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14 Aug 2015

Lukashenko: It is necessary to preserve peace in Belarus regardless of who is the president

MINSK, 14 August (BelTA) – In these difficult times when the world order is being re-determined, protecting and preserving the country is the key task. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the statement while talking to employees of OAO Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant on 14 August, BelTA has learned.

“However hard it can be we should preserve peace in our country regardless of who is the president. It is necessary to have peace and stability,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

“I’ve started to wonder what the nation would like the future presidential candidates to say. It turns out the nation would like higher salaries and preferably less work. This desire has always existed. I understand it perfectly well. But it is not the most important thing today,” said the Belarusian leader.

In his words, the world is being re-divided now. The world order was simple in the past. Now things are much more complicated. “For instance, the entire world is now united in the fight against ISIS. Every country is waging a war against it,” noted the head of state. “But nobody can be bothered to find out how this ISIS where people from all over the world have gathered can stand up to those powerful countries that are allegedly fighting against it.”

“And entire countries get broken. The Western coalition led by America cannot defeat it. Why? Because in this coalition someone finances ISIS, someone benefits from ISIS. You are free to guess who benefits from the situation. In order to change the world’s architecture. In order to redistribute or, more precisely, capture the lands rich in hydrocarbon resources. By proxy. With the help of those poor people, who have been brainwashed and are marching to their deaths,” said the President.

“Everything is much more complicated. The world is being re-divided. While salaries are important, as the Belarus president I have to defend this country. In this tumultuous sea it is necessary to preserve our boat, to prevent it from going down,” added the head of state.

Lukashenko: It is necessary to preserve peace in Belarus regardless of who is the president“We have a very simple attitude to the situation in Ukraine: nationalists, fascists, corruption and the rest. It is the surface of the situation,” continued Alexander Lukashenko. “Not only domestic reasons brought about the crisis in Ukraine. Yes, it was convenient for the sake of drastically reversing the state of affairs. But powers that be are on both sides of the fighting.”

“And now we have to find balance, we have to defend this piece of land maybe not for ourselves but for our children. It is what matters today. The global situation is very complicated. They are fighting for world domination, for influencing the world,” noted the President.

Lukashenko: It is necessary to preserve peace in Belarus regardless of who is the president“Nowadays America cannot secure its leadership on its own. There is China where roughly 1.5 billion people live, there is India with 1.6 billion. Pakistan is a nuclear power, too. The European Union is unhappy about something. Things are getting tight over there. In economy these factors manifest as tough competition and suppression. As an average country we have to stand our ground, we have to survive. We don’t want to go under. It is the key thing that matters today,” remarked the Belarusian leader.

Alexander Lukashenko made it clear that Belarusians should preserve their own land. “Our having to live in a foreign land is the only thing I’d hate. I would like the nation to never be poor again and never feel oppression like it happened in the course of our history,” he noted.

“This is why while talking about Ukraine (I am not trying to get any benefits from this topic) it is necessary to understand that if we slip up, we will be dealt with even faster than Ukraine was. We can go on only if we stand together and if we ensure internal stability,” said the head of state.

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