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Labour market in Belarus

Belarus has a highly skilled workforce.

Labour market

Belarus has a population of 9.7 million people, with three-quarters living in the towns and cities, and approximately the same proportion of the working age population employed. As of 1 September 2009 the official rate of unemployment is 1% though independent estimates put it at 4.5%.

Adult literacy rates in Belarus are among the highest in the world and there are 28 universities in Belarus and eight specialist academics, The student/resident population of 340 per 10,000 is one of the highest in Europe. Almost half of workers have got a higher education qualification.

According to official statistics, around 55% of the workforce works for the state, with 48.4% employed in the private sector and 1.6% in foreign firms.

Average monthly salaries in Belarus in 2009 were $358.

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