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 September 2014

Cranes and Cranberries of Miory District eco-festivalCranes and Cranberries of Miory District eco-festival

Back in BSSR Exhibition

Back in BSSR ExhibitionThose who are curious see how things were in the times of the BSSR will certain appreciate the new exhibition at the Minsk History Museum. The exposition features posters of the 1940s-1980s, household items, machines, and works of art dating back to the times of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. There is a section dedicated to representatives of the youth subcultures, like Stilyagi, hippy and the beat generation. Visitors will also see clothing, photos, books, underground press and records. The museum has also prepared themed concerts, retro-parties and presentations.

When: 8 May – 14 September
Where: Minsk History Museum, Minsk
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Coffer: A Century of Beauty Exhibition

Coffer: A Century of Beauty ExhibitionThe Coffer project brings together historical costume enthusiasts interested in secular fashion trends of the 19th century the exhibition features costumes for everyday wear, promenades, balls and soirees from the age of Empire to the age of Modern. The costumes have been made on the basis of sketches of original apparel and have been inspired by works of art and fashion editions of that time. There is a story behind every costume, a reflection of the owner’s destiny, character, and lifestyle. On weekends visitors are invited to attend lectures on the history of costumes and everyday life of the 19th century, dancing classes and creative meetings.

When: 1 June – 28 September
Where: Wing of the Loshitsa estate and park complex, Minsk

Kamyanitsa Folk Festival

Kamyanitsa Folk FestivalThis flamboyant festival that celebrates ancient Belarusian traditions and culture is growing bigger. This year visitors to the festival will see Belarus’ biggest collection of authentic wooden architecture dating back to the 18th-20th centuries, the works of craftsmen, photographers, designers and artists and will try dishes of the national cuisine prepared by local cooks. The fest will be crowned by a big concert of Belarusian and foreign folk music bands...

When: 6 September
Where: Ozertso village, Minsk District, Museum of Belarusian Architecture and Rural Life

Cranes and Cranberries of Miory District eco-festival

Cranes and Cranberries of Miory District eco-festivalThis exciting environmental festival will bring together ornithologists and all those who love Belarusian nature in the famous wildlife reserve Elnya that becomes a transit point for over 4,000 gray cranes and 10,000 ducks on their way to warmer places… Here one can watch gracious birds flying to their roost, walk along an eco-trail, see crane flocks on the fields, and take part in eco-quizzes and games. Participants of the festival will try traditional local dishes, namely a cranberry drink, savory cranberry pastry and, of course, cranberries, which are considered the healthiest of all berries. In fact, Miory District is famous for its cranberries and is believed to have Belarus’ highest cranberry yield. The program of the festival will include the Cranberry Girl contest, knights’ tournaments, a craftwork fair, and a concert featuring Belarusian pop stars. The festival will conclude with grandiose fireworks and a water show.

When: 8-14 September
Where: Miory, Vitebsk Oblast

Zabor Art Project in Minsk

Zabor Art Project in MinskThe street art project encompassing various genres of contemporary Belarusian art was first held in the Chelyuskinites Park in Minsk two years ago. The project aroused sincere interest in the public. The exposition was seen by residents of Minsk and all the oblast capitals, as well as art lovers of Warsaw and Paris. The project will re-open at the National Art Museum and will feature ten contemporary Belarusian artists. Visitors to the exhibition will be complemented by lectures on modern art, movie screenings, master classes and special excursions for children.

When: 9 September-6 October
Where: National Art Museum, Minsk

Belarusian Written Language Day in Zaslavl

Belarusian Written Language Day in ZaslavlZaslavl will host the 21st Belarusian Written Language Day this year. This will be the second time the ancient town will become the venue of this important cultural event. The festival’s program will include literature and music meetings, presentations of mass media and publishing houses, and an exposition by the Zaslavl history and culture museum. Visitors to the festival will be able to see an exhibition of postcards and photos from the collection of Belarusian historian and collector Vladimir Likhodedov. This year the Belarusian Written Language Day will include a presentation of rural estates. A new tourist route around Zaslavl and a monument to Prince Izyaslav, the founder of Zaslavl, will be unveiled in the run-up to the festival…

When: 6-7 September
Where: Zaslavl, Minsk Oblast

Centennial Celebrations of Roman Catholic Church in Vidzy

Centennial Celebrations of Roman Catholic Church in VidzyThe Roman Catholic Church in Vidzy, one of the main attractions of the Braslav area, will celebrate the 100th anniversary. This is Belarus' second largest Roman Catholic church after the temple in Budslav. The celebrations will open with a festive relay race, during which people will visit chapels in villages and will say a total of about 100 prayers. A big secular festival in honor of the church will feature a concert, a lottery, fireworks and a launch of hundreds of sky lanterns... Bishop Oleg Boutkevich, the head of the Vitebsk Catholic Diocese, will consecrate the side altars, the memorial cross and a plaque in honor of the 100th anniversary of the temple and the centennial anniversary of Cardinal Kazimierz Swiatek.

When: 30 August – 7 September
Where: Vidzy village, Braslav District, Vitebsk Oblast

Minsk City Day Celebrations

Minsk City Day CelebrationsFestive events to celebrate the 947th anniversary of the Belarusian capital will begin with the award ceremonies "Best in Profession" and "Minsker of the Year". The main celebrations in squares and central streets, parks and squares of the city will be held on 13 September. The program includes concerts in the Town Hall Square, the children's festival "Dreams Come True" in the Lebyazhy water park and the youth festival "Rhythm of the City", the historical re-enactment festival and a fair of artisans. Sports events will be arranged for the more actively inclined. These will include the Minsk Cup in Extreme Weightlifting, the city roller skating marathon, Darya Domracheva’s biathlon festival, Svisloch 2014 water tourism event and September Meet-Up walking festival... The celebrations will conclude with a flower ceremony at the Minsk Hero City Stele and fireworks.

When: 11-17 September
Where: Squares, parks, concert halls of Minsk

Belaya Vezha 2014 Theater Festival

Belaya Vezha 2014 Theater FestivalThe 29th edition of the international festival in Brest, which for many years has been the hallmark of the city, will bring together theater companies from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Italy. Residents and visitors to the city will see 28 performances which will showcase the national and foreign theater art and the creative ideas of young actors, directors and screenwriters. By tradition, the exciting event will spill over the entire city: the main square will host a large theatrical procession and captivating presentations of street plays “Dreams of a Poet” (Ukraine) and “Theater in a Suitcase” (Poland).

When: 12-20 September
Where: Brest Academic Drama Theater, Brest

International festival of ethnic and cultural traditions Zov Polesya

International festival of ethnic and cultural traditions Zov PolesyaBelarusian Polesye prides itself on unique cultural and culinary traditions, authentic folk rites, which are still alive in the 21st century. The ethno-cultural forum, which is held every two years in picturesque parts of Pripyatsky National Park, will gather over 10,000 participants and guests from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland… The festival will feature concerts by folk choirs and vocalists, an exhibition of souvenirs and an artistic plein air Land Under White Wings, a towel festival, a beauty contest, an exhibition about famous Polesye residents, and a photo contest dedicated to the nature of the Polesye land, folklore games, an ethnographic nook, an exhibition and presentation of Polesye folk cuisine dishes. Thematic farm tourism estates will represent various districts of Polesye and folk crafts and unique arts inherent in Polesye. Craftsmen will arrange training sessions in pottery, smithing, bee keeping, and twig weaving. A tournament of fishermen and a kayaking race along the river have been planned. Guests are invited for a motor boat tour and a ride on an air balloon, they will see a drum show and a performance by strong men.

When: 13 September
Where: Agrotown of Lyaskovichi, Petrikov District, Gomel Oblast
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International Festival of Animated Films Animayevka 2014

International Festival of Animated Films Animayevka 2014This year the well-known animation festival in Mogilev will present 159 films from 39 countries, with first-ever screenings of works from Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Iraq, Columbia, Singapore, Syria, the United States, Croatia, Sweden, Slovenia and the Netherlands. The festival will include competition and out-of-competition premieres, master classes, exhibitions of Belarusian painters, a show from the Moscow Puppet Theater Balagan, a children’s competition “I am not a magician, I am just learning…”, and an expo of paintings “My Favorite Cartoons”. The forum will comprise special guests meetings with Honored Artist of Russia Oksana Stashenko, author of the international project Cradle Songs for the Whole Family Natalia Faustova, prominent art figure of Russia Grigory Gladkov, actor of the Kupala Theater Oleg Garbuz, director Yelena Turova.

When: 16 – 22 September
Where: Mogilev

International Festival of Student Theaters Teatralny Koufar

International Festival of Student Theaters Teatralny KoufarBelarus’ sole international festival of student theaters, which has already won great popularity in Eastern Europe, brings together hundreds of young actors from different countries ever year. The forum will feature traditional projects and Koufar-in-Motion, which will comprise the plays of Belarusian and foreign student theaters, as well as modern works by various theater makers. Apart from the main competition program, spectators will be offered experimental plays by the theater studio KoufarDramaLab, master-classes, discussions and creative meetings.

When: 21 – 28 September
Where: Belarusian State University, Minsk

First International Maritime Festival From the Varangians to the Greeks

First International Maritime Festival From the Varangians to the GreeksParticipants of the new festival will have an opportunity to enjoy an atmosphere of the early Middle Ages and, like ancient Vikings, embark on a many-day boat expedition. For this event Belarusian enthusiasts recreated the real Varangian Fleet. The camping in Berezovka, Mosty and Grodno will be packed with numerous interesting cultural events. Visitors will learn about the medieval culture of Eastern Slavs, Balts and Vikings, see martial competitions, Viking and Slavic weapons, take part in master classes and buy souvenirs at the arts and crafts fair. Medieval music played by the Belarusian folk band Hard Wood (in Berezovka) and Ukraine’s Spiritual Seasons (in Grodno) will add to the atmosphere of the Middle Ages in the Varangian camps.

When: 21 – 27 September
Where: Berezovka, Mosty, Grodno, Grodno Oblast

Alexander Filippenko’s one-man performance Laughter of Fathers

Alexander Filippenko’s one-man performance Laughter of FathersOne of the most famous contemporary actors, People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Filippenko, who is widely recognized for starring as Azazello in Vladimir Bortko’s screen adaptation of the novel Master and Margarita, will present a musical composition featuring works of outstanding Russian literature classists of the 20th century: Andrei Platonov, Mikhail Zoshchenko, Mikhail Koltsov, and Sergei Dovlatov… The talented artist will perform masterpieces of satire — feuilletons by Mikhail Koltsov, fables by Nikolai Erdman, texts from notebooks of Sergei Dovlatov’s Leningrad period and his story Performance from the collection Zone.

When: 23 September
Where: Central Officer’s Club, Minsk

International Theater Festival TEART 2014

International Theater Festival TEART 2014The international theater forum TEART will present the world’s best theater projects including performances by internationally recognized Belarusian directors. This year spectators will see productions by companies from eight countries of the world: Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Slovenia, Germany, and Denmark. The program will traditionally consist of three parts: international, Russian, and Belarusian drama and will feature various genres — from classic to modern productions, from documentary theater to plastic theater. The festival will begin on 3 October with a magnificent dancing premier of Igor Stravinsky’s legendary ballet Firebird in the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus from Sergei Diaghilev’s Russian Seasons repertoire. It will be directed by People’s Artist of Russia Andris Liepa.

When: 27 September – 22 October
Where: Minsk

National Running Festival Yazyl Dozen

National Running Festival Yazyl DozenThe traditional marathon Yazyl Dozen, which is part of the international calendar of competitions, will bring together the best amateur runners from Belarus and the CIS states in the race for the best runner title. This year the competition will be divided by age groups and various nominations: Staryye Dorogi Race, 500, Belarusian Versta, Mini Marathon, Corporate Race, Yazyl Dozen. Participants and spectators are invited to appreciate a number of entertainments, including various contests and quizzes, a lottery, and home-cooked dishes from local chefs.

When: 26–27 September
Where: Staryye Dorogi, Minsk Oblast

Yuri Bashmet International Festival 

Yuri Bashmet International FestivalOne of the brightest music festivals of Belarus will gather the leading musicians in Minsk. The world classic masterpieces will be performed by outstanding virtuosos including “Russian Italian” violinist Sergei Krylov, Belarusian pianist Rostislav Krimer, Irish pianist Barry Douglas, violinists Antal Zalai (Hungary) and Russia’s Vadim Repin, who plays the 1743 Bonjour violin by Guarneri del Gesu. Performing at the festival will be legendary music bands: the Camerata of one of the world’s oldest Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam, Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra  and the Grammy holder Moscow Soloists chamber orchestra conducted by maestro Yuri Bashmet. A spectacular show is expected at the opening of the festival: the paintings of the great artists of the second half of the 18th century will “come to life” on a big screen during the performance of symphony No.29 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

When: 29 September – 7 October
Where: Belarusian State Philharmonic Hall in Minsk

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