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November 2014

IFMC International Festival of Modern Choreography in VitebskIFMC International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk

Parade of Dynasties in the Belarusian State Circus

Parade of Dynasties in the Belarusian State CircusThe new program of the Belarusian main circus will feature the world-renowned stars – representatives of four circus dynasties of Alihanov, Maykhrovsky, Levitsky and Yermakov. The show will include acts by world-famous rope-walkers, jugglers, gymnasts and acrobats and, of course, tamers with their smart animals. Members of the Professor Yermakov Dog Academy will present complicated and never-shown-before circus tricks, artists of the Goat Show will dance in sync, while trained parrots will stun the audience with their mother wit. Galina Maykhrovskaya’s Theater of Sea Animals will make the draw of the Parade of Dynasties show featuring penguins, seals, sea-cows and sea lions. People’s Artist of Russia clown Yevgeny Maykhrovsky will also make part of the show with his famous goose-hypnosis act.

When: 20 September – 7 December
Where: Minsk, Belarusian State Circus

Exhibition of Japanese woodblock prints from Hermitage holdings

Exhibition of Japanese woodblock prints from Hermitage holdings"Edo. Capital and era. Ukiyo-e woodblock prints of the 18th-19th centuries" is a unique project of the National Art Museum of Belarus and the State Hermitage Museum of Russia. For the first time in many years – the last exhibition of this kind was held in 1986 – Belarusian art lovers will see a big collection of Japanese woodblock prints provided by one of Europe’s best museums. The exhibition features 64 items created by outstanding craftsmen of the Edo period. These exhibits make part of the “golden collection” of the global art. Ukiyo-e woodblock prints were impressed on rice paper and depicted shoguns, sumo wrestlers and, of course, the famous dwellers of "jolly neighborhoods" geishas…

When: 28 September – 20 December
Where: National Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk

Mysteries of the Human Body Exhibition in Minsk

Mysteries of the Human Body Exhibition in MinskThe world’ biggest anatomic exhibition was created in the USA seven years ago. Over these years it has been presented in dozens of countries. Some 30 million of people have seen it. The unique exhibition features around 200 items. Human bodies and organs are presented almost in their original state thanks to the method of polymer plastination. The method helps the visitors of the exhibition to see the things that only medical workers and scientists usually know. The expo takes its visitors onto a breathtaking trip into the most complicated systems that makes one of the most advanced Universes – the human body.

When: 3 October 2014 – 11 January 2015
Where: Minsk, Minsk Arena velodrome

International festival of organ music in Grodno

Grodno, Belarus’ Culture Capital 2014The international festival of pipe organ music "Europe’s Pipe Organs Play in Grodno" will be running in the ancient city of Grodno, Belarus’ Culture Capital 2014, for 1.5 months. Solo concerts will be given by famous Belarusian and foreign musicians who will play the unique pipe organ Magnus Silesia Royal in the Grodno State Music College. The festival will be opened by People’s Artist of Belarus Professor Igor Olovnikov, soloist of the Belarusian State Philharmonic and an expert in ancient Belarusian pipe organs Konstantin Sharov, soloist of the concert hall of St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk Ksenia Pogorelaya, performer and conductor, cantor and organist from Thuringia Martin Meier, organist and composer from Gedymin Grubba, Organ Music Professor from Romania Felician Rosca and organizer of famous organ music projects from Russia Yekaterina Melnikova.
Unique organ Magnus Silesia RoyalMagnus Silesia Royal is the only pipe organ of this kind in Belarus and maybe in the entire CIS. This unusual instrument was created using traditional organ making technologies and modern sound engineering solutions. Using recorded sound samples it can simulate the sounds of eight famous ancient European organs. Among them are organs from Italy’s Brescia (c. 1600), Czechia’s Prague (1673), Netherland’s Zwolle (1721), Poland’s Rzeszow (1732-1737) and famous pipe organs from France, England, the Germany and Italy.

When: 9 October-20 November
Where: Grodno State Music College

Bells of St. Sophia Cathedral organ music festival

Bells of St. Sophia Cathedral organ music festivalThe famous international organ music festival that has many years of history will bring together renowned musicians and music lovers under the roof of St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk. The music forum will open on 6 November with a concert of local organist Ksenia Pogorelaya and chamber orchestra Europe Center, as well as the premiere of the Mass (Orgelsolomesse) by Anton Diabelli performed by the Academic Choir of the Sollertinsky Music College of Vitebsk. The program of the festival includes nine concerts of the outstanding contemporary musicians. Among them are Organ Music Professor from Romania Felician Rosca, Swiss organist Cyrill Schmiedlin and Russian trumpet player, artistic director of the quintet Russian Five from Saint Petersburg Alexander Simanovich. For the first time in the history of the forum, the concert hall of St. Sophia Cathedral will welcome one of Croatia’s best organists Edmund Andler Boric who is famous for his virtuoso performance of music of the Romantic movement period.

When: 12 October – 23 November
Where: St. Sophia Cathedral

40th edition of the Belarusian Musical Autumn international festival of arts

Belarusian Musical Autumn international festival of artsThe line-up of the festival includes artists from nine countries. The program of the forum will feature various genres of classical music and also folk, pop, jazz, and choreographic art. The classical music program will feature symphony and chamber orchestra concerts, a performance of the Glinka String Quartet from Moscow and recognized jazz artists Vladimir Chekasin and Pyatras Genyushas. The festival will pay tribute to the 85th anniversary of Belarusian composer Evgeny Glebov and the 90th anniversary of Professor Mikhail Solopov. The concert "Gift to the Teacher" will feature the professor’s famous students – Igor Korneliuk, a musician, composer and singer, and Eduard Khanok, People’s Artist of Belarus, composer.

When: 28 October – 27 November
Where: Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, Minsk

Premiere of Laurencia ballet at Bolshoi Theater of Belarus

Alexandre Vassiliev with the costumes for the premiere of Laurencia balletThe outstanding ballerina Nina Ananiashvili will present the revived ballet Laurencia to the music by Alexander Krein in the original choreography of the famous choreographer, People's Artist of the USSR Vakhtang Chabukiani. For the first time the Minsk audience will see the legendary production based on Fuente Ovejuna, a famous play by Spanish writer Lope de Vega. Scenography is by Georgian artist David Monavardisashvili. The costumes were designed by Alexandre Vassiliev, the famous fashion historian, art critic and collector, theater artist, author of popular books and articles, TV host, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts.

When: 1-2 November
Where: Bolshoi Theater of Belarus, Minsk

OneRepublic in Minsk

American pop-rock group OneRepublicAmerican pop-rock group OneRepublic that became popular after the soundtrack "Apologize" will visit Minsk as part of their world tour. The musicians will present their third studio album "Native", which was recorded in different parts of the world and, as noted by frontman Ryan Tedder, absorbed the rhythms of various styles: rock, electronic dance music, Gospel, blues, and folk...

When: 5 November
Where: Palace of Sport, Minsk

Elton John in Minsk

Elton JohnThe popular British singer, composer and pianist, six-time Grammy winner and Knight of the British Empire Sir Elton John made his first appearance in Minsk in 2010. The concert tour Follow the Yellow Brick Road Tour supports the 40th anniversary of the re-release of 1973's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road which, according to critics, was the best in the career of the legendary artist. The eight-times Platinum album includes the song "Candle in the Wind" in honor of Marilyn Monroe and also the singles "Bennie and the Jets", "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", "Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting". In the Belarusian capital the artist will play the best songs from the album and his long-time hits.

When: 6 November
Where: Minsk Arena, Minsk

Slutsk belts to go on display in Minsk

Slutsk beltsSlutsk belts are a unique relic of the Belarusian people and part of the world cultural heritage. These masterpieces of weaving art were made in the 18th - 19th centuries. The most famous manufactory making these belts was in Slutsk and was owned by the Radziwill dukes. Since ancient times, elaborate kontush belts made of silk, gold and silver threads were a mandatory accessory of ceremonial costume of the nobility of Rzeczpospolita. The belts were usually worn on top of a kontush, a long robe with long and loose sleeves. The exhibition in Minsk will feature six Slutsk belts loaned from the National Museum in Warsaw which is known for its rich collections of belts. Five belts which will be on display in Minsk were made by Slutsk Manufactory in the period when it was led by Yan and Leon Madjarski (1767-1807). One belt was made after 1807.

When: 6 November 2014 – 4 April 2015
Where: National Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk

A Night with Composer Igor Krutoy

Igor KrutoyOne of the most romantic composers of our times, People’s Artist of Russia Igor Krutoy will mark his birthday with a gala concert in Minsk. The concert will feature the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus conducted by Viktor Babarikin along with a constellation of Russia’s most famous singers, including Philipp Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Alexander Serov, Valeriya, Laima Vaikule, Valery Leontyev, Igor Nikolayev, Kristina Orbakaite and Irina Dubtsova. The audience will enjoy the composer’s best songs, hits from different centuries and new compositions performed by famous singers.

When: 7 November
Where: Minsk Arena, Minsk

Listapad International Film Festival

Listapad International Film FestivalThe country’s biggest film forum will bring together leading contemporary producers and actors, film critics and cinema lovers under this year’s motto What a Variety of Movies. The film forum will comprise a wide and diverse program: fiction films and documentaries, world premieres, retrospectives, and debuts of fledgling filmmakers. The jury of the fiction film competition will be led by outstanding Russian film director, screenwriter and producer Valery Todorovsky whose Country of the Deaf won Listapad Grand Prix in 1998. The international panel of judges will assess 11 debut works of young cinematographers from around the world. The winners will be announced by producer Shaun Baker (USA), Marketa Hodouskova (Czech Republic-France) and actress Cristina Flutur (Romania).

When: 7–14 November
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk cinema houses, Minsk

Ivan Okhlobystin in Minsk

Ivan OkhlobystinFamous actor, producer, screenwriter, playwright, priest and public figure Ivan Okhlobystin will come back to Belarus following the success of his Spiritual Talks program in 2013. The format of the show will stay the same. The audience will learn about the artist’s thoughts on the issues of current importance and will be able to ask him questions. Ivan Okhlobystin’s new program Spiritual Talks. Continuation will feature more literary works, including a famous poetry series Gazelles and stories written especially for the project where the author unites frequently asked questions and answers.

When, where:
13 November – Minsk Concert Hall, Minsk
14 November – Grodno Oblast Drama Theater, Grodno
20 November – Gomel Oblast Culture Center, Gomel
21 November – Mogilev Oblast Palace of Culture, Mogilev

Felicita Italiana show in Minsk

Al Bano and Romina PowerPopular Italian singers have gathered for a world tour. Most of them have not sung together for more than 30 years. Now they will present a new program to the Belarusian audience. Partaking in the grand live show in Minsk will be legends of the world stage Gianni Morandi, Al Bano and Romina Power, Riccardo Fogli, Pupo, Matia Bazar and Umberto Tozzi. They will perform their “golden hits” and songs that are still unknown. The Belarusians will witness the birth of new duets. During the final show everybody will have an opportunity to talk to the famous musicians and even sing together with them. 

When: 14 November
Where: Minsk Arena, Minsk

Third International Festival AlfaJAZZinMINSK-2014

International Festival AlfaJAZZinMINSK-2014For the third time the AlfaJAZZinMINSK festival featuring outstanding Belarusian and foreign jazz performers will give unforgettable emotions to the audience. Partaking in the show will be SHAKATAK with the new program The Best: 1979-2014, George Garanyan Big Band, Didier Lockwood and Hammond-B-trio, JD Allen and New-York Jazz-trio, Siggy Davis, Rudy Royston, and Yevgeny Vladimirov… All in all, partaking in this year’s festival will be more than 50 musicians from the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. The world jazz stars will give concerts and share some of their professional secrets with Belarusian students during the workshops at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts.  

When: 18 – 20 November
Where: Trade Unions Palace, Palace of the Republic, Minsk

IFMC International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk

IFMC International Festival of Modern Choreography in VitebskThe forum represents one of the brightest pages in the cultural life of Vitebsk. The 27th IFMC International Festival of Modern Choreography will feature first-night performances by the leading dance groups from Belgium, the United Kingdom, Israel, Spain, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Sweden, Estonia, and Belarus. The geography of the contest is expanding. This time the organizers received around 100 works for the video elimination round. The international jury of the competition will include renowned choreographers Radu Poclitaru (Ukraine), Yulia Dyatko (Belarus), Ido Tadmor (Israel), Emanuele Soavi (Italy), Olga Pona (Russia), and Rene Nommik (Estonia). The program of the festival includes workshops for dancers and meetings of the expert council, the photo exhibitions Portrait in Modern Dance and Capturing Movement, and the exhibition Non-Figurative Art by Belarusian artist Anatoly Kuznetsov.

When: 19 – 23 November
Where: Vitebsk, Vitebsk Concert Hall, Yakub Kolas National Academic Drama Theater

Modern Ballet Evening in Minsk

Performance D-Minor Women by the Kiev Modern Ballet TheaterOn the stage of the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus the company of the Kiev Modern Ballet Theater will present a performance D-Minor Women with music composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. The performance has been produced by a successful choreographer, the founder and artistic director of Ukraine’s only modern ballet theater Radu Poclitaru. According to the choreographer, the performance has been inspired by Bach’s musical polyphony. The synergy of genius music and modern expressive plastic arts gave birth to a story of non-existent friendship of women raised to the scale of biblical tragedies. Men star as 16 lead characters in the performance.

When: 20 November
Where: Bolshoi Theater of Belarus, Minsk

Nino Katamadze & Insight in Minsk

Nino Katamadze & InsightThe internationally recognized jazz singer and composer Nino Katamadze and the band Insight will perform their program 15 Years Together in Minsk. The program is dedicated to the anniversary of the creative union of friends. The melodious songs by Nino Katamadze are saturated with special inimitable ring, original Georgian tints and the rich culture of the sunny country. Fans will be able to appreciate a surprising improvisation, during which the musicians will perform the best world music works that give one an opportunity to think about eternal matters. The world jazz star will be accompanied by a live orchestra conducted by her friend Nikoloz Rachveli with assistance of the Georgian Brass ensemble.

When: 20 November
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

Okean Elzy in Minsk

Okean ElzyOne of the most popular Ukrainian rock bands led by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk will perform in Minsk as part of the tour timed to the 20th anniversary of the band’s foundation. Okean Elzy has produced 10 albums, over 100 songs and over 30 videos so far. As part of the jubilee program the musicians will perform various hits. The nostalgic image of the evening will be underlined by the special decoration of the stage – the OE logo, which has been known to fans since the days of the Supersymetriya album –as well as old photos of the band.

When: 21 November
Where: Minsk Arena, Minsk

Turetsky Choir in Minsk

Turetsky ChoirTuretsky Choir is a unique musical ensemble led by the prominent showman, conductor, and singer with Belarusian origins, People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Turetsky. Soloists of the men’s art group singing live have conquered the best stages of the world. Singers of Turetsky Choir have worked with world stars like Julio Iglesias, Gloria Gaynor, Placido Domingo… On the Belarusian stage the artists will present a solo program that comprises the best works of various genres from classics by Pyotr Tchaikovsky to rock ballads by Freddie Mercury, from operettas to Broadway musicals, from rock and roll to urban folklore.

When: 29 November
Where: Palace of the Republic, Minsk

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