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Belarus Events Calendar    August 2014
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Belarus Events Calendar

 August 2014

International festival of ethnic and cultural traditions Zov Polesya

International festival of ethnic and cultural traditions Zov Polesya

Back in BSSR Exhibition

Back in BSSR ExhibitionThose who are curious see how things were in the times of the BSSR will certain appreciate the new exhibition at the Minsk History Museum. The exposition features posters of the 1940s-1980s, household items, machines, and works of art dating back to the times of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. There is a section dedicated to representatives of the youth subcultures, like Stilyagi, hippy and the beat generation. Visitors will also see clothing, photos, books, underground press and records. The museum has also prepared themed concerts, retro-parties and presentations.

When: 8 May – 14 September
Where: Minsk History Museum, Minsk
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Coffer: A Century of Beauty Exhibition

Coffer: A Century of Beauty ExhibitionThe Coffer project brings together historical costume enthusiasts interested in secular fashion trends of the 19th century the exhibition features costumes for everyday wear, promenades, balls and soirees from the age of Empire to the age of Modern. The costumes have been made on the basis of sketches of original apparel and have been inspired by works of art and fashion editions of that time. There is a story behind every costume, a reflection of the owner’s destiny, character, and lifestyle. On weekends visitors are invited to attend lectures on the history of costumes and everyday life of the 19th century, dancing classes and creative meetings.

When: 1 June – 28 September
Where: Wing of the Loshitsa estate and park complex, Minsk

Bard Music & Fishing Festival 2014

Bard Music & Fishing Festival Participants from a dozen countries are expected to come to Belarus for the 5th Bard Music & Fishing Festival that will be held on the banks of the Chigirinskoye Water Reservoir in Bykhov District, Mogilev Oblast. These are musicians and fishermen from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan… The most important new thing about the festival this year is the diversity of music genres that will include jazz, rock'n'roll, acoustic rock and hard rock. The famous bard music performers are expected to attend. Among them are Alexander Dolsky, Psoy Korolenko, Tatyana Vizbor and Lidia Cheboksarova. Participants of the festival will try tsar’s fish broth from a famous Belarusian chef and learn to cook traditional dishes. They will also take part in contests and quizzes, lotteries, a photo plain air session and a master class, buy souvenirs and hand-made gifts. Outdoor sports lovers will be offered animated music tours to the Island of Love on a wooden bark, as well as water excursions on catamarans and kayaks and horse riding tours

When: 1-3 August
Where: Grudichino village, Bykhov District, Mogilev Oblast
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Festival Druzhba

Festival Druzhba The central event of the international festival of music, art and entertainment will be an open-air live concert of famous performers and musicians. However, the festival is not only about the concert. The spectators will be invited to take part in master classes, see exhibitions of modern artists, and watch theatrical performances and music shows. There will be a lot to do for outdoor sports lovers. They will be offered to play volleyball, badminton, do yoga and take part in numerous contests and quizzes.

The program of the festival will feature the following performers:

1 August – Nogu Svelo!, Animal JaZZ (Russia), Serebryanaya Svadba, Bez Bileta, :B:N: and Akute (Belarus);
2 August – Delfin (Russia), Sergei Babkin (Ukraine), The Toobes, Botanic Project, Petlya Pristrastia, Kassiopeya, Sounduk, Navi (Belarus).

Where: Shabli village, Volozhin District, Minsk Oblast

Dribin Fair Festival

Dribin Fair FestivalDribin felt boots are among the most recognizable brands of Belarusian craftsmen. The ancient traditions and the secret professional language of felt boot makers from the town of Dribin are inscribed in the preliminary UNESCO World Heritage List. Each year on the first Saturday of August the town hosts a big festival featuring dozens of interesting crafts, like woodcarving and cooperage, ceramics, straw weaving and beads plaiting, embroidery, and, of course, the pride of Dribin – making of felt boots and hats. You will see how bast shoes are made, how straw and willow are turned into masterpieces of folk craft, how the most beautiful patterns are embroidered on clothing, towels, and table cloths… Artisans will show how to make warm felt boots, Magyar hats, woolen gloves and decorations. Folk music bands will perform in the central square all day long. There will be food stands selling local foods, gift shops, and tea shops where one will be able to try savory herbal tea.

When: 2 August
Where: Dribin, Mogilev Oblast
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Mirum Music Festival 2014

Mirum Music FestivalThe open-air music festival at the majestic Mir Castle, one of the most popular attractions in Belarus, promises to turn into an amazing show of the best musicians from Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine... The line-up includes Dave DK, Vakula, Vidis, Migloko, Murovei, Funkyjaws, Schmoltz, Shyam, Outro Pin, Gaamer, Induss, BV, Verde, Salut 80', Alex D b2b G100F, Milk Splash, Dankov, Psher & Laquisa, A Glade, 50k. Special guests of the festival are the star of the world jazz Nino Katamadze and the Insight band which will present their hits of the past 15 years...

When: 9 August
Where: Mir Castle, town of Mir, Grodno Oblast

Festival Letniya Ramestvy

International Culinary Festival Motalskiya Prysmaki The holiday of traditional arts and crafts will become an alternative to the famous international culinary festival Motalskiya Prysmaki dedicated to the unique culinary traditions of Polesye in the village of Motol, the birthplace of first President of Israel Chaim Weizmann. During the festival 30 famous Belarusian craftsmen will hold their master classes on different traditional arts and crafts, blacksmithing, weaving, embroidery, straw weaving and bast shoes plaiting, making of felt boots, cooperage, wood painting and making of the ritual dolls. In addition, there will be held a cruise featuring the local estates "From neighbour to neighbour" and a round table discussion, National crafts and agritourism: a synergy effect. Guests and participators will be absorbed in the atmosphere of Belarusian Polesye. They will take part in the unique local rites and also will know more about the history and crafts of this edge visiting Motol Folk Museum.

When: 8 - 9 August
Where: Village of Motol, Ivanovo District, Brest Oblast

Ruslan Salei Memorial Tournament

Ruslan Salei Memorial TournamentFor the third time the main ice arena of Belarus will host the tournament dedicated to the legendary former national team captain and the first Belarusian in the IIHF Hall of Fame Ruslan Salei. The tournament will feature the best ice hockey teams of Belarus and other countries, including HC Dinamo Minsk and HC Sochi of the KHL. The past winners were HC Vityaz (Chekhov, Moscow Oblast), and HC Amur (Khabarovsk). After the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk the tournament will become another prime sporting event for ice hockey fans.

15 August
HC Neman vs  team of Belarusian clubs
HC Dinamo Minsk vs HC Sochi

16 August
HC Sochi vs team of Belarusian clubs
HC Dinamo Minsk vs HC Neman

17 August
HC Neman vs HC Sochi
HC Dinamo Minsk vs team of Belarusian clubs

When: 15-17 August
Where: Minsk Arena, Minsk
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Metal Crowd Open-Air Festival 2014

Metal Crowd Open-Air Festival 2014 The biggest international festival of extreme music will gather more than 40 bands from different countries in one of the oldest towns of Belarus, Rechitsa. The festival expands its boundaries on a regular basis and this time the forum will feature representatives of different metal music genres from the UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Heavy metal fans that flock to the town for the festival from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine will have a chance to both enjoy the live show and meet their favorite singers.

When: 16 – 17 August
Where: Nadezhda sports center, Rechitsa, Gomel Oblast

Flower Festival 2014

Flower Festival The traditional "flower carnival" invites gardeners and beauty lovers to visit the world of floral fantasies. The colorful feast in the Belarusian town of Zheludok will feature a sightseeing tour, Zheludok Fulfills Dreams, (the town is home to an ancient estate of Svyatopolk-Chetvertinsky dukes and is often used as a movie setting), a presentation of clothing made of natural flowers, numerous competitions, including contests for the best flower arrangements and best and original posies. Professional artists, decorators, hairdressers and cooks will put on show their "flower" compositions. The festival will also include master classes in flower compositions and bouquets, a trading show of crafts and arts, presentation and tasting of the Belarusian dishes.

When: 17 August
Where: Zheludok, Shchuchin District, Grodno Oblast

European Scything Championship

Sporovskiye Senokosy A big international tournament will take place as part of the Belarusian traditional scything championship Sporovskiye Senokosy on the Pripyat Polesye lands at the Sporovsky Biological Reserve. The unique competition that has become a brand of the reserve will gather the best scythemen from Belarus, Eastern Europe, Poland and Sweden. The participants will compete in team and individual events on a 100m long and 3m wide strip of land with fenny grass. The tournament promises a breathtaking show with unpredictable weather and lowland bogs adding challenges to the contestants…

When: 22 – 24 August
Where: Sporovsky Biological Reserve, the village of Zditovo, Bereza District, Brest Oblast
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International festival of ethnic and cultural traditions Zov Polesya

International festival of ethnic and cultural traditions Zov PolesyaBelarusian Polesye prides itself on unique cultural and culinary traditions, authentic folk rites, which are still alive in the 21st century. The ethno-cultural forum, which is held every two years in picturesque parts of Pripyatsky National Park, will gather over 10,000 participants and guests from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland… The festival will feature concerts by folk choirs and vocalists, an exhibition of souvenirs and an artistic plein air Land Under White Wings, a towel festival, a beauty contest, an exhibition about famous Polesye residents, and a photo contest dedicated to the nature of the Polesye land, folklore games, an ethnographic nook, an exhibition and presentation of Polesye folk cuisine dishes. Thematic farm tourism estates will represent various districts of Polesye and folk crafts and unique arts inherent in Polesye. Craftsmen will arrange training sessions in pottery, smithing, bee keeping, and twig weaving. A tournament of fishermen and a kayaking race along the river have been planned. Guests are invited for a motor boat tour and a ride on an air balloon, they will see a drum show and a performance by strong men.

When: 23 August
Where: Agrotown of Lyaskovichi, Petrikov District, Gomel Oblast
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St. Anna Fair 2014

Annensky Fair The legendary Annensky Fair (Gannensky Kirmash or St. Anna Fair) was one of the largest fairs in Europe in the 18th century, the second largest fair after the Leipzig Fair, the place where thousands of buyers and owners of purebred horses gathered from all over the world. Named after Saint Anna, the fair was also a major cultural event: for an entire month singers, conjurers, jugglers, and acrobats would entertain the public while actors and musicians would arrange drama and opera performances. Traditions of the past in the town of Zelva have been revived. On the first day of the fair the water reservoir Zelvyanka will host competitions of divers and fishermen, a water show and a water and laser show, and a concert by Belarusian pop stars. On the second day the events will unfold in the center of the town. Tourists are invited to appreciate theatrical performances and concerts, traditional fair contests, presentations of farm tourism estates, and exhibitions of craftsmen, folk games, a ride in horse carts and a horse exhibition, a grand dancing ball, and a fire show… Apart from that, for the first time the fair will gather researchers and local lore experts for the conference about the role of the Sapieha family in the history of Zelva land.

When: 22 – 23 August
Where: Town of Zelva, Grodno Oblast

Delicious Blog Culinary Festival

Delicious Blog Culinary FestivalThe country’s largest cookout will gather guests and maestros of high-style cuisine from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, the USA, and Italy. The 2nd national cooking tournament Golden Jacket 2014 that will name Belarus’ best cook will be the most awaited event of the festival. The event will also feature competitions for the title of the best amateur cook, hot cooking competitions between Belarusian celebrities and media persons, captivating master classes by famous chefs, sampling of dishes, contests and live music. Besides, a presentation of the book Home Cuisine Encyclopedia will take place.

When: 23 – 24 August
Where: Gorky Park, Minsk

Krevo Castle Festival and Krevo Ceramics Fest

Krevo Castle Festival The festival will take place near the walls of once awe-inspiring Krevo Castle where local dukes struggled for power and the famous dynastic union was formed. The name of the festival "Under the Sign of Lyaliva" derives from the name of an ancient coat of arms of the local nobility. The festival will feature performances of historical reenactment clubs and knights’ tournaments, costume performances, theater, dance and folk song shows… The festival will include medieval amusements and fascinating master classes in folk dances, songs and games. Visitors will get familiar with traditional Belarusian crafts, buy souvenirs and learn to cook Belarusian national food. During the festival volunteers will present their initiatives regarding the protection of the Belarusian cultural heritage.

Krevo Castle Festival Before the festival of medieval culture which will take place in the evening, the town of Krevo will host the first ceramics fest. It will bring together the best potters. During the one-day festival they will help visitors make cups, horns of plenty or whistles. The big ceramics fair will offer exclusive souvenirs. Young visitors to the ceramics fair will receive clay modeling lessons. The inspiring atmosphere will be created by musicians, ethnic and folk art groups. The trade stalls will offer fresh bread baked to ancient recipes, kvass, other Belarusian foods and drinks.

When: 23 August
Where: Krevo Castle, Smorgon District, Grodno Oblast
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First Inter-Regional Interactive Festival Eco Weekend

ShchuchinVisitors to the first ecofestival in Shchuchin will take part in amusing open air activities. The festival will feature fascinating master classes, equestrian lessons and other kinds of eco-friendly leisure. The program of the festival will include equestrian and roller shows, performances of extreme bikers and the military and patriotic club Slavyane, air balloon flights, a music show, various amusements, games, contests and food sampling. Apart from that, local rural tourism estates will make presentations.

When: 24 August
Where: Shchuchin, Grodno Oblast

Cucumber Festival in Shklov

Cucumber Festival in ShklovThe cucumber capital of Belarus, the town of Shklov, will once again host the festival dedicated to the vegetable the locals have grown since the 16th century. The main square of the town with the sculptural composition Cucumber will be the venue for the costume street procession featuring Shklov Cucumber, who will parade accompanied by ladies and gentlemen to the sounds of the orchestra. The festival will also include concerts, "cucumber" contests, performances for children and the all-prize lottery. The trade stalls will offer vegetables from private gardens, dozens of cucumber dishes: salads, pickles and marinades, unusual cucumber-honey sandwiches and even cucumber vodka "ogurtsovka"…

When: August
Where: Shklov, Mogilev Oblast

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