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21 Apr 2017
Belarus, Lithuania discuss prospects of visa facilitation agreement with EU
During the consultations the two sides considered the entire spectrum of matters related to the Belarus-Lithuania cooperation in the consular area including the prospects of concluding the agreements with the European Union on visa facilitation and readmission, on visa-free entry and movement of foreign citizens in Belarus...
21 Apr 2017
Performance of Belarusian elite athletes criticized
According to the head of state, the work in this area completely failed. “We did a lot, if not everything, to expect the best results from our athletes who the country will be proud of. However, we will not succeed without the revival of children's sports which enable to select and nurture true talents. The poor level and qualifications of the coaching staff remains a problem"...
21 Apr 2017
Belarus to continue military cooperation with Russia, eager to advance dialogue with NATO
Alexander Lukashenko stressed that it is difficult to stand against challenges of the modern world on one’s own. Belarus will team up with the Collective Security Treaty Organization and with Russia as part of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. Every year Belarus and Russia stage over 40 joint army exercises, including large-scale ones...
21 Apr 2017
Belarus president against window dressing in reports about Br1,000 salaries
The head of state stressed: “We cannot tolerate window dressing in this matter. Don’t even think about reporting Br1,000 salaries without proper labor productivity records. The money has to be earned.” Professional executives must be able to enable conditions for earning these salaries, find reserves primarily through proper labor organization...
21 Apr 2017
Belarus president calls for new concept of Decree No.3
Alexander Lukashenko said that there are about 350,000 unemployed in the labor market. “What will we do with them? If you offer some other way how to make them work, I will back down. 350,000 people must work, because they pose a huge problem, especially for the law enforcement system. All in all, these are 500,000 people. We allowed 150,000 people not to work for different reasons,” the president noted...
21 Apr 2017
Lukashenko calls for action in response to EU market access restrictions
“Belarus is kept out of the EU market. Why then do not we respond? Why do not we protect ourselves? Why do not we give a symmetrical and accurate answer and show what Belarus is worth? I expect the government to take specific actions in this field,” the president said...
21 Apr 2017
Lukashenko: Requirements towards all branches of power will be growing tougher
“Today, our number one priority is to boost export and investment. I am very tough on this because I know that these issues can be solved today. If it were otherwise, there would be no such pressure. Pressure on authorities, on all branches of power will be increasing. We must show the whole world that we are able to function as a sovereign independent state. If someone wants to give up, it is their choice,” the head of state said...
21 Apr 2017
Lukashenko: No systematic work in the EAEU so far
"We should understand one thing: the market of the Eurasian Economic Union is not a market of some country and the allies that have joined it. It is our common fully-fledged market, and by developing it we will manage to cope with any sanctions and successfully tackle our economic differences,” Alexander Lukashenko emphasized...
21 Apr 2017
Lukashenko sees a possibility of new dividing lines emerging within and around EU
Alexander Lukashenko recalled that in due time the idea of multi-speed integration was put forward when the Eurasian Economic Union was being set up and when there were attempts to scale back the development of the Union State with Russia. “Back then we offered multi-speed integration. The vitality of this idea was confirmed in practice,” the President said...
21 Apr 2017
Belarus ready to continue to host talks on Ukraine
“The region has practically submerged into a social and economic chaos. Ukraine is not just our neighbor. It is our brotherly state, our brotherly people. We have hosted over 160,000 forced migrants from Ukraine. We are ready to continue assisting these complicated negotiations as they have already started affecting the life of our people and the operation of our state”...
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