invaders.
The celebration will begin with a concert in the Palace of the Republic on 1 July. The concert will feature pop stars from Belarus and Russia.
On 2 July the new building of the Great Patriotic War Museum will be unveiled in a very symbolic place - near the Minsk Hero City Stelle and the museum and park complex Victory. Its exposition is unique: it was in Minsk where the USSR’s first Great Patriotic War museum was set up in 1944. Now the museum contains over 142,000 exhibits and adds 700-800 historical rarities every year.
Independence Day CelebrationsA ceremony to lay wreaths at the Victory Monument will take place in Minsk on Independence Day on 3 July while a parade and a theatrical procession will take place in Pobeditelei Avenue in the afternoon. For the first time partisans with unique rare firearms will take part in it. Minsk residents and visitors will be able to see about 240 military vehicles of the Belarusian and Russian armies, including the famous systems Iskander and S-400 Triumf. Festive processions, concerts, sport and entertainment events, exhibitions and fairs will take place all over Belarus. At the end of the day the skies will be colored by festive fireworks while thousands of Belarusians will gather in the open air for the entire country to perform the State Anthem.

When: 1-3 July
Where: Squares, avenues, concert stages, parks and public gardens of Minsk and other Belarusian cities
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Wreath of Friendship International Festival in Bobruisk 

Wreath of Friendship International Festival in BobruiskThe 12th international folklore festival Wreath of Friendship will bring together 26 folklore groups from 20 countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Ghana. One of the highlights of the festival will be the premiere of Kim Breitburg’s musical Dubrovsky. The participants of the forum and local residents will take part in the opening of the Monument of Courage and Sorrow and the stadium named after Alexander Prokopenko, the famous Belarusian football player. Visitors will be invited to attend concerts, theatrical performances, entertainment events, exhibitions, and craft fairs, and to taste national dishes cooked by the participants of the forum. The festival will culminate in the gala Blossom of Nations, Roundel of Friends and the award ceremony.

When: 1-6 July
Where: Bobruisk, Mogilev Oblast

Live Music Festival MOST

Live Music Festival MOST. AKUTEMOST is the biggest open-air music festival in the history of Belarusian show business. Last year the festival posted the record attendance of over 15,000. The music program of the festival is impressively diverse and caters to all kinds of tastes, with genres varying from acoustic music to rock'n'roll. The spectators will be offered 16 hours of live music and a number of surprises. Godskitchen Night Party will be held on the first day of the festival. This will be a totally mind-blowing dance party with special effects and music by popular DJs, including Paul Thomas, DJ and producer DANNIC, Andrew Rayel and DJ Gleb Glebov. Spectators will be able to relax and dine in the open-air “city” that will have a comfortable lounge, VIP sector and numerous food stands. The two-day program of the festival features the following performers:

3 July – Akute, Off the Road!, On the Go, Stigmata, John Newman, Kasabian, Guano Apes.
4 July – Leprikonsy, Valentin Strykalo, Leningrad, Louna, Skillet.  

When: 3-4 July
Where: Aerodrome Borovaya, Minsk

600th Anniversary of Glubokoye

600th Anniversary of GlubokoyeThis ancient town, Belarus’ Cherry Capital, is nestled in the very center of Belarusian Lake Area. This year the town marks its 600th anniversary. The celebrations will start with a wreath laying ceremony at local war memorials and a commemorative meeting in honor of the soldiers and officers who died in the Great Patriotic War. A theatrical procession will march along the central square of the city. A sculpture to the famous leader of the local underground resistance movement Yuri Sobolevsky will be unveiled. The participants of the festival will take part in a solemn service in the major churches of the town – the Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Mother of God and the Trinity Roman Catholic Church, a scientific conference, a procession “Glubokoye – young and old”, sports events, concerts, performances, exhibitions, a presentation of books on local history and culture, a craft fair. 

When: 3-5 July
Where: Glubokoye, Vitebsk Oblast

Living Sky of Braslav 2014 Festival

Living Sky of Braslav 2014 FestivalThis spectacular music show will take place in the famous historical and cultural monument Castle Hill. This year the biggest music festival of Braslav District will bring together 18 rock, blues and jazz bands from all over the country. The star guests will include Valeria Sadovskaya (Minsk), Alexander Velikoselsky (Moscow), and Mikhail Geroyev (Braslav). The program of the festival will also feature an art exhibition and a photo exhibition, a fair of hand-made products, tasting of local cuisine and confectionary of the best pastry makers of Braslav District. Boat, catamaran and yacht rentals will be available. Braslav District is also a great place to get some sun and go swimming.

When: 4 July
Where: Castle Hill, Braslav, Vitebsk Oblast

Kupala Night Nationwide Festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends)

Kupala Night Nationwide Festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends)This year the Kupala Night festival, which traditionally takes place is the town of Alexandria, will be held under the motto "The Dnieper is the River of Friendship". The festival will open with a craft fair "Big Alexandria Fair” which will bring together three fairs of the neighboring countries: Alexandria (Belarus), Sorochyntsy (Ukraine) and Makaryev Fair (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Guests are up for an interesting program: a theatrical presentation "Belarusian Potatoes", concerts "Live in Joy" and "Songs of Native Land ", festivals of beer, flax and Belarusian potatoes. The main event will be a gala concert of artists from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine “Alexandria Gathers Friends!" which will feature Nadezhda Babkina and her group Russian Song, Ivanushki International band, artists of the Gennady Zavolokin accordion center, Anastasia Prikhodko, a participant of Eurovision 2009...

When: 5-6 July
Where: Alexandria, Shklov District, Mogilev Oblast

Volnaye Pavetra 2014 Open-Air Festival

Volnaye Pavetra 2014 Open-Air FestivalGuests of the open-air music festival Volnaye Pavetra (Free as Air) will see unique customs and traditions of Volozhin District. This year the festival has changed the format and shifted its focus on the ancient Belarusian holiday Kupala Night. The interactive program will feature authentic rituals, mysterious ritual songs and dances. The festival will offer the music based on authentic folklore. The line-up includes Altanka, Vuraj, Stary Olsa, Pafnutiy's Dream and Troitsa. The Kupala Night men’s race will start an hour before the midnight: bonfires will be lit on the hills and the music will be played, thanks to which the picturesque valley of the River Buyanka will be drawn into the common musical performance: from melodic ritual songs to powerful sound of gongs. Later the wheel, a symbol of the Sun, will be lit from the biggest bonfire and will be rolled down the hill. In addition, participants of the festival will learn to make original souvenirs and will be offered to taste local dishes.

When: July 5
Where: Khutor Shabli, Volozhin District, Minsk Oblast

Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk International Festival

Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk International FestivalThe famous festival in the city of Marc Chagall will bring together participants from more than 30 countries and promises to become the most memorable event of the Year of Hospitality. By tradition, the Summer Amphitheatre will host grand opening and closing ceremonies, Vitebsk 2014 Song Contest and the Day of the Union State gala. Solo concerts will be given by Turetsky’s Choir, Nadezhda Kadysheva and Zolotoye Koltso group, Stas Mikhailov, Filipp Kirkorov, Boris Moiseyev, Nikolai Rastorguyev and Lube group, Oleg Gazmanov, and Chaif band. During the festival Vitebsk will turn into the capital of arts and will host numerous exhibitions and vernissages, theater projects Puppet Quarter and Theatrical Meetings 2014, an evening of modern dance, premiere of the Dubrovsky musical, entertainment show "TV mix", concerts ("Parade of Smiles", "Golden Hit", "Stars of Europe") and jazz evenings, fairs, and the city of artisans...

When: 10-14 July
Where: Summer Amphitheater, Vitebsk

Our Grunwald International Medieval Festival

Our Grunwald International Medieval FestivalThe biggest reenactment festival marks the 604th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, one of the most glorious battles in the history of Belarus. Visitors will see a stunning reenactment of the legendary battle against the Teutonic Order. The victory in the battle made the Grand Duchy of Lithuania one of the most powerful and influential states in the medieval Europe. Re-enactors from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Poland will gather for the event that will feature jousting tournaments, infantry and cavalry clashes, competitions among archers and halberdiers, performance of dance and theater companies, a fire show, a big rock and folk concert The Feast After The Battle, various medieval entertainment events, arts and crafts fairs and master classes…

When: 19 – 20 July
Where: Dudutki ethnographic museum, Minsk Oblast

Toys and Game Family Festival 

Toys and Game Family FestivalThe Alexander Suvorov park in the city of Kobrin will welcome its residents and visitors for an open-air children’s festival. The two-day event will feature an exhibition of toys, children’s goods, souvenirs for the loved ones and friends, numerous sports events, interactive presentations, master classes on handmade toys and souvenirs, and a concert. A special area in the park will be provided for picnic lovers.

When: 19 – 20 July
Where: Kobrin, Brest Oblast

Knights Fest. Mstislavl 2014 Festival

Knights Fest. Mstislavl 2014 FestivalThe medieval festival in the ancient city of Mstislavl invites everyone to feel the atmosphere of chivalry and great deeds for the love of a fair lady. The festival will open with a greeting speech from the city’s duke and a parade of re-enactors. The program of the festival will feature a display of costumes and armor, buhurts, horse cavalry tournaments, historical plays Masheka and King Stakh’s Wild Hunt, the performance of the music bands Stary Olsa, Yavaryna, Flammeya, Gistryon, a fire circus, a neon fire show and a night rock concert from PAWA band. The recently unearthed unique artefacts – the 16th-century knight armor of a Grand Duchy of Lithuania soldier – will be showcased at the festival. The list of activities will also include the first cockroach races featuring big Madagascar roaches. Visitors will also have an opportunity to have bow and crossbow shooting lessons, taste dishes of the ancient Belarusian cuisine.

When: 26 – 27 July
Where: Mstislavl, Mogilev Oblast

Brest Turns 995 Bike Festival

Brest Turns 995 Bike FestivalA new festival for the lovers of history and bike trips will mark the 995th birthday of Brest, the country’s westernmost city, famous for the heroic defense of the Brest Fortress in June 1941. The festival will open with a reenactment of the life in the ancient city of Berestie. A big randonnee bicycle event will be the centerpiece of the festival that will feature competitions for the champion title among experienced riders, beginners and family teams. Visitors will be also offered themed bike trips, interesting contests and other entertainment on the territory of the 5th Front museum. A gala concert and spectacular fireworks will wrap up the City Day celebrations.

When: 26 – 27 July
Where: Brest

VIVA Braslav 2014 Festival

VIVA Braslav 2014 FestivalThe international music and sports festival VIVA Braslav 2014 will take place in Braslav District, the land of picturesque lakes, which is called “the blue necklace of Belarus” for its breathtaking beauty. The festival will include men’s and women’s tournaments in beach football and volleyball, amateur kayaking competitions, a sailing race. In the evening Braslav will host a big concert starring famous artists and bands. The headliner of the event will be a popular Belarusian band beZ bileta. The music and sports marathon will be crowned by a night disco featuring the Aplus Radio Band and the best DJs of Braslav.

When: 26 July
Where: Braslav, Vitebsk Oblast

Summer Energy 2014 Festival in Minsk

Summer Energy 2014 Festival in MinskThe open-air festival of electronic music DJs will feature original mixes of popular songs and their own electronic singles. The line-up of the summer party includes the best Belarusian DJs VIC, Booster, Alex Strong, DJ Swan, DJ Cassie and DJ Neo. The headliners of the festival will be Swanky Tunes who was the first to record a track with world star Tiesto, DJ FEE, FONAREV, DJ Magnit, founder of drum`n`bass DJ Aphrodite, Canadian DJ and producer DJ K and the Belarusian duo ALEX MAD & PLATON.

When: 26 July
Where: Entertainment Park Dreamland, Minsk

Cherry Festival in Glubokoye

Cherry Festival in GlubokoyeThis savory berry has been famous for its healing properties since the 3rd century BC. It became common in Belarus thanks to plant breeder Boleslav Lapyr who brought planting stock from foreign countries and developed winter-hardy varieties. Last year residents of Glubokoye restored the legendary cherry orchard by planting 1,414 young trees to mark the anniversary of the town. Apart from that, they organized a fascinating cherry festival which will definitely become the town’s landmark. Guests of the original cherry festival will enjoy a spectacular theatrical parade and numerous amusements (song and dance, photo and drawing, hairdressing contests), chose ‘the cherry princess’ and taste delicious berries at the international cherry fair…

When: 19 July
Where: Glubokoye, Vitebsk Oblast

Open Berry Picking Championship in Polotsk District

Open Berry Picking Championship in Polotsk DistrictEnthusiasts and bilberry lovers will take part in the unique tournament near Lake Beloye in Polotsk District. The venturous competition will bring together people of all ages who will compete in berry picking. The program of the festival will feature numerous open-air amusements, contests, lotteries and quizzes with prizes, and a fair where all guests will taste berry delicacies and homemade jams, fragrant herb drinks, various liquors.

When: 19 July
Where: Village of Azino, Polotsk District, Vitebsk Oblast

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