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Transport investment projects in Belarus

Here is an example of a transport investment project in Belarus.

Belarusian Railway

Company name: Belarusian Railway,
Ministry of Transport

Investment Project:
Improving energy efficiency of railway in Belarus.

Project outline:
Gradual electrification of the sites that form part of Pan-European corridor Number № IXB
First stage: section Osipovichi-Zhlobino (107 km)
Development of electrified line Minsk-Zhlobin-Gomel has the following steps:
Second stage: section Zhlobin-Gomel (90 km)
Third stage: section Zhlobin-Kalinkovichi (101 km)
Forth stage: section Molodechno-Gudogay-Linthuanian border (80 km)
Electrification of Belarusian part of Molodechno-Gudogay-Linthuanian border will depend on negotiations with Linthuanian Railways.

This project will increase the capacity of Gomel-Minsk-Molodechno-Gomel railway for both cargo and passenger transportation by increasing the speed of trains and cutting operation costs

Ownership structure:

Estimated project cost:
US $142.6 million.

Amount and type of required financing:
Long-term loan.


Company name: Belavtodor,
Ministry of Transport

Investment Project:
St Petersburg to Odessa motorway.

Project outline:
Upgrade of the Belarusian part of the motorway linking St Petersburg with Odessa in Ukraine.

The 457km stretch in Belarus runs through the regional centres of Vitebsk and Gomel.

The project plan is to boost the capacity of the motorway to 12,000 vehicles per day. A toll scheme will be introduced as part of steps to cover the investment cost.

Implementation will be by Belarusian engineering and construction sub-contractors.

Ownership structure:

Estimated project cost:
US $1.3 billion.

Amount and type of required financing:
Private-public partnership or leasing – up to US $1.17 billion.

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