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 October 2014

The Firebird ballet in MinskThe Firebird ballet in Minsk

Zabor Art Project in Minsk

Zabor Art Project in MinskThe street art project encompassing various genres of contemporary Belarusian art was first held in the Chelyuskinites Park in Minsk two years ago. The project aroused sincere interest in the public. The exposition was seen by residents of Minsk and all the oblast capitals, as well as art lovers of Warsaw and Paris. The project will re-open at the National Art Museum and will feature ten contemporary Belarusian artists. Visitors to the exhibition will be complemented by lectures on modern art, movie screenings, master classes and special excursions for children.

When: 9 September-6 October
Where: National Art Museum, Minsk

International Theater Festival TEART 2014

International Theater Festival TEART 2014The international theater forum TEART will present the world’s best theater projects including performances by internationally recognized Belarusian directors. This year spectators will see productions by companies from eight countries of the world: Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Slovenia, Germany, and Denmark. The program will traditionally consist of three parts: international, Russian, and Belarusian drama and will feature various genres — from classic to modern productions, from documentary theater to plastic theater. The festival will begin on 3 October with a magnificent dancing premier of Igor Stravinsky’s legendary ballet Firebird in the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus from Sergei Diaghilev’s Russian Seasons repertoire. It will be directed by People’s Artist of Russia Andris Liepa.

When: 27 September – 22 October
Where: Minsk

Yuri Bashmet International Festival 

Yuri Bashmet International FestivalOne of the brightest music festivals of Belarus will gather the leading musicians in Minsk. The world classic masterpieces will be performed by outstanding virtuosos including “Russian Italian” violinist Sergei Krylov, Belarusian pianist Rostislav Krimer, Irish pianist Barry Douglas, violinists Antal Zalai (Hungary) and Russia’s Vadim Repin, who plays the 1743 Bonjour violin by Guarneri del Gesu. Performing at the festival will be legendary music bands: the Camerata of one of the world’s oldest Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam, Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra  and the Grammy holder Moscow Soloists chamber orchestra conducted by maestro Yuri Bashmet. A spectacular show is expected at the opening of the festival: the paintings of the great artists of the second half of the 18th century will “come to life” on a big screen during the performance of symphony No.29 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

When: 29 September – 7 October
Where: Belarusian State Philharmonic Hall in Minsk

Parade of Dynasties in the Belarusian State Circus

Parade of Dynasties in the Belarusian State CircusThe new program of the Belarusian main circus will feature the world-renowned stars – representatives of four circus dynasties of Alihanov, Maykhrovsky, Levitsky and Yermakov. The show will include acts by world-famous rope-walkers, jugglers, gymnasts and acrobats and, of course, tamers with their smart animals. Members of the Professor Yermakov Dog Academy will present complicated and never-shown-before circus tricks, artists of the Goat Show will dance in sync, while trained parrots will stun the audience with their mother wit. Galina Maykhrovskaya’s Theater of Sea Animals will make the draw of the Parade of Dynasties show featuring penguins, seals, sea-cows and sea lions. People’s Artist of Russia clown Yevgeny Maykhrovsky will also make part of the show with his famous goose-hypnosis act.

When: 20 September – 31 October
Where: Minsk, Belarusian State Circus

Mysteries of the Human Body Exhibition in Minsk

Mysteries of the Human Body Exhibition in MinskThe world’ biggest anatomic exhibition was created in the USA seven years ago. Over these years it has been presented in dozens of countries. Some 30 million of people have seen it. The unique exhibition features around 200 items. Human bodies and organs are presented almost in their original state thanks to the method of polymer plastination. The method helps the visitors of the exhibition to see the things that only medical workers and scientists usually know. The expo takes its visitors onto a breathtaking trip into the most complicated systems that makes one of the most advanced Universes – the human body.

When: 3 October 2014 – 11 January 2015
Where: Minsk, Minsk Arena velodrome

The Firebird ballet in Minsk

The Firebird ballet in MinskFamous ballet dancer and producer, People’s Artist of Russia Andris Liepa will bring to Belarus his restored theater company from Sergei Dyagilev’s Russian Seasons that gained international popularity in the early 20th century. Mikhail Fokin’s legendary play put on Igor Stravinsky’s music has become a calling card of the Russian ballet and changed the public’s understanding of choreography.  The ballet scenery is designed by outstanding stage designer of the Silver age, the native of Grodno Leon Bakst. The ballet in Minsk will present unique decorations and costumes, recreated by artist Anatoly Nezhny from the sketches of the Belarusian master.

When: 3 October
Where: Belarusian Bolshoi Theater, Minsk

Mashina Vremeni in Belarus

Mashina Vremeni in BelarusThe legend of the Soviet and Russian rock Mashina Vremeni (Time Machine) rock group will come to Belarus as part of its 45th anniversary celebrating tour. The rock music pioneers are famous for a special eclectic style that seamlessly combines rock and roll, blues, classic rock and bard music. On the Belarusian stage the Mashina Vremeni golden cast led by their eternal leader Andrei Makarevich will perform the best compositions admired by different generations of music fans.

When, where:
2 OctoberVitebsk, Summer Amphitheater
3 October – Minsk, Sports Center

970th anniversary of Novogrudok

970th anniversary of NovogrudokThe ancient city with glorious history and the first capital of one of the most powerful states of medieval Europe — the Grand Duchy of Lithuania — will mark its anniversary. Legends say that Novogrudok was founded by Prince Yaroslav the Wise in 1044. In the 14-16th centuries a magnificent castle was built there. It featured seven towers and was one of the largest castles in Belarusian lands. The coronation of Mindaugas, the first king of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, took place in the castle. Since then Novogrudok has managed to preserve the castle hill, ruins of the castle and the surrounding town (the small castle), and fragments of the Cathedral Tower and the Shield Tower…

970th anniversary of NovogrudokThe celebration of the 970th anniversary will begin on 3 October with a science and practice conference Novogrudok Through Centuries and a presentation of a new book about the history of the ancient town, its present day and development prospects. The main events of the celebration will begin on 4 October. A theatrical performance featuring intriguing plots from history, concerts by professionals and amateurs of Grodno Oblast, a youth ball, a grand show of Belarusian pop stars, a concert featuring winners of the TV project Znai Nashikh (take a look at our sort) will take place in the town’s main square. They will be followed by fireworks and a dancing program. During the day interesting events will also take place in other venues in the town. Fairs and exhibitions will be arranged, a demonstration of ancient crafts, and a street dedicated to farmer estates. The Castle Hill will be the place to see a competition of knights, a tournament of archers, a horse-riding show, and captivating medieval entertainment for guests. For the great jubilee Novogrudok will open an alley of 16 stone sculptures, a sign in honor of the 970th anniversary and a new mini park will be opened in Adama Mitskevicha Street.

When: 3-4 October
Where: Novogrudok, Grodno Oblast

Belarus’ first bird photography championship

Belarus’ first bird photography championshipThe unusual competition in Minsk will gather fans of nature and active recreation, who go in for taking photos of animals — a hobby that is rapidly growing popular. In line with conditions of the championship the participants will have to take photos of as many kinds of birds as possible within the allocated time period. A professional camera is not required, a mobile phone will suffice. The organizers believe that instead of taking pretty photos of birds close up and personal the participants should focus in a way to demonstrate at least one distinguishing trait of the bird variety. Top points will be awarded to those who will take most photos of birds and will be able to determine the variety of the birds in question.

When: 5 October
Where: Minsk

James Blunt in Minsk

James Blunt in MinskPopular British singer and songwriter James Blunt has achieved worldwide fame with his debut album Back to Bedlam. After a successful release of a heartfelt ballad You’re Beautiful fans and music critics named him “second Elton John”. James Blunt will bring to the Belarusian capital his fourth album Moon Landing, his three-year work released in late 2013. According to the singer, the album is very personal and leaves the impression of a light déjà vu, as it brings back the memories of the start of the singer’s signing career.

When: 5 October
Where: Minsk, Palace of the Republic

Minsk Fashion Week

Minsk Fashion WeekOne of the biggest events in the Belarusian fashion industry will gather representatives of famous fashion houses and brand names, designers, stylists and fashion experts from across the globe. This season the event will feature the collections of Belarusian and foreign designers Spring-Summer 2015. The program of the forum will also comprise numerous events such as lectures, seminars, master classes, exhibitions and presentations… Young actors of the Fashion Theater will treat the audience to their play Noise in the Wardrobe.

When: 6 – 11 October
Where: Minsk, the House of Moscow

Exhibition “Ballet and the City. Minsk”

Exhibition “Ballet and the City. Minsk”Vladimir Chikin, a designer, an antiques expert, the creator of three prominent galleries in Moscow and Brugge, and an original photo artist, will present his unusual art project focusing on interaction between classic art and the modern metropolis. As part of the creative experiment the author has transferred classic ballet from the conventional theater environment into the urban landscape more than once. Minsk is a recent addition to the series of photos. Its inimitable monumental architecture with magnificent buildings of the Bolshoi Theater and the National Art Museum, busy thoroughfares and outstanding parks is now featured in a series of photos alongside prima ballerinas of Belarusian ballet, adding a bit of charm to the gracious images of the dancers.

When: 10–27 October
Where: The National Art Museum, Minsk

Sergei Rakhmaninov commemoration meeting in Belarus Bolshoi Theater

Sergei Rakhmaninov commemoration meeting in Belarus Bolshoi Theater“The most Russian composer" and virtuoso pianist Sergei Rakhmaninov developed his unique style that influenced the world music of the 20th century, and became a paragon for many generations of pianists from different countries. The commemoration gathering in the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus will feature one of the most famous part songs – Spring cantata, put on Nikolai Nekrasov’s poem Green Noise in the year of the composer’s wedding with Natalia Satina. The romantic atmosphere will be created by Aleko opera after Alexander Pushkin’s Gypsies which once was a graduation work of the 19-year-old genius.

When: 12 October
Where: Minsk, Bolshoi Theater of Belarus

Minsk premiere of the movie Belye Rosy: The Return

Minsk premiere of the movie Belye Rosy: The ReturnThe most awaited premiere of the movie Belye Rosy: The Return will take place in Minsk on 13 October. The new movie is a continuation of the comedy Belye Rosy, one of the most prominent works by the national movie studio Belarusfilm, which topped the charts right after the release, attracted 36 million viewers, and was recognized the best comedy of 1984. The screenplay for the continuation of the popular movie was written by famous Belarusian playwright and author of the first version of Belye Rosy Alexei Dudarev, by the movie directors Alexandra Butor and Yulia Girel. Starring are young Belarusian actors as well as People’s Artist of Lithuania Yuozas Budraitis, actor of the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater, People’s Artist of Belarus Viktor Manayev, People’s Artist of Russia Irina Yegorova, who starred in the first movie, too. People’s Artist of RSFSR Nikolai Karachentsov also starred in the movie after a long hiatus.

When: 13 October
Where: Minsk, Oktyabr movie theater

Winter Sport 2014 expo

Winter Sport 2014 expoThe forum will gather sport professionals and amateurs, tourists, outdoor enthusiasts and extreme sports fans from around Belarus and abroad. The Minsk expo will provide healthy lifestyle followers with everything they need to have a good rest and do sports: equipment, clothes, footwear, outfit, electronics, motor transport and goods for children. Visitors will see presentations, exhibition shows, prize drawing from the partners of the exhibition and many more.

When: 16 – 18 October
Where: Sports Center, Minsk

Toto Cutugno in Minsk

Toto Cutugno in MinskProminent Italian singer and songwriter, winner of Eurovision Song Contest 1990 in Zagreb Toto Cutugno is a pop music symbol. He has attained an international fame with his romantic ballads Et si tu n`éxistais pas, Salut, Solo Noi, L’Italiano, Amore No, Soli, Donna Mia… Cutugno’s melodic hits were performed by such outstanding stars as Joe Dassin, Dalida, Adriano Celentano, Ricchi e Poveri, Ray Charles, Mireille Mathieu, Michel Sardou, Amii Stewart and Muslim Magomayev. The Minsk audience will hear Toto Cutugno’s most-loved and famous songs that won the hearts of many worldwide.

When: 18 October
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Travel Business 2014 expo

Travel Business 2014 expoBelarus’ largest tourism forum will gather representatives of leading travel agencies and companies from CIS and non-CIS countries. The international exhibition will feature new tourist routes and summer travel destinations in 2015, discount tours and hot proposals from national travel agencies. Visitors will have an opportunity to get familiar with new sport and tourism equipment, insurance and tourism security services, guide books, maps and souvenirs.
When: 22 – 24 October
Where: BelExpo Center, Minsk

Vladimir Spivakov and his program Chaplin Time

Vladimir Spivakov and his program Chaplin TimeFollowing a popular demand outstanding conductor Vladimir Spivakov and the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia will return to Minsk with the program Chaplin Time. The unique project that unites a film show and a symphony concert has won the hearts of many worldwide, including in Belarus: in February 2014 the program made part of the 3rd International Festival Vladimir Spivakov Invites. Guests of the event will have a chance to once again enjoy Charlie Chaplin’s legendary silent film City Lights together with a master performance of the original music that was the first composing experience of the great comedian of the 20th century and made part of the world heritage.

When: 28 October
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk.

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